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Folkicana is a genre now, we've all been blessed (thanks to Riley Moore's "Pancakes and M&Ms")

Remember Sunday pancakes? Warm mornings on the front porch? Okay, perhaps that's a pretty stereotypical American childhood summer, so to our readers abroad- welcome to our nostalgia! Riley Moore's "Pancakes and M&Ms" is a real diamond in the rough when it comes to country/folk songs about growing up. Somehow, Moore has managed to make new an old concept- and it's not necessarily in the arrangement, which is folksy and nicely executed, but it's definitely in the lyrics. "Watch the sunrise / smell the pancakes / giving Robert Redford handshakes / never thought that they'd be green with M&M." Simple, yet mesmerizing. I might've teared up. Keep your eyes out for Moore's debut album and release show at the Radio Cafe on June 29th. -Geena Kloeppel



Bodega is on the cover of the 54th issue of The Deli NYC!

If there's a turn of phrase we kind of detest here at The Deli is "taking the scene by storm." It's one of those generic prefab sentences that ring insincere. But then again, sometimes, some bands do that - kind of rare, but it happens, right? And sometimes, on a hot day like today, being lazy is kind of inevitable. So... yes! Brooklyn's Bodega are taking the NYC scene by storm with their blend of post-punk and pop and their super-fun live shows. That, and their somewhat familiar name, are the main reasons why they are on the cover of the new, spring 2018 issue of The Deli! 

The issue, our 54th NYC one, is now up online and you can read it here.

It's an issue linked to the biggest event for musicians we've ever organized, which will host a Stompbox Exhibit, a Synth Expo and a Vintage Guitar Exchange in a Bushwick art gallery called Absurd Conclave - hope to see you there!

The Folks at The Deli NYC

Ambrose shows us that prog rock and psychedelia are a worthy combination

 "Lance" is a fun song. So is "Green." But if you actually listen to their new record Adama from top to bottom, you'll see that Ambrose is interested in a lot of different emotions- and their music has become an exploration of sorts. "Lance" is an upbeat trippy rock song, whereas "Circle" puts you in a haze and then flings you into wild and groovy guitar solos. Perhaps Nashville folks get down to Ambrose the way Berliners get funky with techno. Anyhow- I'm having a solo-rave to this album in my apartment. -Geena Kloeppel



"Water Bearer" is an ethereal masterpiece brought to life by Michelle Mandico

 Rarely does a song feel like a dream to me, but I definitely had to play "Water Bearer" twice to make sure I hadn't been transported to another world somewhere in the middle. The tone of Michelle Mandico's voice is soothing yet alert at the same time- it asks to be heard, but not in an intrusive way. With a subtle arrangement and a gorgeous video punctuated by natural scenery and some choreographed sections, "Water Bearer" is a wonderful artistic statement and we at the Deli can't wait for Mandico's full-length, which releases July 6th. Catch her live at City Winery on 6/25. -Geena Kloeppel 


The Hollow Roots' "Moonlight" is a dark, anthemic blues rock tune

When the chorus of "Moonlight" hit, all I wanted to do was head bang. You can hear the Hollow Roots go all out in this song- in the grit of the vocals, smashing wall of percussion and mighty electric guitar hooks. Perhaps the most surprising thing is how adept they are at reigning in the energy when needed to create nuanced, full-throttle builds- especially check out that wild third chorus after a reduced bridge. This song must leave you sweating when the Hollow Roots play live- catch them June 11th at the Local. I'm already trying to catch my breath. -Geena Kloeppel



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