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Freddy and Francine release rhythmic new single "Half A Mind"

 "I'm paralyzed by the thought of you just passing by..." Freddy and Francine put into song that wonderful feeling of the early days of being completely in awe of another person. "Half A Mind," the duo's latest single is a soulful, rhythmic, twang-infused love tune. Perhaps the best part of the song is its slow build, beginning with a bass line and vocals, then adding percussive textures and layering on the harmonies like layering a decadent chocolate cake with frosting. But when it really comes down to it, the song is sparse and restrained in all the right places- it could build into something like a full-band/drum kit throw-down, but it doesn't. Perhaps the arrangement is a metaphor for those early days of a love that isn't quite reciprocated yet. If "Half A Mind" doesn't convince the other party to take the leap, then I'm not sure what will. -Geena Kloeppel


You Drive's first single "New" is like unwrapping a birthday present

 If you've been listening to Sylvan Esso lately, or perhaps Oh Wonder, or you just really like electronic music with thoughtful, evocative lyrics, you should be listening to You Drive's first single called "New." Beware- on first glance, "New" is disguised by its simplicity. But if you take apart each synth, each hit on the driving rhythm, and really listen to what singer Jasmine Kaset is trying to say, there's a depth and complexity that feels unparalleled in today's electronic music scene. You Drive's album is out August 3rd, and we'll be listening to all of it with the same devotion as "New." -Geena Kloeppel



"You Were My Young" is Maybe April's sweet swan-song for a young romance

 If you don't shed a tear (internally or externally) listening to Maybe April's "You Were My Young," you've probably not had a high school romance. Nonetheless, this song is a gorgeous, melodic swan-song for a teenage romance that anyone can enjoy. Honeyed nostalgic imagery are no doubt this band's strong suit. Kristen, Katy and Alaina's voices blend together creating a lovely anchor for the song atop a rhythmic acoustic guitar and drum country arrangement. The video, albeit a bit cheesy, makes me wish I were young and in love again. Be sure to check out the band on tour this summer. -Geena Kloeppel 


Nikki's Wives has released the most savage break-up song

 Nikki's Wives' new EP Motor Court is actually so savage you might have to stop to catch your breath. In a good way. "Stop giving ultimatums if you trust me" and "too close, Romeo" are some of the very clever, tongue-in-cheek lyrics from their song "Breaking Up." The arrangement is the ultimate anthemic rock middle-finger to whomever hurt frontwoman Nikki- let's just say I wouldn't want to be that guy. But Nikki (and her band) won't let any boys bring them down, so if you're feeling a little hurt by an SO in your life, be sure to listen to this EP. You won't feel bad for long. Nikki's Wives plays High Watt on 7/26. -Geena Kloeppel


Nashville Bands and Artists: Win $18K-$72K through Creator Awards

Hey Nashville bands and artists, 

There aren't many entities out there fostering emerging bands and artists, so we thought you may find this interesting.

WeWork's Creator Awards is looking for innovative musical performers (solo or groups) based in the Nashville area.  You can apply to one of three categories including the Performing Arts award, for entertainers and groups with a unique perspective.  

The Performing arts winner will take home $72,000 and take the stage at the Creator Awards Nashville in September.  

Apply HERE before July 20 for a chance to win funding.   

WeWork’s Creator Awards is a celebration of the performers, makers, do-gooders, and mavericks making a difference.  

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