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The Gentle Cycle Releases New Single - Follow Light

The San Francisco based psych revivalist band, The Gentle Cycle has released a new single entitled, Follow Light.

With a painstaking attention to detail, these songs were filtered through a cool grip of vintage guitars and components, like an antique Echoplex tape delay and a funky old spring reverb unit. They even recorded on a 1970s Tascam 388 analog reel-to-reel, replete with a deadstock spool of old quarter-inch tape. But Derek’s melodic musings come from an abstract foundation that’s more modern and forward thinking than most musicians beholden to period-correct tones. Listen to The Gentle Cycle and you’ll hear a band that somehow balances universal emotions with astral, atmospheric sonic architecture.



Soft Fangs brings his intimate bedroom pop to Cake Shop on 8.13

Soft Fangs is the lof-fi bedroom pop recording project of singer-songwriter John Lutkevich. His debut album The Light was recorded in the attic of his childhood home, to be then released in March via Exploding in Sound Records and Disposable America. Its lo-fi quality and melancholic vocals breed a warm and intimate atmosphere born from Lutkevich’s desire to alleviate life’s struggles. Evoking the vulnerability of Elliott Smith and atmospheric sonic inclination, Lutkevich wears his heart on his sleeve when talking about growing older, being unable to find a job, and waiting around for someone to love you back. His vocal delivery is desolate, and sometimes borders on a whimpering tone, however, when paired with the tender guitars and lush instrumentation, his songs can provide a cathartic release. Soft Fangs will be playing at the Cake Shop on August 13th and the Throne in Brooklyn on August 19th! - John Honan

NYC Record of the Month: Sleepies - 'Natural Selection' LP

After four years, Sleepies are back with a new full length entitled Natural Selection, released on July 16th via Mirror Universe Tapes. The record marks a definite shift for the band towards late '60s British psych. The opening two songs 'Chips Left' and 'Genetic Cousins' (streaming) toy with melodies reminiscent of unforgotten madman Syd Barrett, but fill up the sonic spectrum with a tense and fuzzy blend of garagey distorted guitars. Following song “All Over The Years” follows recycles Parquet Courts' "Nu-Post-Punk" sound (a recurring influence), although the spacey chord changes never fail to remind us the psych nature of this work. Delirious power-track Sky Chase is filled with urgency and intriguing vocal arrangements, while pushing the saturation of their garagey sound to eleven. Throughout the album, the guitars always lay the groundwork with threatening tones and riffs, but this tension is constantly resolved through memorable choruses and vocal melodies - for a satisfying listening esperience. - John Honan

Luke Reed releases new single, to perform at Great Scott on 8/19

You might not think you know Luke Reed, but odds are you do, at least from the bands he's in. A member of Bent Shapes, Mini Dresses, Fedavees and Feral Jenny, Reed is deeply embedded in Massachusetts' music scene to say the least.  He's an accomplished solo artist as well, having released tracks over the past few years that range from mellow to psych pop to a standalone krautrock track — no kidding! His latest single is called "Without You," and seem to take a nod or two from The Avalanches tune of the same name, sounding almost like a hungover version of it. With tropically inflected guitars, Reed's vocals add another dimension to the track's wistful, psychedelic and disoriented, and sing repeatedly "I wouldn't know which way to go without you." This song prooves Reed's talent is only matched by how busy he must be with all these projects, and you can see him live solo at Great Scott on 8/18. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber

Jackal Onasis release debut LP + play Shea Stadium on 8.12

Forming as a duo along opposite coasts, Jackal Onasis eventually became a Brooklyn-based fuzz rock trio in 2015. Influenced by bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Autolux, and the Deftones, their music is a fierce blend of shoegaze, post-hardcore, punk, and noise rock. Guitarist Alex Molini and drummer Jordyn Blakely share vocal duties on their debut full length Big Deal Party, creating delightfully mellow harmonies over the band’s chaotic and sludgy tracks. Their fuzzy noise-pop borrows the soft-loud-soft dynamic from grunge, while adopting the wailing ‘wall-of-sound’ element of shoegaze and noise-rock. Molini and Blakely’s melodic and breezy vocals have an hypnotic effect when paired with their crunchy guitar and bass tones and the crashing drum parts. Jackal Onasis will be playing Shea Stadium on August 12th in support of NYC legends Fiasco! - John Honan

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