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The Minks

The Minks offer up a distinctly Nashville sound on "Sweet Talk"

Sweet Talk, the first recordings released by The Minks (featuring local everywhereman and Deli favorite Ron Gallo), is a mixture of styles that both makes sense and works pretty damn well. The distinctly Nashville pair of songs on the EP bring together the city's two dominant styles at the moment—there's the bluesy country side we all know so well, but it's balanced out by the extra-fuzzy garage psych that's gotten a reputation for itself in the past few years. There's no hint of trying too hard to make a statement or anything like that; it comes off as a natural result of the band's surroundings, whittled down into song form by incredibly capable hands. -Austin Phy

Charlie & The Evil Mothers invite you to be real with them tonight (01.18) at the East Room

The debut EP from Charlie & The Evil Mothers is a warbly, shimmering treat. But don’t let those shaky-sounding descriptors fool you, as the foundation here is rock-solid. The EP is mighty bluesy at points but doesn’t wallow; the band’s bedroom pop sensibilities make certain of that. It’s the experimental streak showcased most clearly on tracks like “Tin Roof,” a drum-machine-centered easy rider, that sets this release apart from every other garage revival album of the past couple years while still showing proper respect to the same influences.

Bundle up and catch Charlie & The Evil Mothers tonight (01.18) at the East Room with The Ron Gallo III, Coin Purse, and the Minks. -Austin Phy


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