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See Tristen Play Exit/In Tonight

See Tristen Play Exit/In Tonight

Monday night, Passion Pit canceled their show at Marathon Music Works, so the band that was going to open for them (Future Islands) scheduled a free show the same night at the Exit/In. I hadn’t really listened to Future Islands much, but I went anyway. And god, I’m glad that I did. This post isn’t about them, though they’re great-- it’s about their opening band, Nashville-based Tristen.

I smoked a Lucky and walked in. The three band members were onstage, setting up. There was the lead guitarist, Buddy, the bassist Jordan, and then Tristen on acoustic. Everything seemed pretty relaxed, soundcheck and all. But then they started playing. And she can sing. She can really sing. You know those high notes that you wince at because no one can ever hit them and you wish they just wouldn’t try? Well she can hit them, and there’s a timbre to her voice that is too perfect. It reminds me a little of Neko Case, but a little more raw. She can get guttural (don’t you hate that word?) and screamy too. She gave me goosebumps.

And what a great show! They’re all talented. Buddy, who I’ve found out is actually Tristen’s fiancé, is a great lead guitarist. I enjoyed watching him; his blues influenced licks make their edgy folk even edgier. Jordan is a solid bassist and sings great harmonies. When they sang “Heart and Hope To Die” I shivered every time they harmonized. You can check that song out below.

They’re playing another show tonight. It’s at the Exit/In, and if you don’t go, I’ll be disappointed in you. --Ben Dunn

Published: July 20, 2012 |

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