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Kelly McFarling

Kelly McFarling Announces New Album - Water Dog

San Francisco-based songwriter, Kelly McFarling's work is reflective of transitions, the wilderness, and its navigation. Sometimes she plays banjo, other times acoustic guitar. Often, she plays a Telecaster fronting her band, The Home Team, featuring pedal steel (Tim Marcus), drums (Nick Cobbett), bass (Oscar Westesson), and various other Bay Area musicians.

Water Dog, McFarling’s latest release, is her most intimate and folk-leaning record to date. She recorded the album in seasonal segments of 2016. The songs were first demoed with Allen Rothschild in his bedroom in Asheville, NC, where the creaks of his wood floor and the sounds of summer winding down made their way onto the recordings through open windows and live takes.The demos became the foundation of the record, and McFarling took them back to San Francisco, where Avi Vinocur of Goodnight Texas produced and engineered the majority of the record at his home in the Sunset District. “Recording at Avi’s house gave us the time to let the songs breathe and evolve.” McFarling said of the process. “It gave us space to make decisions at our own pace. I’ve never made a record like that, and it was a really special time. These songs were written in quiet spaces that were lived in. It made sense to record them in that way.”

Water Dog is out June 16. Here the album's newest single, Both below.

Daniel Ellsworth & TGL @ The Basement, 4/28/12

Photo by Will Vastine

Like most members of the Nashville music scene, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes are not actually from Nashville. Bassist Marshall Skinner and guitarist Timon Lance are from Ohio (Columbus and Youngstown, respectively), Daniel Ellsworth hails from Minneapolis and drummer Joel Wren ended up in Nashville via Wichita, Kansas. Track-by-track, the band's eclectic Midwestern roots become apparent and are directly reflected in their music, as each song oscillates seamlessly through various genres and stories.

After a short but impressive stint as part of the a capella group The Collective on NBC's “The Sing Off,” Daniel Ellsworth returned to his instruments and joined his eponymous band for a US tour in support of their second and most recent release, Civilized Man. Self-produced and funded by fans through Kickstarter, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes found success in the independent approach that nurtured Civilized Man and applied the same DIY spirit to their recent national tour, booking and managing every aspect themselves, and then relying on their rapidly-growing fanbase to support and contribute to the outcome. Despite being Tennessee immigrants, the band has quickly established themselves within the Nashville music community, creating enough enthusiasm to accomplish the somewhat rare feat of successfully funding a Kickstarter campaign.

As the band continues to gain nationwide recognition, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes continue to make a name and a home for themselves in their adopted hometown. If you'd like to get an idea of what makes them unique, the four-piece will take the stage at The Basement on Saturday, April 28, alongside Jeremy Lister and Kelly McFarling. Listen to “Shoe Fits” from Civilized Man below. – Brianne Turner


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