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Demento blues...ever heard of it? Well it's time you got a lesson on how it's done. Frankie & Jimmy are a demento blues duo from Hamilton. They released their album "Scream the Blues" in 2014 and it's full of traditional blues tracks done in a very original way. Frankie rips the slide guitar while Jimmy wails on the mic and harmonica. It's in your face and dirty as well as beautiful and unique. More recently these fellas have lined up a full band. They've also released some new tracks with music videos such as "My Harley". The best part about Frankie & Jimmy is their own brand of signature hot sauce. It's called "Burn the Blues Away" and as Jimmy says "it won't ruin your day but it'll ruin your next ten minutes." I've made my special hot wing sauce with it before and it was unreal. Frankie & Jimmy along with Torque Hound open up for Flamingo Báy at their Tape Release Party Friday Night (February 5th) at the Baltimore House in Hamilton. Sweet venue, sweet tunes and spicy sauce! Go.

Slanted has angst to spare on "Desire for Lust"

Desire for Lust is the soundtrack for a night alone in your bedroom when it all hits you. It’s the music that kicks in after a slammed door and holds your hand while you walk home in the rain. There’s a sense of catharsis here, but Slanted is anything but enchanted. As the title suggests, there’s a sense of longing that carries this EP. Not even a longing, but a longing for a longing, a want to want, an unfulfilled wish to look forward to something.

Fortunately for the rest of us, the age of instant gratification means you won’t be stuck longing helplessly for this record, which is embedded below. -Austin Phy


Regatta drops meditative debut EP

John Hughes is dead and gone, but the unshakeable melancholy of growing up is stronger than ever. Your dusty old VHS of The Breakfast Club doesn’t even have to leave the shelf to stand as a potent symbol of nostalgia and the loss that comes with the passing of time. Evan Hickman, the man behind Regatta, might or might not have any physical VHS tapes on his shelf, but he has a few figurative ones lodged in his spirit. His debut self-titled EP is a quick listen, clocking in at a snack-sized eight minutes with songs like sound-sketches, but what’s here is worth checking out.

The existential disenchantment is going to hit you one way or another, so you’d best just lean into it and hit the stream below. -Austin Phy


Super Thief's "dump sink" EP Makes them the Most Interesting Noisy Band in Austin, and Maybe Anywhere

Fucking yes, this is that shit you wait for all year as an Austin music fan.

Super Thief is back after a spectacular album from last year, bringing us a furious record with the new dump sink EP. Back in March of last year we said that Super Thief’s eponymous last record hit our shit-wrecking nerve nice and good, and dump sink picks up right where that record did, except that it’s even heavier and more outright fucking vicious.

The four track EP is the band turning up everything that was in their last record, and that means it’s some rip-you-apart shit from beginning to end. The high-burning, churning pace starts from the get-go with heavy, fast, straight to 100mph opener “dog fart,” and it doesn’t let up a tiny bit on song two, “euthanasia.”

The tracks on dumps sink all seem to fuck with the idea of what a song should be in 2016 Austin, ditching all the indie prettiness and poppiness and burning a fiery trail off down that more experimental, dangerously hard path that shit like Death Grips, Liars, Flux Information Sciences, Fugazi, Sonic Youth etc. have gone down before them. Super Thief seem like they’re mad about the way people in the supposed underground think songs are supposed to be now, and even the names of the songs feel like damaging jabs at the expected.

Super Thief is obviously hitting a hell of a stride here with these two excellent releases. They’re seriously getting franticness right, using their distorted, whining guitars with Super Thief’s signature crunch sound, their screaming vocals and devastating speed in a tight-as-fuck structure for music that simply doesn’t let up. With the release of dump sink and their album from last year, Super Thief isn’t just a very interesting noisy local hardcore band anymore; they’re maybe the most interesting noisy band I’ve heard period in a long time. Get a listen below.


Come out to the benefit for Danny Moore

Last Friday, Portland resident and friend to many of us Danny Moore was struck by a car off of MLK and NE Jarrett St. The assailant eventually turned himself in, but Danny was still left with two broken legs among other injuries, not to mention a mountain of medical debt. Because us Portlanders take care of our own, a benefit show to aid Danny is being held this Monday, January 25th, at Dig A Pony. Playing the benefit will be Dyslexics The, a solo set by the Woolen Men's Lawton Browning and tunes spun by DJ Bad Wizard. The 21+ event runs from 9pm-1am, with all proceeds of course going to fund Danny's recovery. Come on out and help a friend in need!

-Cervante Pope


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