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Best of Nashville Garage Rock Acts: The Saturns

Best of Nashville Garage Rock Acts: The Saturns

 Our Best of Nashville 2017 poll began last week with the Garage Rock category and after you-the-people cast your vote, we have the results to share with you!

Overall Poll winner (Jurors vote + Readers' vote): The Saturns 

Readers' Poll Winner (Readers' Vote only): The Saturns 

The Saturns come at garage rock from a unique angle. Bringing in elements of classic rock and blues, they tow the line between the kind of heavy, pentatonic guitar style that characterized rock in the 60s and 70s and the fuzzy, lo-fi timbre so common to independent rock records that have come out Nashville's basements for the past decade. They've mastered the art of displaying musicianship without the kind of braggadocio that too often ruins contemporary takes on classic rock. The songs are functional and refined. Nothing exists in them that doesn't contribute to their overall structures, and even flashy instrumentals and solos act as integral building blocks. The composition is well planned despite feeling improvised, much in the same way retro rock bands like The Black Keys find fertile creative space in the peaks and valleys of blues bars, The Saturns take advantage of the variety and opportunity in every little flourish and riff of a song. 

Honorable mentions go to Thelma and The Sleaze (second in the overall chart) and Daddy Issues (second in the Reader's poll). The full list of nominees can be found under the streaming tracks.

Here is the list of of all the finalists in the Nashville garage rock category and their readers' poll results:

 Breast Massage
  5%   4 votes
 Daddy Issues
  9%   7 votes
 The Saturns
  83%   59 votes
 Thelma and The Sleaze
  1%   1 vote



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