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New Music Video: "Daydreams Via Memories" - Ceramic Animal

The Democratic National Convention has come and gone, along with its business casual dress code for Philly. Ceramic Animal had the DNC on their minds when making their latest music video for "Daydreams Via Memories". The gang transports us to a happier time in American politics with found footage of folks gettin' their Macarena on at the 1996 convention in Chicago, along with Slick Willy doing some blowing at the 1993 Arkansas Inaugural Ball. Ceramic Animal will be bringing these good vibes to MilkBoy this Saturday, Aug. 13, as part of the venue's 5th anniversary celebration.


Debut Girls Chat Room LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Hypnotically experimental electro beats that futuristically space-out while catching you in their cavernously danceable grooves, Carolina Leis-Usher & James Weissinger (Making Time, Broadzilla) combine as Girls Chat Room. With a new self-titled album, the tandem traverses a broad spectrum, linked with steadfast percussion and injections of vocals that maintain an air of mystery. Delve into this cyber-active sound, which is available under the 100 Years of Solid Dudes umbrella.

A Psychedelic Night of Prince

"When Prince died, I started crying at work. He's the only reason I picked up a guitar when I was younger and has always played a huge influence in the music my sister and I write for Skull Diver. We chose the songs we will do because The Beautiful Ones, Darling Nikki, I Would Die for You and Cream have actually inspired us during the writing process. He will always be our #1 inspiration musically." -Ally Payne, Skull Diver

"I always find inspiration through Prince. The music he plays, the actual notes, have such personality. Incredible individuality. And listening to that powerful uniqueness enables me to find inspiration in my own uniqueness. You forgive yourself when you listen to Prince. You love yourself.

We arranged a stripped down version of 'Little Red Corvette,' a clever spin on a classic. Then 'Pop Life' kicks up and gets the room movin' and shakin'. 'Diamonds and Pearls' was my first "OMG I need to binge Prince" moment, so I had to do it. We close our set with a lesser known track called 'Mountains.' 'There's nothing greater/Than you and me.'"  -Mitch Wilson, Formerly Known As 


I chose these songs because they're absolutely sexy and I like sexy songs. Prince's music is very sexy and in turn, inspired me to approach music more sensually... maybe with a glass of wine and some chocolate and or fog.” -Febian Perez, Eclisse


These are just a few words from some of the musicians involved in Princedelic: A Psych-Rock Tribute to Prince, on exactly what Prince means to them and why they chose the songs they're playing. It's a pretty obvious statement to say Prince has been an influential figure to damn near everyone in the entire world basically ever, but Princedelic goes even further to show how his music transpired genres to inspire. 


Presented by feminist non-profit Bitch Media and Veronica Booking, Princedelic will feature the Portland bands Skull Diver, Eclisse, Queen Chief, Murderbait and the Pining Hearts, as well as a supergroup of various musicians playing under the moniker Formerly Known As. Each will be playing 4-5 Prince tracks of their choice.


Tons of giveaways will be happening at Princedelic wiht the benefits going to Bitch Media. Some of the prizes include a local swag package with an over $1,000 value, gift certificates to Scapegoat Tattoo, Sizzle Pie and See See Motor Coffee, a night stay at Jupiter Hotel, a pair of Frends Headphones, ProCanna Cannabis accesssories and a Bitch Media subscription.


Princedelic will be held this Tuesday, August 9 at the Doug Fir Lounge. If you cop your tickets ahead of time, which can be found HERE, they're $7, but you'll be paying $10 if you buy at the door. A setlist of tracks can be found on the Princedelic Facebook event page


There will never be a time when Prince's legacy won't be celebrated, but it'll be amazing to see his songs transformed into a psychedelic freakout.

Let Brother JT Take You to Rock 'n' Roll Church at Ortlieb's Aug. 6

Before he began Trippin’ Balls, you could find Brother JT filling the nighttime air with his oddball, psych-rock sermons. Laying down licks of a seemingly supernatural nature, the Brother is always ready to take us to rock ‘n’ roll church. He’ll be doing so tonight in NoLibs watering hole Ortlieb’s, and joining him will be music brethren St. James & The Apostles, who have plans to release a new full-length album, White Devil, in October. The Midnight Sun Presents… Satellite of Fuzz showcase will also include Sun Voyager, Gods, Linear North, Canyon, and Colora. That’s a whole lotta bands; hence the early start. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. 3rd St., 5pm, $12, 21+ - Alexis V. 


Turnip King releases "Laika" LP + play Shea Stadium on 08.10

Turnip King’s swirling blend of psych rock and dream pop was born in Long Island's' coastal town of Sea Cliff, where the band hails from. The group is about to release their debut full length (or rather "mini-album, since it's comprised of only seven songs) Laika on August 19th via Fire Talk Records. The two singles unveiled so far showcase slow burning songs reminiscent of acts such as Slowdive and The Jesus and Mary Chain. The first single off the album “Carsong” encapsulates their experiences of growing up in the suburbs, while making references to driving around aimlessly listening to music with a friend. Its sparse intro highlights Lucia Arias' youthful vocals before breaking down into a shoegazy wall-of-sound. Second single “Metonymy” is a slower number characterized by wailing psychedelic guitars, breezy drumming, and echoing melodies. Turnip King just wrapped up an east coast tour with a show at Trans Pecos and will be performing again at Shea Stadiumon August 10th. - John Honan


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