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Indie Rock

From the digital submissions: Agouti psych-pop single, "Chameleon"

Agouti, a self-described "DIY psych" band fronted by Carmen Caruso, has released a new single entitled "Chameleon." An intriguing blend of Euro-rock influences ranging from Portishead and the Cranberries to hints of early Radiohead, "Chameleon" is a coolly melancholic dirge that laments existing in one's own skin and illustrates a longing for disassociation. Listen to the single below! - Ethan Ames

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New Track: "Distractions" - Somnium Mori

The post-punk quartet of Somnium Mori recently shared its debut EP 2017. Its closing track, “Distractions,” percolates with a buzzsaw-ringing backend and chasing sense of urgency. Things momentarily cool as screeching screams of guitar and the prodding thump of bass/drums allow the vocals to collect their thoughts. Then, the hunt resumes.

Indie Pop

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Sat, 07/29/2017 (All day)
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Moonrise Nation
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PREMIERE: Rugby - "Treasure Racer"

Back in April of last year, we shared a video from the experimental pop outfit Rugby called "Bag of Bones." The romantic, black and white video was the second to come off their full length Worldly Wise, but now we're presenting you with their third. 

"Treasure Racer" is the opposite of Rugby's former video, aesthetically. Beautifully hued pastels, animation and dance scenes accent the duo's playfully poppy, upbeat tune. The video was filmed in a documentary style by Rugby themselves, incorporating footage from a family vacation of theirs at the Outer Banks. As for the track, "Treasure Racer" is based off a poem by one of the members, where the scuba diver from the '90s computer game Treasure Cove goes on an ocean adventure with the cartoon Speed Racer.

The whole "Treasure Racer" package is fun, lighthearted and perfect for summer. View the new video below.


Sinnet opens for Low Cut Connie at Middle East on 08.04

Aaron Spransy, Kevin Junker, Thom Valicenti, and Matt Freake of Sinnet don’t take themselves too seriously on their new LP ‘Gentle Humor,’ a fuzzy indie pop project that captures the band’s laid-back personality. It’s easy to sit back and chill to tracks like “Mikey & The Land Of Inbetweeners” (streaming below) with their catchy choruses, mellow vocals, and loungy guitar riffs. After a spring tour that hit everywhere from NYC to Madison, the band will be opening for Low Cut Connie at Middle East on August 4th. - Lilly Milman


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