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Get Hustle Slay PDX Pop Now!


The third evening of PDX Pop Now! featured the long-running (though not Portland-exclusive) Get Hustle. Joining the normally three-piece machine was the bass-wielding living-history of thudding-doom, Joe Preston of Salem, OR's Thrones. With a consistent low-end, Get Hustle's chaotic psychic energies were well-delivered.

The blistering organ/keyboards of Mac Mann blasted aural epithets against the cymbal-crashing, skin-pounding brutality of Maxamillion Avila. Not a word is lost on Valentine Falcon. The singer exuded a Plant-like sexual presence while controlling the tiny Rotture stage with something all her own.

Some sets you just need to go sans ear plugs, and Get Hustle provided PPN! with such a set. Not bad for a band 13-plus years in the making.

- Nick Walker


Oh No Oh My's New Designer: You

The dangerously likable indie rockers Oh No Oh My have invited you all to design their new poster...details straight from the band below: 

Are you one of those people that never win anything? I know, me too. I did win tickets to see Mighty Ducks 2 when I was in first grade, for this sweet joke I submitted to the Denver Post. But you know, that doesn't really count. I had to go with my parents. And I think my sister got to go too, so really, that was a shared victory, and not something to call my own.

BUT I DIGRESS. We're going to give away the following:

1 Shoot 'Em Up T-Shirt (in whatever size you want)
1 Brains/Walking Into Me on 7" 45RPM Vinyl (just released, featuring 2 songs from our upcoming album)
1 Dmitrij Dmitrij EP on 12" 45 rpm Vinyl
1 Dmitrij Dmitrij EP CD
1 "Oh No! Oh My!" CD 
2 Oh No Oh My Beer Coozys
A bunch of Oh No Oh My temporary tattoos
and some Oh No Oh My buttons/pins/badges/whatev..er you want to call them

HOLY CRAP THAT'S AWESOME. How do you have to do in exchange for such an awesome prize package?? Make us a tour poster! To summarize what we're looking for:

11x17 Poster
Preferably 1-2 Colors (in case it's so awesome that we decide have it screen printed but if you feel your vision needs full color, then I guess that would be okay...)
300 DPI
Must have "Oh No Oh My" on it
Please nothing cute, or precious, or things like that.
Simple is good.

Send a smaller file version of your entry (something like 550x850 pixels) to daniel@ohnoohmy.com with the subject "Poster Contest" and YOU'LL BE ON YOUR WAY TO GLORIOUS PRIZES. 


The Little Bear: The Infinity Cat’s Meow

If you thought you had found all the buried treasure in Nashville’s local music scene, you thought wrong—unless you’ve been lucky enough to stumble across The Little BearInfinity Cat’s atypically non-punk trio. They are quite the hidden gem—never seeming to play with any of the Infinity Cat staples, i.e. JEFF the Brotherhood, PUJOL, Heavy Cream, etc.—(probably because they aren’t a punk band). Instead, they play pop/rock with a hint of folk, lead by singer/songwriter Claire Guerrero, who is joined by Mandy Rogers on keyboards/vocals, and Justin Baker, on electric guitar/vocals. A good comparison would be local folk band, Korean is Asian, but more upbeat and less folksy.

The Little Bear tends to entrance you with tight harmonies, and clever, polyphonic little ditties to build a more rhythmic layer of sound above the ambience of the keyboard/synth and electric guitar. (The song, “Parachute,” is a good example of this). The background vocal bedazzlements are a central theme in their material, helping to create both of The Little Bear’s dominant styles, which are either abundantly pretty folk/pop, or more theatrical, pop/rock. Listening to “Slow and Steady,” is like listening to Queen’s “Killer Queen,” with the bouncy, almost big-band approach, while “Coldest Cloud” almost grinds along to the point of being an old PJ Harvey tune. This variation in material is admirable, and while Claire will tell you that her biggest influences are Portishead, Fiona Apple, Bjork, and Stevie Wonder, her songs are also reminiscent of Jewel, Tori Amos, or even Michelle Branch (before she got pregnant and joined The Wreckers).

Assuming that none of the members of The Little Bear get pregnant, they should have some pretty exciting things going on in the near future. They recently recorded an album with Infinity Cat founder/legendary songwriter, Robert Orrall, and sound engineer, Jacquire King, whose previous collaborations include Kings of Leon, Norah Jones, and Tom Waits. You can also look forward to hearing SEXTTAPE, which is an upcoming split tape they’re doing with PUJOL on Infinity Cat Records. The Little Bear seems to be riding on a fast train that’s headed to the land of fame and fortune, so you should get on that train too, and take it to their next show, which will be at the 5 Spot on September 24th.—Erin Manning



A couple of weeks ago we brought you the news of the new album from Unicycle Loves You, Mirror Mirror being released this September. Now we have a track from that album called “Justine”. The video for “Justine” was released a year ago and was directed by Athony Dixon.

The release of Mirror Mirror will be celebrated at Schubas on Sept. 11th with The Nurse’s Novels and Village.


Billy & Dolly Rumble

April's Artist of the Month winners Billy & Dolly will be playing this weeks The Rumble San Francisco as presented by Future Sounds. The best part about The Rumble [as always] is that its free to anyone who RSVP's and its only $5 to those with commitment issues and/or those who are socially sensitized to making plans. Billy & Dolly will perform along with  LA's Rumspringa and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. Wednesday, August 4th at Cafe du Nord. No street fighting just sound.

-Nicole Leigh


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