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PREMIERE: The Century - "Here's to Nothing"

The Century's Losers EP came out just late last year, and as their second EP, it's already on it's way to maintaining their position as indelible contenders in Portland's rock n' roll scene. Today, they're dropping the lead track on the EP, "Here's to Nothing." It delightfully plays with both the lo-fi distortion of classic garage rock and the catchy, sing-a-long aspects of a good pop song. Let "Here's to Nothing" serve as the anthem to the apathetic soul in all of us. Listen below!

-Cervante Pope

Chicago Open Submission Results for The Deli's Year End Poll 2015 for emerging artists

Thanks to all the artists who submitted their music to be considered for The Deli's Best of Chicago Year End Poll for Emerging Artists.

After tallying our editors' ratings for the Open Submissions stage, it’s time to release the results. Please note that to avoid conflicts no local editor was allowed to vote for bands in their own scene.

Total submissions from Chicago: 56

Acts advancing to our Readers/Fans Poll:

1. Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta (Cumbia) - 8.33 (out of 10)

2. Jamarcus (Jazz/Math) - 8.17

2. Radius (Trip Hop/Deep House) - 8.17

3. The Bribes (50's Revival) - 8

3. Burnside & Hooker (Americana) - 8

3. Bow & Spear (Post Hardcore) - 8

4. The Gold Web (80's Psych) - 7.67


Honorable Mentions (ranked 7.5):

Static In Verona, Warik, Gross Pointe, Tiny Fireflies, Cornstar Farmer's Market Pornstar, Evasive Backflip, Melkbelly, Death By Icon


WHAT’S NEXT: These results end the first phase of the poll. We will soon unveil the artists nominated by our local jurors, and then let our readers and our writers influence the poll with their vote. Keep creating, keep supporting, and stay tuned for your chance to vote!

—The Deli Chicago Staff

Slacker psych duo Onwego goes on with "222"

What the latest from Onwego lacks in grit, it makes up in sheer cool smooooth. It’s slacker psych, no two ways about it, but it’s slacker psych that went through the effort to comb its hair and put a shirt on. With its guitar licks that wander but are never lost and an understated vocal delivery, this is music for the end of the party when it’s just you and a couple stragglers having a sloppy heart-to-heart on the front porch couch. 222 is set to release on March 27 but can be streamed right now via Bandcamp. -Austin Phy


Issue #45 (Winter 2016) of The Deli NYC is online!

Lurvely Deli Readers,

We are proud to introduce you to our Winter 2016 issue of The Deli NYC, featuring on the cover Brooklyn songwriter, producer and multimedia artist Brittany Campbell, portrayed by NYC comix artist Lale Westwind. Inside the issue - besides dozens of talented emerging NYC bands and artists - you'll also find a feature about the undiscovered genius of Captain Baby and the ongoing saga of Manhattan DIY art space and venue ABC No Rio

READ IT ONLINE HERE! It will be out in print around January 15.

Iconoclast Rick Millisci Urges Us: "Go to California, Be a Freak, Like Kylie"

Right, so this is one that I debated posting for a good minute or two. If you listen, you’ll see why: this is about as bare bones and unpolished as a track gets. It’s often off-key, the subject matter is totally weird and, on top of that, it got submitted to us through some weird-ass service that we never use.

But, Austin has an admirable and strong, if a little voyeuristic, tradition of accepting so called “outsider art” if it’s done authentically, and (perhaps more so) if it’s catchy.

Somehow, through its ultra-minimal drumming, its guitar that’s picked one twangy string after another (and sometimes slightly out of time), and its totally weird vocals about a young reality star, this strange tune by Rick Milisci, obviously a guy a bit older than his subject, on the subject of Kylie Jenner is both authentic and catchy. Somehow, it’s also charming, not creepy, and pretty on the ball when it comes to having an up-to-date look at pop culture. Which, I’ll admit, are not really things we thought I’d think about it when I first clicked it on.

I think what really does it for this song is that, despite not having a lot of production polish, it does have a solid song structure and vision, and it really goes for it. Rick knows what he wants to say, and he can put a song’s parts together, even if they sound a little janky. It comes together in a way that’ll catch your ear and get you talking, whether it’s to say you hate it or, like us at The Deli, to come around and admit that this weird little ditty kinda gets under your skin. Hell, I just took a break writing this to grab some food, and I caught myself singing “Kylieeee Jennner, Kylieeee Jennner” under my breath on the way to the spot. I’m about to meet up with my brother for Christmas, and I’m pretty sure this song just rocketed to the top of the list of shit I want to show him, weird as that might be.

In all, while this isn’t our typical fare at The Deli, this is Austin. Since this is the town that claims Daniel Johnston as one of its own, and since, really, we should each be giving all art a chance if it comes from a place of authentic expression and creativity, here we are presenting you the far, far from leftfield “Kylie Jenner,” a bare-bones, off-kilter, endearing and bizarrely fun commentary on pop culture by one Rick Milisci.

Oh, and if you want to know who the hell this dude is, like we did, pretty much all we can find about him is that his “Biography” on the site he submitted to us says “Smile :),” he calls this song in particular a “Cool Surf Song about Pop Culture in 2015,” for some reason CD Baby says you'd like him if you like Flo Rida, and he has 356 songs on Myspace.

Yep. 356. One of them is named “Zookeeper Licks Monkey’s Butt.” There’s another called “Sandwiches are Beautiful.” So there’s that. Get on this weird train y’all. If nothing else, it sure is interesting.


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