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July 2015

Do some stretches, because Nashville-based Overwatcher are bringing the melodic hardcore madness, and some soft moshing is imminent.

Although a relatively new band, the guys have come out swinging with red-blooded live shows and a victory in our Band of the Month competition. The release of their debut EP "Metaphysics" will undoubtedly add fuel to their face-melting fire.
With the ample sound you'd expect from a six-piece, the guys are bringing a new vitality to the melocore scene. "Metaphysics" features the melodic exploration and merciless pulse of predecessors like Touche Amore, mewithoutyou and Defeater, with the brutal lyrical honesty and self-awareness of post-grad punk kids.
Overwatcher has created an engaging and discerning debut EP that is just as dynamic (if not more so) live. During their most recent performance at The East Room, lead vocalist Alex MacWilliam, performing through a head-wound he earned early in the set, filled up every ounce of space he could get his hands on. Often on tables and chairs, level with the crowd, even lying down, MacWilliam lead his crew through an intense, energetic set. Whether the audience is of five or 5,000, the performance remains wholehearted, and there is definitely something to be said for that.
Overwatcher is putting a refreshing spin on melodic hardcore, and "Metaphysics" is a testament to their musical prowess and clear passion for the genre. And, I can only assume this is just the beginning.  -Caroline Bowman

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Pumpkinseed shows us their "Holy Bits," live tonight (01.07) at DRKMTTR

Pumpkinseed’s Holy Bits is the missing link that hopped an aeroplane off Avery Island and crash landed in the middle of a stormy sea. Taking turns between meditative and peaceful tracks like album opener “My Lord Swung Low” and ones driven by brute force and raw power like “Jaime,” Holy Bits is a work worth hearing the whole way through.

Fret not if all that gets you a little hot and bothered, because Pumpkinseed's next Nashville gig is a house show tonight (January 7) at DRKMTTR with Mom & Dad, Commander Keen, and Sweet Cheeks. -Austin Phy 


Natural Forces Releases "It Takes All Kinds"

You’ve heard, right? Country music is cool again. You’d think rootsy Americana musicians were cicadas given their decades of silence followed by the omnipresent buzz we’re hearing now. And while this may be news on the national stage, those of us living in the heart of it know that groups like Natural Forces have been riding those heartworn highways for years now.

It Takes All Kinds, the group’s crowdfunded second full-length, is an exercise in branching out while keeping close to your roots. Maintaining a consistent touring schedule while pumping out catchy tunes one after another might be a stretch for some, but for these boys, it just comes naturally. -Austin Phy. Photo courtesy of Lightning 100.


Issue #45 (Winter 2016) of The Deli NYC is online!

Lurvely Deli Readers,

We are proud to introduce you to our Winter 2016 issue of The Deli NYC, featuring on the cover Brooklyn songwriter, producer and multimedia artist Brittany Campbell, portrayed by NYC comix artist Lale Westwind. Inside the issue - besides dozens of talented emerging NYC bands and artists - you'll also find a feature about the undiscovered genius of Captain Baby and the ongoing saga of Manhattan DIY art space and venue ABC No Rio

READ IT ONLINE HERE! It will be out in print around January 15.

CHALAXY Drops Psych Groove Single "Vs. Eros"

 Who needs drugs when you've got CHALAXY?

The Nashville psych pop 5-piece have earned a reputation for bringing the party and positive vibes with their energetic, playful and ever-evolving live shows, and their latest single "Vs. Eros" is a glowing reminder that they've got the musical chops to match (and a serious tease for their upcoming album.) Exhibiting their continued growth as a band with more complex dynamics and tasteful experimentation, "Vs. Eros" is a psychedelic swirl of electronic folk rock with a rhythm funky enough to shake a tailfeather to.

Give the trippy single a listen below and get showered with a literal shit-ton of confetti at their release show tomorrow night 12.11 at The East Room with Oh, Grandpa, aave and Soft Bodies. (Get there before 10pm, and it's free!) -Caroline Bowman



EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Dustin Ransom Puts Soul Pop Spin on Holiday Favorite

  Eggnog, gift-giving, a much-needed break from work and/or school: The holidays are awesome. And since Thanksgiving has finally passed, we can all unashamedly begin the 24-day pre-game leading up to the big day, complete with a carefully-procured festive playlist. And trust us, we like the classic Christmas tunes as much as the next blog, but listening to local artists put his/her own spin on a holiday favorite, that's worth toasting to.

Nashville-based soul pop artist Dustin Ransom has gifted us with his sexy, modern version of "Merry Christmas Baby," and we're dropping it right in your stocking. With Ransom's layered R&B-inspired vocals atop a smooth, smokey throwback groove, the track is perfect for a classy holiday party or a night cuddled up by the fire.

"I just thought it would be fun to take this song. which is normally performed in a more blues-oriented fashion, and make it into a lo-fi funk thing a la D'Angelo or There's A Riot Goin' On-era Sly & The Family Stone. I played all the instrumentation on the track, sang all the vocals and mixed it as well. I honestly would love to do a whole Christmas record in a similar fashion, but that will have to wait for another time...!" says Ransom. Guess we'll just have to put that on our list for next year.

To hear more of Ransom's sophisticated soul, check out his EP Thread on Fire on Noisetrade. For every 200 EP downloads, he'll be releasing one new acoustic track. And once he hits 2500, he'll release another EP and start bringing his music to the stage. -Caroline Bowman




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