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Stabbing Eastward

As out there as it gets: The Psychic Paramount plays Cameo on July 8

The nearly nine minute sonic assault that The Psychic Paramount unleashes on “DDB” (streaming below) is a veritable tour-de-force of ferociously thrashed guitars, rumbling bass, frantic clattering drums and hammered cymbals. No vocals are provided, since this exploratory expedition to the center of your psyched out mind is all that’s necessary. The similarly titled initials only “RW” further showcases the bands chops via sophisticated percussive beats, while guitars alternate between minimal open space tensions to all out bombastic thrash. “N6” presents waves of furiously strummed guitars and rolling snares that echoes bits of black metal while avoiding the pointless caterwauling of that genre. Their groove is far more fluid and natural, while sacrificing none of the power and force this music delivers. Real psych rock fans shouldn't miss these guys when they play Cameo with Tunde Adebimpe's Stabbing Eastward and Guardian Alien on July 8. - Dave Cromwell


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