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Joe Cardigan “Up All Night”

Joe Cardigan recently released a new single called “Up All Night”. He blends Pop, R&B, and Dance music in a wonderful way.

You can catch Joe headlining the Artist Collective Showcase on February 1st at Bourbon on Division.


Interview with Britany Campbell

Brittany Campbell recently released a video for “Mean” from her 2018 album Stay Gold. The video was directed by Laura Gordon for Weird Life Films. We thought it would be the perfect time to reach out and ask Brittany a few questions about the video, her duo called Mermaid, and life in Chicago. You can read the full interview here and you can check out “Mean” below.

Photo by Lawrence Ageyo


Interview with Brittany Campbell

The Deli (TD): You have been living in Chicago for awhile now, do you feel like the city and specifically its music scene, has embraced you? Do you feel like you have found a place where you can thrive creatively?
Brittany Campbell (BC): The music scene out here is more like family...very interconnected. I feel like I have apart in it, but I’m still the new girl, you know. A lot of bands have been playing on the same bill out here for upwards of 5 years...so there is a real sense of community. I’ve have definitely found a group of people out here that I enjoy making art with and probably will for the rest of my life.

TD: You found yourself in Chicago because of your involved with Hamilton. What is like to be involved with such a historical production and how did your that come about?
BC: I mean, it’s crazy to be a apart of something that is such a phenomenon! It is truly humbling to be a part of something that you know is currently making history- you sort of understand that to be a part of the legacy that is ‘Hamilton” is nothing less than a blessing. I got the audition when I was actually in rehearsals for a different musical that was set to go on tour in about week, at the time. I found out that i got the job 5 days before having to move to Chicago- and then everything was different.

TD: Speaking of Hamilton, you have been collaborating recently with fellow cast member Candace Quarrels as Mermaid, and the two of you released a great Christmas single last month. What can we expect from Mermaid in 2019?
BC: We want to make and release some sort of EP by April...something like 4 songs...we just need to get into the studio and hash it out. We know we want it to be an organic process..we know we want to record with a band..and that’s as far as we have gotten.

TD: Your latest video for “Mean” was directed by Laura Gordon. How did you come to work with Laura and do you see the two of you collaborating in other ways in the future?
BC: Laura and I met when LadyGunn Mag asked to do a write up on me. She was the stylist for the photoshoot- an incredible and unique stylist..10 minutes in to the shoot, I was already saying to myself, “this girl is the shit”...I’d never been put in clothes like that/done a shoot like that and she was certain about her vision that I really couldn’t do anything else but fall into it. Anyway the team on the shoot was pretty amazing..Mollie Gloss (Raveena, Raven Lenae), who was the makeup artist started talking about this music video that her and Laura were just working on for Raveena...The music video was “Honey”...which had this easy sensuality and beauty about it..but most of all a strong aesthetic.After seeing that footage, I just wanted to know more..Laura started talking about directing and her production company, Weird Life FIlms...The wheels began to turn, you know. I been trying to get a video made with another production company for a months, at the time..and was not able to get everyone on the same page with my idea..they didn’t references, They never saw the movie clue-hahaha, they thought that achieveing a “period” looking piece was out of our budget..they just weren’t willing to go there with me. When I met and talked to Laura, I just kind of knew that she would go there with me..When I finally approached her about the video, which wasn’t long after the shoot, I gave her a loose story , some references for the look, video of some very ellaborate “table” choreography, and Beatnik, which was the beautiful restaurant we shot the video in. I had absolutely no idea just how amazing she was!!! She fine tuned the concept and story. She assembled a dream team - A DREAM TEAM- Like- that video was not supposed to be possible on the budget that we had! The day of the shoot, I just kid of watched in awe as I saw our vision come to life!

I’m a person that acts from my gut. When I met Laura, on that very special shoot on 4/20, I knew she was someone I was gonna be working with. We are currently brainstorming not what to make next.

TD: What’s next for Brittany Campbell as an actor and musician?
BC: As a musician, I’m thinking Late Spring tour! I went on a solo West Coat tour Oct 2018 and now I want to do it right...right meaning, tour with my whole band. Mid Feb, ill be launching a kickstarter campaign to raise money towards it. In terms of new music, I’m gonna focus on release very few singles for a while so I can really take “Stay Gold” as far as I can as an independently.

As an actor, I’ll be moving out West to do some TV/Film things. I’m very excited!

Photo by Alexa Vicius

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We talk to Brittany Campbell about Hamilton Chicago, her new video for "Mean", and the future of Mermaid.
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"I’ve have definitely found a group of people out here that I enjoy making art with and probably will for the rest of my life."


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Mike B. & SoulGlo
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Gold Sounds

Loona Dae "Moonflower"

Loona Dae has released her debut EP, “Moonflower”. This is powerful, soulful R&B and an amazing debut from this former member of The Highness Collective. Loona dropped two singles in 2018, but has really come into her own with this new EP.

You can catch Loona at Rutcorp (3012 South Archer Ave) on February 16th.


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