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Kaiser Cartel have space issue + celebrate release at Joe's Pub on 06.08

We have a real weakness for Kaiser Cartel, a band that is truly able to warm our hearts with their gentle and intimate folk pop, and which will celebrate the release their new album "Secret Transit" at Joe's Pub on June 8. BUT... they did something that cannot not be mentioned! Here it come Kaiser Cartel people - you asked for it!!!

I often wonder if the format of a band name can really have any influence on its popularity of or any other related factor (the usual answer I give myself to this question is: "uhm...no.") Bands contact me all the time because they want their names to be printed in all caps or all lower case, or a weird combination of the two (like "sTickLiPs"). My first reaction is "DUUUUUDE..." followed immediately by: "...ok, I will fix it because I care!"
This kind of stuff happens so often that I got used to it... but then a band takes the whole thing to the next level: I remember distinctly being contacted by the Kaiser Cartel guys last year while we were promoting their appearence at the Best of NYC Fest 2009 - they asked me to fix the spelling of their band name by removing the space between their two last names: "it's KaiserCartel, not Kaiser Cartel". Sure, counterintuitive - but ok, there you go: fixed. Then one year later (today) I get an email from a PR person promoting Kaiser Cartel's (WITH THE BLOODY SPACE!) new album. I ask for "space confirmation", and I get it - WHA??? No dudes, you can't do this to me.
Now, to ensure that this will never happen again with any other band, I officially ask KC to answer these questions in our comment section below:
1. Why did you initially decide to go without a space?
2. Why did you subsequently decide to get rid of the lack of space? (uh, yeah, that's what happened, right?).
3. What was your fans' reaction to this change?
The world needs to know. - PDG


Mad Planet album release party Thursday 5-27

LA's next dynamic duo Mad Planet releases their new album "All Elephants" this Thursday, May 27 at the 3 of Clubs. The event is free and performances start around 9pm. Mad Planet is hip-hop with an ethereal female vocalist and a male emcee with a smooth flow, backed by synths and samples. 


NYC artists on the rise: Uninhabitable Mansions

Why the hell haven’t we heard more about Uninhabitable Mansions? This collective is doing what so many of us wish we could: jamming out with friends, pressing little, under-the-radar records, publishing books and doing all kinds of crafty-crafts. It’s one of those indeterminate-number-of-members bands, pumping out exuberant, eclectic rock – Earlier recordings of The Most Serene Republic might be the closest parable. The drums drive a lot of the tracks, with fluttering or towering guitars and a chorus of voices. There’s a ton of variety going on; maybe it’s the fact the band shares members with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Au Revoir Simone, Radical Dads, and Dirty on Purpose, to name a few. “We Already Know” is a total jam, with deft vocals and propulsive drums. They’re unsigned, but it doesn’t matter – they just put out a full length, “Nature is a Taker,” and you can buy it online right now, along with a bevy of the collective’s gear. - DWE


Your Headache

"A Headache" - a quick assessment of the plight of the indie rock band, courtesy of Stegosaur. And accompanied by this lovably goofy vid.  




Band here for you called The Zoltars. They play what they're calling voodoo chant songs. And they now have a full album of them, having just completed their debut...name TBA. They'll celebrate release of said album, which includes the inimitable "Party At the Bat Cave", at Beerland on June 5th, with all attendees receiving a FREE free copy. And that's it. 


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