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Queen Jesus Record Release Show at The Storefront Nov. 10

The quintet of Queen Jesus celebrates their sophomore release, Tar Ranch, this evening at the Storefront. Step into the subdued, slow-burning songs nestled in a semi-psych-folk cabin. Slide guitar wafts over the cozy compact backend groove, and the heady conscious reflections of vocals that stickily expand in harmony. Maintaining that seductive somber state, the duo of Zack Robbins (Superheaven) & Josh Mackie (Idiot Forever), a.k.a. DARK MTNS, bathe in brisk but refreshing waters. Nina Ryser (of Palberta) shifts the perspective with the quirky, looming twists of a dream in discovery, and steaming from strength, the momentous songs of Madalean Gauze complete this billing. The Storefront, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 8pm, All Ages - Michael Colavita

Buzz Alert: Crumb leaves us hungry for more of their jazzy soul psych tunes

Boston-based Crumb offers laid-back tunes for reflective mornings. Layering singer/guitarist Lila Ramani's effortless, nonchalant vocals over a bed of sometimes-funky-often-jazzy psych rock, the band delivers dulcet tunes with a serious side of haze. The lyricism invites introspection, and instrumentals often wind down unexpected turns, but Crumb's music manages to be engaging without being overly demanding of their listeners. Right now, the band's Soundcloud account description is simply inscribed with the words "More to come." We'll certainly be looking forward to the next release from the band, but in the meantime, you can stream Crumb below.-Olivia Sisinni


Fruit & Flowers brings their psych post punk to Shea Stadium on 11.13

Fruit & Flowers is a female fronted Brooklyn band that's been playing a gazillion shows lately (and seem to have as many scheduled), which is always a good sign. Oh, and, for the record, when we say "female fronted" we mean to say that whoever is not on the front of the stage (the drummer) is the dude out of four band members. At this stage they only have one song out for streaming, a slow burning track called "Turquoise," featuring a melody that is tele-porting us back to the days of Rain Parade and those other spacey American psych bands of the late '80s. If you are curious about the rest of their repertoire, you can check hear it live at Shea Stadium on 11.13.


New Queen Jesus EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

There is an enjoyable ease found in the latest EP from Queen Jesus, Tar Ranch. Now, we're not exactly sure if the "tar" in the title is a reference to heroin (with the pill on the cover possibly representing its pharmaceutical equivalent - oxycontin), but the languid five-song album feels awfully fitting to zone out to under the influence of the powerful opiates. Or maybe, our minds are generally just hardwired towards drugs. Whatever the case might be; Tar Ranch, which was recorded and mixed by Matt Schimelfenig, is an impressive sophomore release from the Philly quintet, and it will be available on cassette via Uncle Rats. Queen Jesus are also celebrating their release this Thursday, November 10 at The Storefront with DARK MTNS, Nina Ryser, and Madalean Gauze.

New Lightninging Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

The quartet of Lightninging just released its new album, The God of Sun & Tuesdays. Pulling from multiple rockin' fronts, the crew appears equally adept at stewing in the expanding, psychedelic cauldron. Conversely contagious, clear-skied harmonies spill fortuitously forward in loose-feeling, expertly-spun instrumental sequences. You can catch Lightninging tomorrow night at Double H Ranch with Something Like A Monument, Man Like Machine, Vaudevileins, and Sedgewick.


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