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Kristen Cothron

Review: The Deli Presents... Ernie Halter, The Paranormals, Kristen Cothron

After weeks of preparation and keeping invitations in heavy rotation, Ernie Halter, The Paranormals, and Kristen Cothron came together on the 12th & Porter stage to put on a solid rock show under the Deli Nashville banner (figuratively. We did not print a banner.)

Filling the void of initial opener Josh Foster, Kristen Cothron took the stage with only her guitar and gave no hint of being asked to join the lineup just hours before the show. It's difficult to avoid the word "sultry" when defining Kristen's sound-- which is a pleasant change of pace for Nashville's girl-with-a-guitar game. In a scene saturated with sticky-sweet lyrics about girls who can't live without a boyfriend, it's comforting to hear a woman sing lyrics that deal with topics a little edgier than being ignored by her high school crush.

We introduced you to The Paranormals back in August and have yet to take their EP off rotation. The three-piece have built a solid rock show around roughly seven songs that manage to fuse the infectious catchiness of pop music with the sweaty rawness of classic rock. The three members dominate their corners of the stage without overpowering the music or each other, suggesting experience and compatibility that exceed their two years together as a band.

Nashville newcomer Ernie Halter rounded out the show, kicking off his set with one of his newest tunes, "In July." Using his live set to showcase his sheer talent and undeniable affability, he shared with the crowd what it's like to have a song covered by Justin Bieber and his enthusiasm for the overwhelming response to his 52 Songs Club. After having covered Ernie Halter's career for five years and from one coast to the other, I can assure you that Nashville has struck gold with this recent addition to the local music scene.

If you missed the show, then there's no way to soften the blow of telling you that you missed out. But you can catch Kristen Cothron with her band, The Darkside, at Douglas Corner Cafe on November 9th.
The Paranormals will play the Red Rooster on October 26th.
Ernie Halter will be at 3rd and Lindsley on November 17th. — Brianne Turner

Something's Come Over Me by Ernie Halter on Grooveshark

Lineup Announcement for Tonight's Deli Nashville Showcase

In the spirit of keeping things interesting, we've had a bittersweet, last-minute shakeup in our lineup for tonight. Though we're incredibly bummed to announce that Josh Foster can't make it to tonight's show, we're thrilled to tell you that Kristen Cothron has come through as Pinch Hitter Of the Year to take his place!

All of the other details remain the same: 12th & Porter, $5, 18+, awesome show. Kristen Cothron is on first, followed by The Paranormals, and rounded out by Ernie Halter. We will see you all at 7 pm!


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