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Sam Lewis brings his Americana on tour + plays The Basement East on 09.23

A sun-dappled song that soulfully tackles inner ennui, “The Cross I Wear” (streaming below) by Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sam Lewis is quietly pretty. Emanating a lilting alt-country feeling that warmly recalls My Morning Jacket or Hiss Golden Messenger, the keys-fleeted track (off Lewis’s eponymous debut album) is the yearning of a man with aching worries but, in its very existence, its sheer sounding out, is the coddling of those concerns, too. Sam Lewis is currently touring the country, and has a home town gig scheduled at The Basement East on September 23rd. – Zach Weg


New Track: "Closer" (Feat. Daru Jones) - Modern Inventors

Modern Inventors has released a new track, called “Closer”. Enlisting the percussive services of Jack White’s Daru Jones, the song takes drums-meets-keys-and-bass groove, and spins it out in a free-floating psych manner. As the hypnotically smooth vocals coast on a pillow, a lingering exterior buzz hangs in the periphery. This electro-soul/R&B offers a loose, gripping, exploratory side that you’ll want to ride for a while.

Deli Premiere: Tennessee Scum fights the power with "War Zone"

With Tennessee Scum, a band isn't just a band or a hobby. It certainly isn't meant to be a cynical money machine, and I'm sure they'd have a few choice words for anyone with those aspirations. It's about a message and a lifestyle, and every day in that life is a battle. At least that's the message on "War Zone," the latest single off the soon-to-be-released What A Drag. "War Zone" is classic Scum, a quick burner with plenty of weight regardless, but the new album is definitely an evolution in a more refined direction. Make no mistake, there's no less fury to be found. The sound is just more focused; it's sharper around the edges and all the more deadly for it. 

Keep an eye on the band's Facebook page for new track postings daily and don't miss them at Foobar for the album release show on July 30 with Ebony Eyes, Roman Polanki's Baby, and Hans Condor. -Austin Phy  


Magic in Threes ride easy on "V"

Sometimes in the summer heat all you can do is fight fire with fire, and fire is exactly what you'll find on V, the latest from instrumental soul-psych wizards Magic in Threes. The band sits back and lets the beats speak for themselves as features from DeRobert, Tujarzz, and Wally Clark take center stage. There's a heavy dose of 90's East Coast hip hop powering the whole affair, but over-indulgence isn't a problem. V is produced to a golden crisp and brings its influences into a totally modern context. -Austin Phy

Quinn Erwin delivers pop goodness on "Living in America"

On the title track from Afterlife Parade frontman Quinn Erwin's new Living in America EP, Erwin waxes political over a hooting choir and some catchy riffs that are squeaky clean but never feel any less true for it. "Gray" is a more somber number, faking out a lead-up to some kind of grand climax and instead veering into a bit of stripped-down emotional crooning at the pivotal moment. It's a different type of songwriting than we're used to hearing around these parts, but I think it's a refreshing change and one well worth your precious listening time. -Austin Phy


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