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Rough Trade
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Mutant Beat Dance

Mutant Beat Dance is the far reaching collaboration of DJ/Producer Traxx (Melvin Oliphant), Electronic/Found sound producer and molecular biologist Beau Wanzer, and House producer Steve Summer. The trio is preparing to release their epic 25 track self0-titled debut album via Rush Hour Music on July 16th.

The album features a contribution from Tyler Pope and Patrick Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem on “Feed The Enemy” and Gavin Rayna Russom (also of LCD Soundsystem) on "Geometrical Disease”.

Below you can stream the album’s first single “Checklist”.


Fresh Buzz: Triathalon plays Brooklyn Steel on June 18th

In this new age of bedroom pop and DIY everything, Georgia's band Triathalon, who recently resettled in NYC, offers a sound all its own, blending elements as varied as soul, pop, jazz, and electro. Attempting to label their music proves challenging - and that's part of the plan, since they state that they "work towards a sound that can’t easily be defined.” Thriathalon's first two EP sounded like rather unfocused takes on anything within the indie realm, from dream pop to slacker rock. Third LP Online, released earlier in 2018, sounds like music made by a different band altogether: the production is more mature, the sound more focused, and a newfound passion for soul seems to have shuffled the band's sonic cards. “Hard to Move” is reminiscent of a lo-fi, synthed version of Michael Jackson’s “Blame it on the Boogie,” while “3” is backed with a thumping bass verse that cleverly transitions to a jazz-inspired keyboard interlude. This is a band with lots of potential, check them out live on June 18th at  Brooklyn Steel. - Lily Crandall

Fire-Toolz announces Skinless X-1

Haus Mountain announced today that they will be releasing the new album, Skinless X-1, from electronic music producer Fire-Toolz (a.k.a. Angel Marcloid). The album will be released on August 24th, and below you can hear "✓ iNTERBEiNG” and watch the beautiful video for the track "Ἠλύσιον πεδίον 「Elysian Fields」”.


Real Clothes summons spiritual trip-hop at Alphaville on 06.19

Real Clothes' Nico Fox describes her music as performance art, but that description doesn’t do justice to the music that she creates. Performance art conjures up images of artists in brightly lit museums gesturing in an ostentatious fashion for the audience to look at without much interaction on their part. The twisted and celestial creations crafted by Real Clothes guides listeners through Fox's headspace, often crumbling or repeating in hypnotic trances. Using trip-hop as a starting point, Fox's songs quickly branch into experimental hymns that feel truly unique. They are spirituals for the digital age, featuring shuttering drum patterns and glittery synths that surround her voice without preventing it from reaching its mesmerizing peak. And Fox's performances are often dimly lit with lamps resembling candlelight as she sways from side to side, serenading her audience. It’s spellbinding in quality, fascinating in a somewhat alienating way. Most importantly, Fox's music grabs listeners and pulls them on a aural journey that is simultaneously weightless and deeply impactful. You can stream “Bruja 魔女: The Screwed Pedant Lies” off the 2016 album Modulation below and see Real Clothes perform live at Alphaville on June 19. - Tucker Pennington


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