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Wil Brookhart Drops Smooth Debut EP


Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Wil Brookhart put out his debut EP “Flight Risk” on June 18th 2020. With seven features, it’s a delicious amalgam of modern genres from R&B to lo-fi hip-hop to pop, even adding in a pinch of math rock. The Austin native, currently residing in Denton while studying double bass at UNT, stirs in his vast array of influences into a savory main course meal of mingled grooves and flavorful melodies. Yet just as each bite of “Flight Risk” tastes unique, it’s crowning achievement is keeping a consistent tone amid the eclecticism. 


Any of the individual tracks are strong enough to be singles but “February” and “Summer Bleeding” do stand as out catchy summer morsels. Many voices can be heard on this record but Brookhart allows his music to naturally grow out beyond him, then crafts it to shape his distinct vision. Leila XY, who is featured on four out of the five tracks, consistently exudes clarity, grounding her performances with bright and buoyant vocal melodies. Lucas Wassmer soulfully harmonizes with her on “Prove Me Crazy”, as T.W.I.N. soon comes in rapping an emotional perspective on how one’s mindset is altered when away from loved ones. With help from Katie Butler, Brookhart’s own vocals sustain “Carrie”. While Leila XY and Butler close out the EP on the contemplative title track. As a composer, arranger, and player, Brookhart’s musical abilities are clearly evident but his ability to weave various genres, voices, and ingredients into a cohesive palette make him an even more exciting producer. 

As current situations have made many artists have to drastically change their process, Brookhart and his compatriots were already creating and collaborating virtually. “Flight Risk” came together using the relatively new music streaming platform Quadio, which connects nationwide college students and facilitates artistic collaboration. All the features are university students, and in true college fashion the majority of the EP was written between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am. Polished mixing and mastering from Jamison McMackin, working under the name Glacier City Sound, majorly assist the contemporary and intentional feel, while cover art from Leah Bury (@leah.creative) grounds the work in a tranquil charm. 


  Overall, Brookhart’s debut finds itself snuggled somewhere in between Social House, Maggie Rogers, and Frank Ocean. As all these components come together, all I can say is...my compliments to the chef! Stream “Flight Risk” on all your favorite streaming platforms! 

-Hayden Steckel



The Lagoons Drop Soul Soothing Single “So Did I”



The Lagoons, consisting of brothers Ryan and Joey Selan, put out a peaceful new single “So Did I” on June 5th. The duo craft a romantic track that’s perfect for a relaxing summer day by the pool or an introspective walk in the park. The song floats in your ears like a breeze pushed by the comfort of a devoted lover


Airy synths and an acoustic guitar open the track as punchy drum samples and calming vocals begin to fill out the arrangement. Lead vocalist Joey sings “Your mama thinks that you’re so divine. So do I, so do I”, eventually concluding with “She knew the day would come when you were mine. I thought she’d cry, instead she smiled and so did I.” This comparison between maternal love and the love between significant others is both bold and heartwarming. After the first verse, the composition moves into full swing with lush synth pads, a soaring saxophone, detailed percussion, and a fully unravelled drumbeat.  


Along with the track, The Lagoons put out a ‘making of’ video showing the intricacies of their production style. Their home studio is shown littered with guitars, synthesizers, samplers, and microphones, practically everything someone would need to professionally produce a track! It’s insightful seeing the brothers in their element as both multi-instrumentalists are able to show off their talents. 


This song preludes The Lagoons’ debut LP Midnight Afternoon coming out on June 23rd. It will surely be as breezy and buoyant as “So Did I”. Also catch their virtual album release party on June 25th.

- Hayden Steckel




NightFire Offers an Escape on New Single "Cave of Dreams"


As the pandemic persists and continues to pervade our lives with fear and anxiety, the next renaissance of artistry is slowly fomenting. Artists and creatives are leveraging their quarantine as a solitudinous period to make art - to make something. 


The pulsating rhythm of NightFire's new single,Cave of Dreams,” recalibrates and validates ones senses. NightFire released her new single as the first track of her latest EP, which is scheduled to be released sometime this fall. A self-produced singer, songwriter out of Houston, TX, Nightfire has been gaining momentum with recent music releases that have become to garner attention. The EP itself was produced before life crystalized under quarantine, but her lyrics provide a beacon in this dark, restless time. For some of us during lockdown, it may feel like we are in, “dreams, a cave of dreams.” Energy feels more potent lately, dreams are more vivid, interactions have become more sacred. If anything can happen overnight, NightFire asks 'Which of your wildest dreams are you bringing into a reality?' 


It's not difficult to lose yourself in the bombinating rhythm of "Cave of Dreams". Sweet like a siren, NightFire sings, “Cast your loving spell now….they can’t find us down here because they don’t know how." It's in this private cave, which includes the dreams that light you up, that makes you feel most authentic, and allows you to leave behind what no longer serves you. NightFire’s hypnotic voice will protect you as you descend deeper and deeper into your subconscious. 


-Mel Green



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