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High Tides

High Tides' Intuitive Melody

High Tides, we know despite their relative mysteriousness in the internet realm, is the lo-fi, psychedelic, and highly captivating new project of Aeris Hennings, Aaron Diebold, and Xavier Bond. They explore a sonic niche relying heavily on guitar work, one that could easily be compared to indie rock greats like early Real Estate or Tennis. The group's instrumental work is complimented by a series of synth and lo-fi samples that might well work as spaceship noise in a sci-fi movie. Not all their work is so far out, however. Their earliest songs showcase acoustic fingerpicking interwoven with electric guitar work that creates an expansive atmosphere in contrast to close, crisp acoustic strings. There's no voice attributed to High Tides, but this only seems fitting. The group trusts their own sense of melody enough to let the instruments speak for themselves and the result is the creation of intimate arrangements that feel uniquely inuitive. High Tides is a band with work that predicts a fruitful and authentic future. Be sure to catch their next show with Dream Wave at Drkmttr on Thursday, May 25th. 

-Andrew Strader

High Tides release debut album on 7.31, listen to new single "Coastal Cruise '86"

High Tides is the synth duo of Warren Kroll and Steven Lutes. Based in Malibu, California, it's apt that their latest single, "Coastal Cruise ’86", has an ambient, waterside feel. The dark delicate vibes of the album create an illuminating, nostalgic feeling reminiscent of the 80’s, a decade I wasn’t even alive for, yet the feeling thrives for it.  Their newest album, self-titled and released on TOBACCO’s own label, Rad Cult, features six original songs that can be streamed now over at Noisey. Button up the Hawaiian shirts and suck down the piña coladas for this must have vacation-themed album. Sail along to the acid daydream collaboration of High Tides on July 31st. - Kayla Hay


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