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Premiere: Necatuss "Arawn: Incongruent Goals"

We are proud to be able to premiere the latest single from the forthcoming new album, Of Myths and Fables, "Arawn: Incongruent Goals" from electronic music producer Necatuss (aka Patrick Soper). This is new project, which is set to be released later this month, is years in the making and is the result Soper's deep dive into his Irish and Celtic Roots.

Each track on this project takes its name and inspiration from a "different Pre Christianity Celtic god and its contemporary god of today". Arawn is The God of Death, War and Terror, and, according to Soper, this track is about the human price of profits which is rather pertinent in this moment of debate between human life and safety and the security of the economy.

Here is what Soper had to say about this project as whole; "My Ideal outcome would be something that is hyper layered, full of musical and art historical contexts that create this sort of archeology of a fictional past explored in it's own fictional universe and something that can also exist without these narratives on it's own, embracing a duality of Pop accessibility and artistic sensibility."

Bottler's sunny electronic blossoms on "Nobody Likes Me," new EP out 5.8

Synthpop outfit Bottler describe their sound as music “full of electronic vitamin C,” an apt description of their uplifting new track “Nobody Likes Me.” Bolstered by a chilled downtempo beat and a healthy mix of piano keys and speaker-shaking bass, the Brooklyn-based duo employ a repeating sample of a children’s choir as the song’s centerpiece, creating a joyful, bright atmosphere over its succinct three minute run time. Moreover, Bottler’s approach to production, which incorporates maximalist, shimmering synth arpeggios alongside analogue components, evokes the late 00s / early 10s indietronic sound of groups like Passion Pit and Discovery sans vocals. Stream this sunny listen below, and keep an eye out for their upcoming EP Clementine, out May 8th.


HausMo Mixtape II

Hausu Mountain is preparing to release a new 80 minute mixtape on April 24th. Back in 2018 the label heads Doug Kaplan and Maxwell Allison released Mixtape I recapping the label's first five years of existence. For this collection they take the listener from 2018 to current and future releases and include tracks from Bonnie Baxter, Tiger Village, RXM Reality, Lockbox, and Khaki Blazer, Wobbly, Quicksails, Mondo Lava, and so many more.

The mixtape's preview track, "Rainbow ∞ Bridge", is taken for the forthcoming album, Rainbow Bridge, from Fire-Toolz.


My Empty Phantom Unveils Quarantine Meditation Music Sessions

Take an ambient drive in your mind with My Empty Phantom by viewing his “Quarantine Meditation Music Sessions.” Like many, this artist lost his upcoming tour dates overnight due to the upending effects of the coronavirus. The artist is hosting at home sessions to continue creating music and disseminating positive vibes. Music is an essential magic that connects in these strange times that require our separateness.

 “These trying times call for the healing power of music. I have decided to bring an intimate bedroom version of my tour to you all via the internet! I will be performing a video series of my most ambient works for you to meditate, read a book, breathe, do slow body movement, make art, sleep or to just sit back and relax.” - Jesse Beaman 

Press play, and allow the ambient sounds to attach themselves like molecules to the atmosphere of your room. The calming, haunting reverberations gently wash over you as the sound waves trigger a trance, confusing real noise with white noise, but altogether drowning out the mental noise. As the whole world is paused, this time welcomes reflection and introspection. Thank you, My Empty Phantom, for blessing our restless ears.

His first home session is about 12 minutes - the perfect length to induce deeper meditation, light up and smoke one, or set up your space for a creative project. Now, that half the world is under some order to stay at home, join me in looping this track and inviting the sweet notes to drip drip into our watery collective consciousness. We have hope that we will be together again one day, we will see live music, we will throw our sweaty bodies on strangers, we will accidentally spill beer on our new shoes again. Until then, we show our support for artists by listening to their home sessions, buying their merch, washing our hands, and shining lights in our hearts for our loved ones and our communities around us.


-Mel Green





RXM Reality

The latest album from Experimental Electronic artist RXM Reality, Blood Blood Blood Blood, will be released tomorrow, April 3rd, via Hausu Mountain. You can currently stream the album's lead single, "B4", below.

What is always so impressive about RXM is his ability to constantly walk that line between beauty and chaos and he builds addictive sonic collages.

Below is video footage of his recent set at Subt that you can watch in lieu of an actual live release event at a place like Subt.


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