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Milk People

Milk People play the Cobra on 01.10 with MA's Daisybone

The close of a year seems like a good time to look through the many artists we've covered over the years, pick one out of a hat, and think out loud: "Say, what's Milk People been up to lately?" Then you ring them up on the old Facebook and see that they're playing a show at The Cobra on January 10th, along with solo act Ever and Cali-tinged 90s-throwback group Sandra Bullets, whose EP Lightweight got a bit of buzz this past year. Visiting Music City from the cold, cold city of Boston is headliner Daisybones, who've just released their record Gold. This is a night of music you'll want to catch, especially since Milk People are taking the stage, and you never know what kind of lightning will strike when they do that. Take a listen to "I'm Not Changing My Mind", the single from their latest album Hullabaloo, below. - Will Sisskind


Congratulations to Milk People, Our New Artist of the Month!

Congratulations to Milk People for winning our latest Artist of the Month poll. They pulled ahead with a strong lead from the get go that, and the gap proved uncloseable for the duration of the poll. October 18th saw the release of their EP "Invisible Ink," and it expands upon the little spark dubbed "Dracula Pop" when the band cut their first song "Steeples" back in January. It is appropriately dosed with enough organ to get some ghouls out on the dancefloor, but the camp factor is more dialed back than this magazine is was initially anticipating. We love a band with some depth to them, and Milk People show a surprising sense of refinement to the dark, dance-y niche they've carved out for themselves in the noir landscape. We especially loving the last track of the EP, "Just Deserts," that uncoils like a pulp rendition of a forgotten Motown hit. Milk People are hitting the East Room on December 18th, so be sure to come out and show them some love! -Terra James-Jura



Show Alert: Milk People EP Release at The End 10.18

It sounds as though lightning struck when Milk People first went into the studio to record "Steeples." They laid down the track shortly after their first practice together, with a clear understanding that they had hit upon a defining sound. This single, with blazing hot energy thanks to traded vocals and a fat opening riff worthy of a Tarantino flick, found its way to the public back in May. The band, which has since added three additional members to the founding duo of Garrett Barber and Emma Holden, now has EP "Invisible Ink" ready for release. Will it retain the same camp-to-rawk ratio as "Steeples?" Have they bottled (or, more appropriately, recorded) lightning? You'll just have to pick it up and listen. Luckily, Milk People are making it easy on you by offering a copy of "Invisible Ink" free with attendance to their release show this Saturday, October 18th at The End. Previous Artist of the the Month winners The Whippoorwills will be pitching in to make this one hell of a night, along with Down Boy and Secret Club. Go get milky with them. -Terra James-Jura



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