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Left Hand Does, Free Tonight @ House of Blues Restaurant

I'm still not sure what exactly the Left Hand Does, but it's always good.  And tonight, it (or they) does (do) it for free ($0!).

Once again, the House of Blues Restaurant delivers a perfect opportunity for listeners to drop in and check out a band that may be new to them.  The brother-and-sister fronted band has been making a splash in Boston for their Blur-esque genre hopping, their free mix CD giveaways, their bewitching presence, and, principally, their sneakily yet undeniably catchy and infectious songwriting.

What's more, the band has a recently-released album you can spend that extra admission cash on.  It's the last chance you'll have to buy four unique copies of the disc with four unique covers for just $10 (one copy sells for $5).  With any luck, they'll play their epic Lusica.  Cross them fingers.

Closing the night is the amazing Bearstronaut.  Get there at 9pm and bring your groove.

- The Deli Staff


NYC Artists on the rise: Daniel Wayne plays Le Poisson Rouge

Daniel Wayne plays that steel string, sunburst Guild guitar like his mama told him not to. He dresses like Johnny Cash, has attitude like Bob Dylan and plays bar chords with his thumb. You’ll think this guy’s a real-live outlaw until he sweetens up between songs and starts calling the audience “y’all.” Sometimes bluesy, Daniel Wayne has a classic country backbone with eerie undertones: like if Jerry Reed had written the Natural Born Killers soundtrack. Slow songs like “Far From Here” sound like My Morning Jacket, while “The Fool” gristles like a basey Townes Van Zant song. Check out Daniel Wayne playing an acoustic set tonight at Le Poisson Rouge where he opens for Frazey Ford of The Be Good Tanyas. Show starts at 7:30. - Jenny Luczak


St. Vincent plays Summer Stage on August 1st

Admittedly, one of the capital sins The Deli has committed in terms of coverage of local artists, is having TOTALLY missed the raise to fame of St. Vincent. Well, the problem might have been that it is unclear (at least to us) when she actually moved to Brooklyn from her hometown of Tulsa, which might have made it tricky for us to consider her a "coverable" artist. Nonetheless, we did fail to interview her before she reached her stardom status. This incredibly talented lady who looks like the sexiest female nerd on earth, has released two of the best pop albums we have heard in the past decade. Great songwriting is matched by stellar production, which makes her (in our eyes) the Kate Bush of the New Millennium, only with a more consistent songwriting. St. Vincent will be playing Summer Stage in Midtown Manhattan on the afternoon of Sunday 08.01 - highly recommended.

St. Vincent "Jesus Saves, I Spend" from Marc Ritzema on Vimeo.


Best of NYC #12: Midnight Masses. play Knit on September 3

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel, DJs, and our writers and readers).

Religion inspires musicians in a variety of ways. Some praise the lord (gospel); others worship the devil (death metal). Religion gifted Madonna her most memorable moment, and only last year Christopher Owens utilised his upbringing in the Children of God cult to inspire a Beach Boys-esque pop album with his band Girls. Midnight Masses are at completely the other end of the spectrum from Owens. Redemption, sin and death run through their music, reflecting leader Autry Fulbright’s upbringing as a preacher’s son. Religious imagery is rife. Their vocals often ring out which a church-like echo. No doubt the untimely death of Fulbright’s father acted as a catalyst for these meditations, but from that tragedy, something beautiful has grown. I spoke to Midnight Masses’ front man on these inspirations. - Dean Van Nguyen. Read a feature about Midnight Masses in The Deli's last printed issue (pdf version here).


The Soldier Thread CD Release @ The Parish

The Parish will be abuzz tonight in celebration of the release of indie-pop band The Soldier Thread's new album, In Spades

"We're totally stoked," guitar/vocalist Justin McHugh says of the new release. "It's definitely a direction we wanted to go." 

"It offers a bigger sound than the first, in addition to more guitar and more vocals from (viola/vocalist) Patricia Lynn," Justin promises. 


The second full-length record follows an EP, Fevers and Fireworks, and their debut album, Shapes. Producer Dwight Baker, who has produced Bob Schneider and Alpha Rev, had a hand in the release, and Justin believes it shows how the band has evolved  since the first record. He adds that The Soldier Thread is headed towards a "poppier" sound in order to draw more people, and this record displays that. 


The band says they are thrilled with the outcome of the new sound and are anxious to have it in people's hands.


"We hope that people like it, and that it's well received and can grow the fan base some. I think there's definitely stuff on it that the fans that we do have right now will like," Justin says. 


"We've been sitting on this record now for some time now and it's just going to be nice to have it out there-- it's a good release for us-- both just to release the record and, well, emotionally."


The party kicks off at 8 and will feature performances from Wiretree, Quiet Company and special guest Casey McPherson of Alpha Rev, in addition to the guest of honor.


Expect Texas-wide tour dates to be announced soon following the album release show, and check thesoldierthread.com for the latest updates.


--Amanda Hensel


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