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Cheer Up Charlie Daniel @ Road to Bonnaroo


Check out Cheer Up Charlie Daniel's new video, too! Thanks O'Neil!


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Look What I Did - "Serf Song" Video

Look What I Did (LWID) is back with a third music video from their recently released full-length album Atlas Drugged, produced by Brian Virtue (Jane's Addiction, Chevelle, Horse the Band) and released on Modernist Movement Recordings. The video is for "Serf Song" and features Miss Stevie Bailey from Christine (Supernova Records - Steve Austin from Today Is the Day's label) who also contributed vocals to the track. The video was produced and directed by Nick "Dune" Baydoun from Cake or Death Productions (above photo) and is a spoof on both the MK ULTRA mind-control project and pharmaceutical drug commercials. - Jesse Baker

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to Nashville's Flood Victims.


Space Capone CD Release, May 7 @ Mercy

There is no better remedy to a natural disaster than a lil' Space Capone, and judging by the line for the flood benefit at the Mercy Lounge Friday night, I think the rest of Nashville would agree. 

"This is going to be the biggest Space Capone show ever," sax player Jody Douglas informed me as we walked in, and sure enough a packed house of eager dancers greeted us behind a cloud of fog and LED lights for the group's CD release, entitled Volume II: Arrival, Arousal

While waiting for the Space to take off, we were fortunate enough to be seduced by special guest Mikky Ekko. With his face painted similar to that of Beck's on his Sea Change album cover, Ekko stood gracefully on stage caressing us all with his beautifully flawless voice.

With a tone as pure and haunting as Jonsi from Sigur Ros, and musical breakdowns that could rival Radiohead, seeing Mikky Ekko is nothing short of a transcendental experience. To get a better understanding of his alternative music listen to the track "Sedated" from his latest album Strange Fruit.

In case you've never had the privilege of hearing Space Capone, allow me to throw some adjectives at you: super tasty funkadelic tickle music, or how about, flamboyant golden soul tunes. At least, this is what bass player Drew Wilson and his rhythm partner, D.D. Holt will tell you.

Space Capone plays some of the funkiest tunes in town, and if your motto is "I just wanna dance," then I suggest you allow the group to take you in with their '70s grooves and stage presence to match. The Mercy Lounge was hardly recognizable on Friday night, with a light show and accompanying fog machine that succeeded in creating the pefect atmosphere for their dance-induced songs.

While front man Aaron Winters (aka Space Capone) never goes without his retro garb and tinted shades, the entire group rocked a custom made Space Capone outfit, complete with wings and space-inspired  Boy Scout patches. They've really got it all: smooth R&B vocals, a vibrant horn section, tasteful guitar playing and a tight rhythm section to seal the deal. Needless to say, their energy is unbeatable.

"I'm ready for two more hours," said trumpet player Mikie Martel after the show, and after a double encoure I think it's safe to assume that the crowd would have stuck around until morning. If you didn't get a chance to catch their album release, then pick up a copy and be sure to listen to "Booty" and "Major Kat." Don't worry, there is plenty of funk to go around; these cats just keep getting better. - Mackenzie Grosser

Text REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 donation to Nashville's flood victims, and keep up the support by going to Flood Benefit shows. Keep your head up, Nashville.


Bad Cop/The Hussy Split Tape Release Review

Since signing with Reach Out International Records, (or ROIR, label home to G.G. Allin, Bad Brains, MC5 and many others), Nashville garage-punk hustlers Bad Cop have been pounding the pavement taking their sporadic brand of youth-infused rock 'n roll to as many cities as possible, giving them ample amounts of time to meet and collaborate with artists from around the country. This split tape precedes the band's ROIR record's debut, Harvest the Beast, due out this spring, and it opens with The Hussy.

This guy-girl duo out of Madison, WI effectively transmits a huge sound capable of referencing the purest dirty punk rock, stomp-inducing beats, and that classic guy-girl back and forth, tweaked to exude a maturity slightly unexpected, given the length of the songs and the tangible piss-and-vinegar element behind them.

Not one of The Hussy's tracks on this particular outing lasts even a full minute and a half. The opener, "On The Cover," is the longest, clocking in at 1:29. The brevity, however, doesn't stop The Hussy from cranking some impressive, trashy punk rock to make you move.

The Bad Cop side starts with two slightly logner tracks, "Daylight" and "Ready To Die," and the time-appropriate "Surf Song." The first two demonstrate a broad palette from the guys, offering an overall dark-toned vocal over music that constantly builds to a frenetic explosion of sorts, sometimes taking on the tone of classic troublemakers The Stooges, and, at times, more reflective of the moody psychedelic made famous by bands like The Doors.

"Ready To Die" opens with a trance-esque track reminiscent of Radiohead, evolving spastically into a textured vocals and rapidly ascending and descending guitar. It takes its time to build into a straightforward garage-rock inspired message of "I'll have no fear when the end is here."

All in all this split serves as an awesome soundtrack to the summer - a lot of pleasant surprises and a diverse sound across the board. You can pick this split up courtesy of Bad Cop singer Adam Moult's recently launched label Jeffery Drag Records NOW, or by emailing either adammoult@yahoo.com or jefferydragrecs@yahoo.com. They are limited to 200 copies, so get moving! -Jesse Baker

Don't forget, Nashville, text REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 donation to help flood victims in our city.



Flood Benefit shows are a great way to support bands and the thousands of Nashvillians who were devastated by last week's catastrophe. Just last night, Space Capone put on a stellar performance, and all the profits went to help those in need. Big thanks to them.

Tomorrow night Rocketown is hosting another benefit show. Girls Riders Organization, as well as Nashville faves Daniel Pujol, Heavy Cream, and up-and-comers So Jazzy, Ben Stein's Money and more will be making an appearance. Please support these bands, thereby supporting Nashville during this time of crisis. Thanks to all of these bands and everyone who was involved with creating this event. It's a huge help!

And don't forget: Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. - Deli Staff


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