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Logan Ashley doesn't have time for drama on new single "God Save The Drama Queen"

 The biggest take-away from Logan Ashley's new single is that no one should have time for drama. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter sure doesn't, as the sweet, soulful arrangement of "God Save The Drama Queen" demonstrates. The song is full of clever lyrics, but my favorite is one of the names Ashley calls the gossipers: the "steal-your-man, Jolene, Jolenes". I had to chuckle at the clever nod at Dolly Parton's hit song "Jolene." Ashley's soft, unphased vocal perches nicely atop acoustic guitars and other tinkling textures, but the notable thing about "God Save The Drama Queen" is that it isn't preach-y. There may not be an audible shake of the head in the song, but I can imagine Logan Ashley smiling to herself, unphased. -Geena Kloeppel



Ron Gallo releases new music video "Always Elsewhere"

 Ron Gallo's new song "Always Elsewhere" translates all kinds of anxiety and existential dread into a wild blend of janky guitar riffs, a drivin' drum kit, slightly absurd lyrics, and an almost exasperated vocal timbre. The combination of textures is at times so overwhelming that I wanted to press pause, but the flipside of that effect is also that you can't tear yourself away. "Always Elsewhere" is just too interesting. "No time to feel what's real" is a repeated lyric throughout the song, which becomes Gallo's battle cry, if you will. Without giving too much away- the video features the artist in a white, workman's one-piece, carrying a cardboard box labeled "SELF" in various locations. This song and video are a real treat. Ron Gallo is back from tour at the Basement East on 11/17. -Geena Kloeppel



Telefones' "Castle Factory" is a new gritty jam

 I felt myself start to head-bang in the powerhouse-intro of Telefones "Castle Rock", which says something. It's fascinating when the recorded music of a punk rock band accurately replicates what they must sound like live. This is no small feat- trying to convey the sound of a dark, sweaty venue, gritty guitars battling with the vocals and having a riff-off with the drum kit, IN HEADPHONES, is nearly impossible. Or so I thought. Telefones seems to have mastered the art of punk rock recording, so for them I'll take my hat off. Keep your ears open for their 7" record, which comes out 9/21. -Geena Kloeppel



reality something's "Life Noise" is lofi alt-rock at its finest

Aesthetically and sonically, reality something are so intentional and consistent that it almost doesn't line up with the genre: lo-fi alt rock. The band is fronted by Elena Franklin, whose vocal timbre instantly reminded me of the B-52s. reality something recorded their debut at guitarist Kingsley Brock's home studio, which gives the record the grit and fuzz characteristic of the genre, but organically. That's the thing about this band: their songs are arranged well and the instrumental textures are locked in, but it isn't because of 'studio magic,' it's because at their core, reality something are excellent musicians. Be sure to catch them live at Exit/In on 9/6. -Geena Kloeppel


Claire Bufalino plays Two Old Hippies 8/29 with Rachel Seiler and Kären McCormick

 If you're in the market for a fierce country singer-songwriter, Claire Bufalino is one to watch (and listen to!). Her EP Boys in Khakis was released last year, but according to YouTube there's new music in the works! In the mean time, I'm still listening to "Khakis," a song with a killer chorus- "in those khakis and a button down / lookin' like you came from your grandma's house"). Bufalino's witty lyricism and fearless approach to songwriting makes for some pretty great, down-to-earth, brutally honest music. The singer-songwriter is hosting a round at Two Old Hippies tomorrow night, 8/29. Catch her live there with Rachel Seiler and Kären McCormick. -Geena Kloeppel



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