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Will Pellerin releases "Ain't Got The Heart"; plays the Basement with Charli Adams 8.13

 What did I say about male songwriters having a moment? Will Pellerin, who was the Deli's artist of the month back in June, released a single called "Ain't Got The Heart" back in June that demonstrates excellent storytelling, emotional complexity and humility. If you're looking to be shattered into pieces by a song, this is the one for you: "I'm not asking if you're coming back/ ain't got the heart for that," he sings, with a strange blend of fearlessness and sorrow that is simply painful. In a good way. Like, you won't be able to stop listening. Pellerin plays the Basement with another one of our favorite Nashville songwriters, Charli Adams, on 8.13. -Geena Kloeppel


Saint Nomad releases new single "River" from upcoming LP

 Saint Nomad may be Nashville-based, but, by-and-large, the band is international. Nikita, Ruslan, and Yan Odnoralov were born in Russia but raised in the US, which perhaps helps to explain the incredibly unique and complex set of electronic textures incorporated in the new singles from their upcoming LP Memento Mori. There is a rigidity in rhythm and tempo, but a playfulness in arrangement and vocals. "River" is pop, yet somehow not quite. There is a chorus hook to sing along to, yet I almost felt like a spectator throughout the song, watching three great musicians do their thing, thought without being invited in to participate. This listening experience was much different than with most bands, and to be quite honest, I loved it. Saint Nomad could play may me anything, and I'd be glad to just sit back and take it in. -Geena Kloeppel



Hank Compton's EP 'Kill What We Love' will pull at your heartstrings

 Male songwriters are having a moment right now- or at least, I'm hearing so many good ones these days that when a particularly fantastic one comes on shuffle, it takes me by surprise. Hank Compton is one of those surprises. Kill What We Love, the songwriter's new EP, demonstrates an extraordinary depth of character and emotion in his calm yet intensely vivid vocal performances. Every song is accompanied by a delightful and unique neo-folk arrangement. It wouldn't be a bold suggestion to place Compton in the same category as artists like New England's Henry Jamison and the UK's Lewis Watson. I'll be waiting anxiously to hear more from my new favorite young male songwriter, but until then, you should do yourself a favor and out Kill What We Love on repeat. -Geena Kloeppel


Carey Ott & The Hard Ways' "Sittin' On Top" is a summer kick-back in song-form

Carey Ott & The Hard Ways' "Sittin' On Top" from the band's new EP Scratcher is a song that evokes all kinds of pleasant imagery- an arm around a lover, the beginnings of a sunset, a smooth cup of black coffee... whatever makes you think of an easy-going Sunday. A group-vocal chorus and punchy rhythm section are some highlights in this song. "Sittin' On Top" isn't a tune you'll want to listen to on the couch, rather, it'll have you dancing in your living room. -Geena Kloeppel



"Less Than Nothing" is Jet Setting's sly, hard-rock take-down

 Get ready for some of the most savage lyrics of the summer: "When the bathroom drugs run out, and the barkeep's taking up her count / And you find yourself alone, with the strangers in your phone /  Are you happy now? I have my doubts." Jet Setting is a hard-rock band that isn't afraid to tell it like it is- which means, they're ready to expose the shady exes that need to be exposed. "Less Than Nothing" is a pretty harsh song title, and the distorted electric guitars, heavy bass sound and crunchy drums are in full support of that grim tone. Singer Logan Coats' vocals are spitting and spiteful, just the way you'd sound if someone had betrayed you. Jet Setting nailed the subject matter with the most savage sonic wall of thrashing rock that you always wanted. -Geena Kloeppel



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