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October 2014


Steve Voss paints the picture of a mid-aughts major label stalwart that eventually buckled under the weight of feedback from the mess of people involved in the process. Framed with this context, the moniker Tetherball comes into sharp relief. At the end of his rope and refusing to be swatted back and forth into submission, Voss withdrew from Atlantic Records and his home state of Colorado. He receded to a studio in an industrial neck of Nashville, still tinkering with sound but with a very cracked perspective; essentially the industry version of Lazlo Hollyfeld.


Tetherball's album will officially drop October 28th via Silver Point Recods. Even if this backstory weren’t true, “Whimsy” still sounds like someone reveling in their eccentricity. It’s weird, and deals it out its peculiarity in mid-tempo canters and clearly-baked moseys. Sci-fi plays just as big of a thematic influence as personal experience, so if you have a taste for the slightly off-center, parts of this album will have you clapping your hands in delight. The guitar tone has a tendency to do infectiously cool things, like the jangle at the opening of “Vegetarian” or the tit for tat that kicks off “Bootss.” This album could probably play in tandem with any South Park episode and mirror it with frightening accuracy.


This is not to say that Voss has lost all awareness of pop sensibility. For very Primus off-note there is an alternative snarl, which makes for an interesting and palatable listen. Tetherball maintains a high level of theatrics throughout, from the grand sweeping boredom of “Hometown” to the Western swing of "Boulderado" the big top rhythm of “Spring Chicken,” a track that had me playing indie-rock matchmaker and wondering for a second how cool it would be to see them on tour with Thao and the Get Down Stay Down.


“Whimsy” is an amazing first statement from this fledgling band. It’s clear that this is a pin pulled from a grenade, and that the Tetherball dimension is something that will only expand. We can’t wait to see how this band evolves. Stream the album HERE, and check out their website at: www.tetherballmusic.com

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scene blog


Adia Victoria Announces First US Tour

It took us a second to finally catch Adia Victoria live to form our own opinion to the name we had seen repeatedly on all matter of media. Did we maybe wish everyone was wrong just because we harbor a secret contrarian streak? Maybe, but don't tell us what you think we think. What happened at the Stone Fox earlier this fall was exactly what one would assume: she bowled us over with her live show. We were drawn in but held at arm's length with her breathy, measured drawl and tense energy as she let her songs unfold, as uncomfortable but completely natural as a muggy Tennessee afternoon. It was also the first time to hear her catalog aside from her debut single, "Stuck in the South." Now we're excited to hear that Ms. Victoria will taking her show on the road this January. There are two week's worth of dates booked for her tour, with more due to be announced. We can't wait to for the rest of the country to get this particular taste of Nashville. You can get your own lick at 3rd and Lindsley November 30th, where she performs with All Them Witches. -Terra James-Jura


Honey Locust Release Live 7"

Honey Locust just put out a 7" live recording of their show at Exit/In back in August on Wild Kindness Records. This is a limited edition release of only 50 hand-lathed albums consisting of two new tracks, and come with a download for the rest of that evening's set. “God Bless the Blues” is Side A; its heavy with piano and pounds through a few tempo changes, and drives home the fact that we can always rely on Honey Locust for a good woe-is-me anthem. This would be a great purchase for vinyl aficionados, independent music supporters, or Honey Locust fans that need something to tide them over as the band holes up in the studio for the winter. –Terra James-Jura


Show Alert: Stone Jack Jones at Exit/In 11.10

It seems that every time we revisit Stone Jack Jones our minds get bent a little more, and we like it. He released "Circumstance" late October as a prelude to his upcoming album. It is just as unsettling as what we've come to expect, but it's a little faster and harder, and there's a definite spaghetti Western tang to is this one that grabs our intrigue. Kurt Wagner of Lambchop makes an appearance on this track, as the creepy demon voice echoing the lyrics, we assume, unless Wagner sat in on banjo and the recording just happened to turn out that way, something that would not be completely out of the realm of possiblity for Jack Jones and his sage-burning ways. Stone Jack Jones has been on tour for the better part of October with O'Death, a genuis pairing that is stopping in Nashville this Monday night at Exit/In for anyone with $12 in their pocket. Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons round out the evening's bill.

As an aside, O'Death recently lost all of their gear to a theft in L.A. and has been scrambling to not only piece things together after a potentially career-ending blow, but are also soldiering on to complete the last dates of their tour. Read more about the situation and donate to their cause at their Gofundme page: http://www.gofundme.com/gk4wyc


Paperhead to Release "Africa Avenue" 11.11

Paperhead just returned home after a two-week run around the Midwest and up to New York for CMJ, where they recieved some well-deserved attention (Noisey, in particular, called their music "straight-up, acid folk perfection.") The foursome is set to release their second album, "Africa Avenue" on November 11th via Chicago, IL label Trouble in Mind. It has the same feel of "Rubber Soul," not only in trippiness but also in that several songs feature just one interesting sonic addition, like the jazzy flute collaborating on track 6, "Nasty Girl"  or an only-slightly creepy chorus of children's voices on track 2, "Eye for Eye," or some very retro space effects on the first song, "Africa." It's a very polite, very British approach to psychedelia. Paperhead is part of the lineup for Fly Golden Eagle's album release show at Queen's Art Collective on November 14th; the show starts at 9 and cover is $10. -Terra James-Jura


Video Premiere: Them Vibes, "Lorelei"

We couldn't wait for this Thursday morning to roll around to show you what Them Vibes have been up to. They've been putting together a video for their boot-stomping tale of jealous love "Lorelei" the past few weeks, and we're thrilled to help bring it to the public. Honestly, this video throws a new shade of sophistication in our eyes on these boys. Anyone that has heard the tune on Lightning 100 or live knows that the story of Lorelei is not neccessarily "happy" and doesn't "not end in murder," but the video, directed by David Dutton, renders it in layer after layers of striking visuals that echo the cyclical nature of our collective shuffe along this mortal coil. It also features a favorite hometown haunt in several scenes, and yes, that is Denzel of Santa's Pub playing a not-unfamiliar role as preacher in the death row scene. Them Vibes have been busy recording a new album between playing shows in and around the South, so keep up with the band HERE for new developments.  -Terra James-Jura



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