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July 2015

Do some stretches, because Nashville-based Overwatcher are bringing the melodic hardcore madness, and some soft moshing is imminent.

Although a relatively new band, the guys have come out swinging with red-blooded live shows and a victory in our Band of the Month competition. The release of their debut EP "Metaphysics" will undoubtedly add fuel to their face-melting fire.
With the ample sound you'd expect from a six-piece, the guys are bringing a new vitality to the melocore scene. "Metaphysics" features the melodic exploration and merciless pulse of predecessors like Touche Amore, mewithoutyou and Defeater, with the brutal lyrical honesty and self-awareness of post-grad punk kids.
Overwatcher has created an engaging and discerning debut EP that is just as dynamic (if not more so) live. During their most recent performance at The East Room, lead vocalist Alex MacWilliam, performing through a head-wound he earned early in the set, filled up every ounce of space he could get his hands on. Often on tables and chairs, level with the crowd, even lying down, MacWilliam lead his crew through an intense, energetic set. Whether the audience is of five or 5,000, the performance remains wholehearted, and there is definitely something to be said for that.
Overwatcher is putting a refreshing spin on melodic hardcore, and "Metaphysics" is a testament to their musical prowess and clear passion for the genre. And, I can only assume this is just the beginning.  -Caroline Bowman

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Quichenight, "The Minor Sea"

Maybe it's because we're totally landlocked, but Nashville is seriously lacking in surf rock (minus The Beech Benders. Those guys rule.)

Fortunately, Brett Rosenberg aka Quichenight is bringing the salty ocean breeze to our fair city and the sand to the crevices of our... hearts.

It's becoming more and more rare to see a full album release. With our astoundingly short attention spans, I'm surprised you've even read this far. But Quichenight's The Minor Sea is so intriguing and enigmatic and... just plain good, 14 tracks still leave us wanting more.  Starting off with sound of crashing waves and ending with the title track (Minor C, get it?) Quichenight shows plenty of self-awareness through the spring reverb and creepy organ solos. 

"Saturn's Pig" would make the Wilson brothers proud, while "Life is Disgusting" and "Quackin'" will have you doing The Swim until you're blue in the face. With cheeky lyricism and solid musicianship, Quichenight has taken the title from Taco Tuesday as our official favorite night of the week.

Give The Minor Sea a spin and pick it up on cassette and/or "the next obsolete format-- that relic of the 80s and 90s, the CD!" -Caroline Bowman



Brave Town Releases EP

Since they won our Band of the Month title last year, we've been keeping tabs on indie/alt rockers Brave Town. Yesterday the guys dropped an EP, and we're already singing along.

Brimming with melodic guitar riffs, smooth, youthful vocals and tasteful percussion,  the 4-song release shows the sunny side of alternative rock. With this EP, Brave Town achieve the delicate balance between deliberate and organic, and find a natural middle ground among the quartet's range of influences. The opening track "Denim" is vibrant and danceable, while "Is It Worth It" takes the acoustic route to highlight encouraging and uplifting lyrics.

The Brave Town EP is the perfect thing to listen to if you're feeling down. Or happy. Or getting ready to conquer the day. Or really any time at all.

Give it a listen here, and don't miss Brave Town's release show at The High Watt this Friday with Corey Kilgannon and Fleurie. -Caroline Bowman





Me and Molly Doing Americana Right

 Over the past week, Nashville has been whipped into an Americana frenzy. Boots and hats galore, the four-night Americana Fest was packed with huge, rootsy talent. But just down the street (at fooBAR, of all places,) a Southern folk duo was making magic on stage at a Palaver Thursday. And we found 'em for ya.

Hailing from the Great White North and the Deep South, Me and Molly joined forces earlier this year, and they are bursting onto the Nashville scene with guns blazing.

Declan McGarry, of Winnipeg, Canada, and Molly Stevens of Macon, GA, had been making great music separately for years until a local producer brought the two together. With a range of influences from John Denver and Neil Young to down-home gospel music, Stevens and McGarry create soulful, heartfelt tunes that reflect their individual skills and undeniable musical chemistry. On stage, their strong yet tender voices entwine over the strumming of road-worn guitars, entrancing their boot-stomping, hand-clapping audience.

The duo is currently recording their first release, but their live recordings are more than enough to tide us over. Give "Stay Baby Stay" a listen below. -Caroline Bowman



Twiggs, "Twiggs II"

Clear your schedule, stock the fridge and turn on the lava lamps, because Nashville's dual-fronted Twiggs are taking us all on a neo-psychedelic trip through time and space with their sophomore release Twiggs II.

After catching the TN-via-OK 4-piece in the back room of Crying Wolf last spring, even after putting a dent in my second flask, I knew to keep an eye on them. Wearing their 60s and 70s influences on their sleeves, swirling in droney grooves and gritty riffs while maintaining a freewheeling punk disposition, Twiggs have incorporated the past and present into a 11-track album that is nothing short of hallucinogenic.

Reminiscent of experimental guitar rockers like The Velvet Underground and Jefferson Airplane, "One is for the Gun" and "Touching You" are instantly classic, while "Crazy Nights" adds modern percussion and cadence to the mix. The band gets a little Pink Floyd-y with the melancholy "I Love You So Love Me," and the echoing chant at the end of "Lonely Coyote" will rip your heart right out. Staff pick "Are You High" will burrow itself into your brain and stay there. Forever.

Give Twiggs II a listen here, download it on iTunes and catch Twiggs 10.10 at The Five Spot with Buffalo Rodeo, Santah and Seratonins, put on by Palaver Records. -Caroline Bowman



5 Q's for The Gills

Photo cred: Evan Caddell

 Nashville's The Gills have been upping the ante in the pop rock game. They're gutsy and dynamic and... really good.

Between touring, preparing to release a new album (any time now!) and keeping hometown fans happy, frontmant Jesse Wheeler made a little time to answer a few questions for us.


1. If you were a pizza, what would you be topped with?

        Pepperoni, Pineapples, Jalapeños 


2. Looks like you've been doing a lot of touring lately. Any DREAM GIG locations? 


        Yes, we dig The West Coast and Australia for sure.  


3. If you could invite 5 people, living or dead, to your beach party (since you're originally from Pensacola,) who would they be? 


        Andy Warhol, Snoop Dogg (Lion??), Chris Farley, John F. Kennedy, and Robin Williams 


4. How excited are you about releasing the new record?!?! 


        So stoked. Can't wait for all of our friends to sip this juice.


5. Heard any good jokes lately? 


        We take this very seriously. And personally I have no time for jokes


If you haven't had a chance to catch The Gills live, we HIGHLY recommend it. We're losing sleep waiting for the new album to drop, but in the meantime, sink your teeth into their 2012 EP Motor Running. -Caroline Bowman




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