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Clear Plastic Masks

Show Review: Fly Golden Eagle at Queen Art Collective 11.15

October 14th marked the release of Fly Golden Eagle's "Quartz," a 26-track odyssey inspired by 1973 art-flick "Holy Mountain." A month later, after an LA release and an epic fall tour they brought it home to Nashville. The Deli caught the last show in a weekend full of performances, a stacked lineup including Faux Ferocious, Chrome Pony, and Clear Plastic Masks put on at Meth Dad HQ Queen Art Collective. Read more about the evening by clicking HERE, and listen to the scaled-down, stand-alone accompanying Fly Golden Eagle release "Quartz Bijou" below.

Clear Plastic Masks "Baby Come On"

Clear Plastic Masks have released this video for their first single “Baby Come On.” It’s a bluesy testament to the soul-deep gratification of the late night. They have a four-song EP with an album in the works to be released early 2014, and critics are already slobbering over them. The band first sprouted in the depths of Brooklyn, NY, and carries to Tennessee the haze of that one golden year at the start of the millennium when it was okay for your band’s name to start with “The-.” But Clear Plastic Masks go so far beyond garage rock, employing all necessary noise and feedback to get their point across. They have a messy righteousness that is shared by drunks on the stumble home: veering, sweaty, incoherent, but completely assured that their aim is true. They are currently on tour with the Alabama Shakes, with more dates to be added, so keep an eye out for a Nashville show. –Terra James-Jura


Clear Plastic Masks Release Video for "So Real"

'Tis the season for video releases and our next clip comes from the guys in Clear Plastic Masks. Formed in 2011 in Brooklyn, the four piece picked up and headed to Music City, where they recorded their full-length right down the road at The Bomb Shelter. The band describes themselves as "rooted in the blue collar analog tradition of work a day rock n roll," making them perfect candidates for one of the next best bands to come out of Nashville, via somewhere else.

Premiered Friday by our friends over at The Scene, "So Real" was directed by Joshua Shoemaker and features live footage of the band playing a few different gigs and one house party that you'd probably get punched in the face at-- and we mean that in a good way.

If you missed the Clear Plastic Masks set at the Mercy Lounge's anniversary party, you can catch them again on January 29th at The End with William Tyler, Promised Land, and Buffalo Clover. –Brianne Turner

Clear Plastic Masks - So Real from joshua shoemaker on Vimeo.


Weekly Feature: Clear Plastic Masks - Live at Goodbye Blue Monday on 09.03

Clear Plastic Masks is a rootsy, bluesy 4 piece rock band in the classic mold - with occasional psychedelic influences straight out of the 60s (see streaming single "Pegasus in Glue"). If you're staying in town this weekend and rough, raw guitars, loose, jammy drumming and passionate build-ups are your kinda thing, then don't miss their show at Goodbye Blue Monday on... Monday September 3. - Read Dave Cromwell interview with the band here.


NYC band on the rise: Clear Plastic Masks headline the Knit on 05.25

Since moving to NYC from L.A. in ‘99, the flurry of local bands I’ve fallen for has been dizzying.  But none in recent memory has gripped me quite like new garage soul outfit Clear Plastic Masks, fronted by Detroit-bred Andrew Katz (ex-New York Howl). Powerful sh*t emanates from this man who, at 6’6”, casts an imposing shadow, yet you’ll never meet a warmer guy.  The band’s sound dynamics are what’s most striking. One minute Katz’s everyman poet is casually whispering in your ear like an old friend telling you a joke and putting you at ease.  The next Matt Menold (guitars, keys) is pummeling you with ocean size Hendrix licks and Stax Hammond organ drones. But a deep soulfulness permeates every note, and the Cuban and Dominican roots of rhythm section Eddy DuQuesne (bass) and Charlie Garmendia (drums) ensure asses are kept shakin’ and the funk is kept stankin’. It adds up to a powerful elixir that could only be brewed in this great city of ours, and it’s undeniably rock n' roll. In the last month the Masks recorded their forthcoming debut LP with producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes; Jay Reatard) in Nashville, and filmed this video with director Joshua Shoemaker in Alabama. Catch them headlining the Knitting Factory on Friday 05.25 and be left reeling.  – Ryan Henriquez


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