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Bill Eberle's "Soft" is radical- but not in the way you'd think

Bill Eberle's "Soft" is radical- but not in the way you'd think

"On the night of the election, I put my daughter to bed and I walked in to find my pregnant wife. We sat together and cried. We thought, ‘We’d better sleep, because tomorrow the real work begins." Bill Eberle's statement describing his upcoming record Soft Light (9/18) is a sentiment that rings true for many. "Soft" is strangely soothing- not quite the way you'd imagine a protest song to sound. Eberle seems to find solace in the fragility of the world and asserts the healing power of music during darker times. The abstract, old-timey music video highlights the spacey, open-ended textures of the song, taking the fragmented state of the world and turning it into a visual. Bill Eberle plays the Cobra on 8/12. -Geena Kloeppel

Published: July 29, 2018 |

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