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Poly announces full-length "Let's Have an Adventure" on yk records

Poly announces full-length "Let's Have an Adventure" on yk records

We're going on four years since Poly released their one and only EP. With its pink and blue bouncy-lettered cover that bled right through to the neon pink vinyl and the sounds within, it was not only strikingly well-composed and just the right kind of twee, but it was outright precious. For a while, it looked like that might be all we'd get to hear of Poly's style of jazzy trad-pop. But woe to those of you who take pride in your collection of obscure one-off 45's, and bountiful joy to the rest of us; Poly has announced a proper full-length. Plenty has changed in four years but, aside from adding some instruments to the repertoire of their three-piece lineup, Poly's sound has remained sturdy as a rock—a cuddly rock, one that giggles when you squeeze it.

"Let's Have an Adventure" is due out on March 26 courtesy of yk records, purveyors of some of the highest-quality physical releases around. Preorders are up now and, yes, you absolutely do want a confetti-colored vinyl to add to your collection. -Austin Phy

Published: February 18, 2016 |

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