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Summer Cannibals

Malt Ball 2014 Brews in Review

I arrived at the Wonder Ballroom after work ready to enjoy the Friday edition of Malt Ball 2014. 24 brewers were on hand, 12 of which collaborated with the weekends bands to create a beer/band line-up. With friends I tasted each and every one of the beers. This year seemed IPA heavy, but all were delicious. 

Here were some favorites: 
Gigantic Brewing's "Emergency"- a Ameri-Belgian Barrel Sour, super dark and subtly tangy. Designed with Summer Cannibals in mind. 
Ambacht Brewing's "Matzobrau" -Dark, Sweet, and Holy Sh*t! Get this for Passover (not a collaboration brew with a local band). 
Lompoc Brewing's "Dry Hop Victory Dry Hopped Golden Ale" -Hoppy, Hoppy, Joy, Joy for Hot Victory.
And the winner is:  Claim 52 Brewing's "Run Wild Radler" - So this beer hits you hard--It's super light and smooth but then you get a punch of citrus and floral--floral like a glass full of peonies, floral. It was as I was tasting this when I realized the band it was made for, Thanks, was one the stage. They crooned with a display of deep soul vocals, rock, jazz, and as I heard many audience members say "..a HUGE guitarist". "Run Wild Radler" was a little untamed, and tasted like spring. It was great to compare the taste to the sound. 
Give your ears the taste of Thanks as well. - Brandy Crowe

January 2014
Summer Cannibals
"Make You Better

With the remarkable consistency of their explosive first album, No Makeup, Summer Cannibals had a lot to live up to with a follow up EP. Thankfully that EP, Make You Better, is equally as solid as their debut. The title track begins with a bass guitar plucking out eighth notes as lead singer Jessica Boudreaux’s sharp vocals cut through straightforward lyrics, erupting into a chorus as catchy as it is rocking. It’s this juxtaposition that seems to define Summer Cannibals’ style. They’ll hit you with a cathartic wave of fuzzed out guitars and unhinged rhythms while the vocals relay a melody with just enough pop appeal to keep you singing it to yourself for the rest of the day.

       The second track, “Not Your Turn”, fires up with the most energetic intro on the EP, moving through a dynamic verse and surfy bridge that, if you listen close, leaves you with a candid moment from the studio. “That Feeling” hooks the listener in with feminine backing vocals and a rhythmic lead line that you’ll be dancing to long after the track finishes. The closer, “Sit Still”, is one of the tastiest tracks on the EP; the three seconds during the final chorus when everything drops but anthemic vocals and crisp drums are some of the most memorable on the release. Make You Better showcases not only the indie-garage style that keeps their crowd moving but a step forward in Summer Cannibals’ songwriting and musical progression. Listen to it on repeat and it will make the rainy months ahead much better. - Benjamin Toledo

Summer Cannibals Release New Song, "Make You Better"

Summer Cannibals have just dropped the title track off of their upcoming Make You Better EP, which will be released at the Doug Fir on January 9th. As lead singer, Jessica Boudreaux, said in a recent interview with Impose, this rocking new song describes “ the delusion that it's possible to really change someone that you're in a relationship with or that they could change you.” (read the full interview here). Listen to the song below and mark your calendar for the release show with Hurry Up and Spookies. The EP will only be available on a limited 100 cassettes, 50 of which will be given away to the first arrivals at the release show so make sure to get there to get your hands on one; otherwise it will probably be too late. - Benjamin Toledo 


Summer Cannibals Record Release Show at Mississippi Studios 8.1

The fuzzed out, driven sounds of Summer Cannibals have been working their way through Portland’s music scene for the past year; gaining attention for the magnetic style and vitalizing energy projected through their live show. Watching them evolve as a band has been exciting, and now they are set to release their debut full-length album, No Makeup, on August 6th through New Moss Records. The album captures the progression and energy of their dynamic compositions in overdriven clarity, the vocals of Jessica Boudreaux charming the listener while the instruments move between sparse hooks and distorted progressions. Summer Cannibals will be celebrating the release of No Makeup tomorrow night at Mississippi Studios with Grandparents and XDS. Go enjoy the performance and pick up a copy of the album for yourself. - Benjamin Toledo   


PDX Pop Now! Compilation Release at Backspace 6.14

PDX Pop Now! is the culmination of the best aspects of Portland’s music scene. For the past ten years this free, three day festival has sought out our city’s most promising local acts and put them in front of an enthusiastic and diverse crowd of all ages. There isn’t a stage in town that can bring as much attention to a local band. You’ll have to wait until July 19th to enjoy this year's festival, but you can get a taste of what’s to come on Friday, June 14th at Backspace to celebrate the release of the 2013 PDX Pop Now! compilation album. This forty-three track, two disc release might be the best representation of the Portland music scene, featuring the sounds of Sama Dams, The Woolen Men, NTNT and many more. The release party will include performances by Sapient, Summer Cannibals, Sean Flinn and the Royal We, and Wishyunu. Be there to be the first to get your hands on the compilation and find out who’s going to be playing the festival this year. I’ll see you there. -Benjamin Toledo


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