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New The Trust Fund Kids EP Available for Streaming & Download

As he builds toward a debut LP, Kevin Connor, a.k.a. The Trust Fund Kids, recently issued a fresh EP The Sky Looks Like A Videogame. Creating a musical compound of upbeat jangle with underlying ghostly synth/keys, these songs pleasantly haunt. Nightmarish tales of isolation gather steam, as the light fixtures in a narrative tunnel are gradually brought to full power. There’s a vibrancy that persists through the dim times.

Debut Hellrad EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Counting Sins is the new album from the trio of heavy, known as Hellrad. Featuring former members of JavelinaEat The Turnbuckle, and Jail, the band submerges one in a brutal bass-quaking, percussion-smattering onslaught. Nonstop, cavernous grooves weld with guttural, guiding vocals and thunderous riffs, producing an ever-advancing brand of sludge. Currently in the midst of a stretch across Europe, Hellrad will be back in town at Century on Friday, November 17, on a lineup that also includes Traitor, Night Raids, and Suppressive Fire. (Photo by Useless Rebel)

Brenda - "Children" Music Video

Here’s a really cool video from one of the top bands bursting from Toronto’s thriving garage/pysch scene. Brenda has released a new single from their upcoming EP “Creeeper”. “Children” sneaks along with a creepy pace and the video falls right in line with that ambience. They smoothly transition from dark clown quiet riffage to a frenetic blend of fuzz, verb and more fuzz. You should watch this video alone late at night while playing Resident Evil on Playstation 1. Brenda plays Friday (October 20) at The Monarch Tavern with Crazy Bones and Pink Acid Wash. – Kris Gies

TAYLS bringing psych pop fun to The East Room for Halloween (10.27)

Taylor Cole, formerly of Nashville’s Chalaxy and Creature Comfort, is back with a new psych pop outfit, TAYLS. Their first single “Pop Tart (Queer Boy/Small Town)” was released earlier this year, highlighting Cole’s soaring, Beck-like vocals over a grooving and swaying pop track bringing to mind the likes of Grouplove. “I want to change the way Nashville views music and art,” Cole states. “I want to make you forget about your real life, make you feel like you’re back on the playground.” If what is to follow carries the same sense of carefree joy as their first offering, TAYLS are going to be a welcome change to Nashville’s already diverse scene. Make sure to catch them playing a Halloween party at The East Room October 27th at 9 PM along with Spaceface, The Subnovas, and TWEN! - Chris Thiessen


Mellow psych poppers Plates of Cake release new LP 10/19 at Berlin

Brooklyn-based Plates of Cake serves up sweet, creamy psych pop that manages to be trippy without ever being jarring. With a sound that's reminiscent of a more Beach Boys-y Syd Barrett, the easy listening aspects of Plates of Cake's songs are matched by their layers of sonic experimentation. Their new release, "Let's Not Deprive Each Other" is no exception; the album is surprisingly moody, somewhat cynical, and most interestingly, seems to defy simple time-period classification. Strong melody writing, undeniable hooks, and great instrumentation are all on display here, so make sure you catch them live at Berlin 10/19. - Olivia Sisinni


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