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Weekend Workout: Killer shows tonight (03.20) at Soft Junk and East Room

If you just so happen to be at the narrow crossroads of "training for a marathon" and "working on my PBR shotgunning speed," then boy do we have a game plan for you.

You're gonna want to start out at Soft Junk, where Fly Golden Eagle is kicking things up at 7:30. They're playing a stacked bill with solo sets from Peter Stringer-Hye and Joey Plunkett (of Promised Land Sound and JP5, respectively), with Lionlimb rounding the night out. Hang out there and take full advantage of that BYOB designation until about 9, when you'll need to start checking in with your pals who couldn't be assed to leave their apartments for the early show and instead skipped right to the Cold Lunch Recordings-produced show over at The East Room. That's where you'll be able to indulge in some delicious 60's fetishism with The Jag, Crease Reader, and Lasso Spells. From there it's up to you to play it by ear, but the whole jaunt between the two is only 0.6 miles and I know there's at least one little booze stop between the two to keep you stocked with the vitamins you need. 

What we're looking at is basically a de facto locals-only Gallatin Ave music fest tonight, so check it out and say 'sup to the buddies you almost definitely have in one or more of the bands involved. -Austin Phy

Lionlimb impresses with "Shoo"

If you're reading coverage on psych-folksters Lionlimb (and you are), you'll more than likely hear a mention of Angel Olsen (and you have). And reasonably so—it's an interesting tidbit of musical genealogy that the two guys behind Lionlimb have previously best been known as members of her band. Her shadow is undeniably a large one to escape, but if there's anyone who could teach folks a thing or two about escaping big shadows, it's former Bonnie "Prince" Billy acolyte Olsen.  

It seems that these guys have learned that lesson and then some, as proudly showcased on the recently released-for-streaming Shoo. A nonstop soulful, groovy album offering its own take on 60's-styled pop in a modern context, Shoo flows effortlessly from one piece to the next. It doesn't demand your attention in any kind of aggressive way, but even if you turn your eyes toward another task, good luck keeping your head from bobbing along with the beat. To boast that these guys can stand on their own is an insult to what's going on here. There's no sense of trying too hard to make a path for themselves; they just let it roll, and the end result is rock-solid.

Shoo is available for streaming in full right now and is set for official release on March 3. -Austin Phy


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