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Old World Get Down at Tritone May 13

When the West Philly Orchestra takes the stage at Tritone tonight, it will be the usual high-energy Balkan dance party that you are accustomed to, but on this special evening the mood will be filled with a little medieval enchantment courtesy of the Oubliette Ensemble. The pragmatic West Philly folk quintet has taken their music to the renaissance fair on last year’s self-titled debut Sacre et Profane. And when the interwoven sounds of harp, accordion, mandolin, flutes, cello, and more combine with the serene voices of Cynthia James and Melissa Santangelo, it makes for one mystical experience. So while the combo might not look like a perfect match on paper, their old-world charm will certainly win you over. Tritone, 1508 South St., 10pm, $5, 21+ (Jordan Shayer) - Bill McThrill



Elk City back with a new album on June 1st

I feel about Elk City exactly the same way I feel about UK's Broadcast: both bands seem to awaken (and fulfill at once) some kind of repressed need that thirty-somethings like me rarely admit in public: the need of motherly wise advice and comfort. A wise motherly figure, after all, is a great commodity for anybody, in particular if she can sing well and looks pretty (I know, I know, we are getting into freudian-oedipian territory here, but dudes, this is DEEP stuff, and Oedipus' mother was pretty, otherwise he wouldn't have married her... by the way, i assume you know he didn't know who she was).
This being said, I'm married and not interested in anything more than one or two platonic singing mothers, which I think everybody should have. But anyway, this is just to say that Elk City is a band that pretty much anybody can appreciate, and that they are releasing a new album on June 1. Check out the free track under here. - PDG


From the Open Blog: Hi-Tones!

For the past year, crowds across the Lone Star State have been swooning over The Hi-Tone's explosive retro-inspired, pop-infused garage rock that has been compared to the likes of The Black Keys, The Kinks, and Syd Barrett's early version of the Pink Floyd. Walk into their live show and it's clear by the end of the first song that The Hi-Tones have what many other bands lack: An outstanding front-man who commands the attention of the audience. Debonair and soul-shattering lead vocalist Johnny Flores, slender with jet black curls, does not only have a impressive set of pipes, it seems he has borrowed some fancy footwork from Mr. James Brown himself. Sensual and sweat drenched he spins, jumps, slides and shakes with relentless passionate energy. Bassist and key songwriter Gary Delgado, tall and dreamy floats on his own introspective plane of existence thumping out punchy rhythms that pop like the exploding flash-bulbs of the 1930's. Rounding out the lineup is percision master Kurt Lammers and guitarist Kevin "Cool Man" Culwell. The band, fresh out of the studio with Grammy nominated producer Frenchie Smith (Jet, Meat Puppets, Trail of Dead) will be promoting their debut release, a self-titled EP. 

(Ed.: this post taken from The Hi-Tone's post on our DIY Open Blog, check out other Open Blog posts in the Deli Kitchen. The Hi-Tones just departed our fair city for touring but shall have their homecoming May 26th at the Mohawk.


Ezra Furman @ Metro

Even though their myspace page currently reads New York I am still claiming Erza Furman as a Chicago musician. The band will be back into on June 19th at Metro and that news made me want to listen to my favorite track from the band. “We Should Fight” appears on Inside The Human Body (Minty Fresh, 2008).


The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 5/13-5/15

Though Bay to Breakers (and Jonathan Richman's residency at the Starry Plough for the matter) may be offering stiff competition for audiences this weekend, for those disinterested in the theatrics of college style drinking sports, or at least brave enough to combine a nights worth of bar beverages with morning marathon mayhem, here are a few selections from this weekends calender.

Thursday the 13th out Rank/Xerox's Liars-esque punk sounds at the Eagle with Awesomes, Deep Teens, and Olympia's Western Hymn, 8pm.

This Friday cross the water to the Uptown in Oakland for The Aerosols, Bitter Honeys, Vows, and Joel Robinows Explosion. Billed as "a night of 'new oldies' and girl group sounds," this should be a great evening in music, 9pm.

Local dance-punk duo Casey and Brian are slated to play Saturday night, with Cookie Mongoloid and the ever nebulous "and more," in the Lil Tuffy's 8th Annual Prom. Sponsored by Suicide Girls, head up to the Red Devil Lounge to bounce around a floor that rarely sees any thing but the banality of cover bands.

That about raps it up for this week. If in fact you are doing the Bay to Breakers, don't do anything I wouldn't do on a bike.


-Ada Lann


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