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Deep Heaven Now 2 - 11/12 - 11/13 - Union Sq.


Deep Heaven Now 2 is taking place this weekend at PA's Lounge and at Precinct in Union Square in Somerville. Featuring the very best of the East Coast & Mid-West Ambient/Psychedelic Rock scene. 

The second edition of Deep Heaven Now is a 2 day event starting Friday, November 12th through Saturday, November 13th! Happening outside during the day will also be a big tent with band's merch tables and other various local vendors.

The show is also sponsored by narragansett , the first 50 people on Saturday get 2 free beers. 

Here's the line up:  

Day 1: Friday, November 12

stage 1 - Precinct________________stage 2 - PA's Lounge

1230am - Endless Wave_______12am- Electric Zeus
1130pm - Quiet Loudly (NY)___11pm-MMOSS
1030pm - Transient___________10pm - QUILT
930pm - Hadoken_____________9pm- Herbcraft (ME)
830pm - Night Fruit___________8pm- Mind Yeti

Day 2: Satuday, November 13
stage 1: - Precinct________________stage 2 - PA's Lounge

12am - 28 Degrees Taurus_____1130pm - The December Sound
11pm - Gospel Gossip (MN)____1030pm-Screen Vinyl Image (DC)
10pm - The Vandelles (NYC)__930pm- Bobb Trimble & the Flying Spiders
9pm - Roh Delikat___________830pm-Sounds of Kaleidoscope (PA)
8pm - Brief Candles (WI)_______730pm - Ghost Box Orchestra
7pm - Dirty Dishes____________630pm - Dead Leaf Echo (NY)
6pm - The Crushing Low______530pm - Joe Turner & 7 Levels
5pm - MMOSS
4pm - Amoroso
3pm - Second Day Venom


Artist(s) Who Deserve Your Friendship: Clotworthy

Yes, I know that there has been plenty of backlash lately about “bedroom” recordings, and a desire for more “real” full bands. The reality of the situation most of the time in making music your career is that keeping a full band together and on the same page to write, record and tour until you get that big break is damn near impossible, especially without having a label deal, booking agent, PR person or something helping to propel you forward. And varying personalities certainly come out and clash in close quarters on tour even if you have all that (just ask Canadian art-poppers Women). So what’s a songwriter to do? Keep writin’ songs with whatcha got! That’s why a little computer generated sounds to help fill out an artist’s vision is welcomed in my book. (And this is coming from someone who once refused to see any band that didn’t make all their sounds playing their instruments, but life like music is about change. Just think of all the amazing bands and DJs that I would have missed out on because of my own stubbornness.) Clotworthy is a recent noteworthy example of a unique songwriter that I might have missed out on. I discovered this new project from Andrew Clotworthy in our DIY calendar (see we do check out the calendar so keep on using it - that’s what it’s there for), and his new LP Buddy is just one of those albums that you can listen straight through again and again. Recorded over two months in his Manayunk bedroom, Buddy revolves around the central theme of loneliness. I think most of my favorite artists spend a lot of time alone. I have always said, “That’s how you become good at your craft.” Clotworthy creates these infectiously catchy indie pop sometimes electro rock tunes full of witty, raw, honest, introspective, self-deprecating humor that connects with the introvert in all of us through Ben Gibbbard-ish vocals and some Erasure-like synth lines. Show the guy that he’s not so alone. You can download Buddy here just name your price. - Q.D. Tran

My Stupid Heart by Clotworthy 


Ingrid Michaelson releases new video

The lovely Ingrid Michaelson has premiered a new video for her gorgeous single “Parachute”, directed by Adria Petty. Ingrid's upcoming show at Highline Ballroom on December 10 is already sold out.


Congrats - Drexel University Voted One of the Best Music Business Schools by Billboard!

Congrats to hometown Drexel University! They were voted as one of the best music business schools by Billboard. But we already knew that. Right!?! Kudos to the hard-working staff and students for making that happen! Cheers! - The Deli Staff

Shapers @ The Empty Bottle

Shapers just released a new video for their track "Happy Birthday Polywog". "Happy Birthday Polywog" from SHAPERS' new 7-inch, coming out November 16 on Whistler Records. The video feature video art and guest vocals by Joe Carsello of the band Lasers and Fast and Sh*t.

You can catch Shapers at The Empty Bottle on November 15th with Small Black and Class Actress.


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