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Charli Adams

Will Pellerin releases "Ain't Got The Heart"; plays the Basement with Charli Adams 8.13

 What did I say about male songwriters having a moment? Will Pellerin, who was the Deli's artist of the month back in June, released a single called "Ain't Got The Heart" back in June that demonstrates excellent storytelling, emotional complexity and humility. If you're looking to be shattered into pieces by a song, this is the one for you: "I'm not asking if you're coming back/ ain't got the heart for that," he sings, with a strange blend of fearlessness and sorrow that is simply painful. In a good way. Like, you won't be able to stop listening. Pellerin plays the Basement with another one of our favorite Nashville songwriters, Charli Adams, on 8.13. -Geena Kloeppel


"Backseat" is a delightfully reflective first single by Charli Adams

Charli Adams has a voice so soothing it feels like cold rain on warm skin. And that's a little bit what the first single off of her upcoming project sounds like- thematically, "Backseat" is sweetly adolescent, yet the sorrow in Adams' voice is harrowingly mature. Washed in reverb and synths, "Backseat" would sound otherworldly if not for a steady rhythm section that grounds the song and gives you the feeling you really are in a car, speeding down the highway. We're very excited to hear more from Charli Adams in the near future. -Geena Kloeppel




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