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New Video: "Whatcha Wanna Do?" (Live) - Residuels

Power trio Residuels shreds a live version of "Whatcha Wanna Do?", off their latest EP Hurricane. Recorded by filmmaker Max Holland, the boys get back to their roots, sounding like a bat out of hell in the basement of West Philly's Pilam. Come join them in "the world's only punk fraternity"!

This Year’s Ocean Beach Festival’s Music Line Up Has Been Announced

Don't miss Ocean Beach Music and Art Festival's 2016 music line up on October 8th!

This Year’s Ocean Beach Festival’s Music Line Up This year the world-renowned Noriega Street will be home to the third annual Ocean Beach Music and Art Festival. This FREE festival will be dedicated to the cultural and historic value of Ocean Beach. The Outer Noriega Merchant Association (ONMA) along with its great residents are joining together to celebrate the vibrant beauty that is Noriega Street. This family friendly festival will feature six stages, over ten food vendors, two beer gardens, over twenty live music acts, live art installations, a kids zone, mobile petting zoo, and a pumpkin patch. So please join us on October 8th for a day to remember!

Travis Hayes
Claire George
Spooky Mansion
Down and Outlaws
Tino Drima
The Electric Arrows
French Cassettes
Chickenhead Johnson
Bear Call
The Old Folks
Edward Dix
James Houdini
DJ Platinum Patton



Shoegaze bill at Mercury on 10.09 with Infinity Girl and Mahogany

Having released their second full length album “Harm” in the summer of 2015, Brooklyn’s Infinity Girl can be found hard at work on their third record. Although no release date has been announced as of yet, the band continue to play select live shows. On Sunday 10/9 they’ll step away from the studio long enough to play a set at the Mercury Lounge, supporting fellow dreamgazers Astrobrite (from Chicago) and ever-evolving headline act Mahogany. While “Harm” shifted away from than their previous noisier work, elements of the C86 jangle pop sound emerged. “Dirty Sun” underscores exactly what was (and still is) so appealing about this timeless sound. A blissful joy is conveyed by the convergence of rapidly strummed guitar over melody driven bass and fast, tom-tom heavy drums. The vocals provide the emotional release through a harmonic beauty evoking feelings of both nostalgia and present day comradery. While waiting for new music to be released, lovers of this should shouldn't miss Sunday's show. - Dave Cromwell

Phobos releases debut album and plays Rocketown 10/7

The Phobos moon is a satellite from Mars, so it makes sense that the spacey-sounding Nashville-based astro-prog band would go under the same name. On their latest album, I, Phobos explores major post-rock vibes, and tasty math-rock tinged licks that sound totally out of this world. Listen to their track "Yearn and Memorize" streaming below and check them out at Rocketown 10/7 with Polyphia and I, Griever.-Olivia Sisinni

The Deli Philly's October Record of the Month: The Past, The Future, Dwelling there like space - Ghost Gum

The timing of Ghost Gum’s debut feels cosmically divine. Released on the heels of the autumnal equinox, their shoegaze adjacent LP is the perfect salve to remedy the pain of summer’s end.
Awash in dreamy reverb and heartfelt lyricism, The Past, The Future, Dwelling there like space opens with the melodic urgency of the ironically titled “2nd Song”. Buzzing chords and crashing cymbals collide with clips of conversation and a memorable chorus reminiscent of The Anniversary’s “D is For Detroit,” with each element of the track instantly sinking deep into the psyche of its listener. The steady drums and swirling crash of guitar throughout “Edible Complex” perfectly preface the brief yet atmospheric “Interlude,” before easing into the intimately contemplative swell of “Home”. A plausible portrait of familiarity, whether it be a person or a place, “Home” tugs unabashedly at the heartstrings, and will undoubtedly leave you weak in the knees.
“Mercury,” which lies near the midpoint of the album, has a similar impact on its audience, rendering fans nostalgic for Black Tambourine’s “By Tomorrow” or Bleeding Rainbow’s “Euphoria”. Soon after the song ends, “More” unfolds, and quickly progresses into an audibly lush meditation on uncertainty and the existential need for meaning, a theme that carries over to “Repeater,” an unshakably gripping anthem that explores the frustration of detrimental cycles - emotive and relational alike.
“You Were You,” the final track on Ghost Gum’s first official release, culminates in a self-reflective fashion, haunting yet beautiful. As distorted laughter fades into fuzzed-out guitar, The Past, The Future, Dwelling there like space rings true until the very end. - Dianca London


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