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Saturday May 27th - The Revolution Vol. 15 ft. Dot Cromwell, Jazze Belle and Mallow

Hosted at artist-run Williamsburg venue National Sawdust, The Revolution is an event that prides itself on a cutting edge curation of emerging, mostly local, artists, “standing in the breeding ground of the evolution.” On May 27th, the lineup of its 15th appointment - once again sponsored by The Deli - includes artists Jazze Belle, Mallow, and Dot Cromwell. 
Headlining the bill will be Dot Cromwell, an MC apart of the creative collective AV8TED that offers electronic hip hop full of catchy hooks, addicting beats, and tight verses. His track “Paid n Full” is a strong single, with its relevant and danceable chorus and dark, atmospheric production. Jett Carter and Taylor Simone make up the jazzy soul duo Jazze Belle. Simone’s soulful voice and Jett’s production contribute to a sound that's both unique and intimate, carving out its own space in the NYC expanding alt soul scene. Ian Barnett, who broke into the music scene as Betty Who’s drummer, now has his own sound and name: Mallow. Experimenting with ambient beats and distorted vocals, his music doesn’t allow a dull moment. - Lilly Milman

Sexy Fights

Sexy Fights have released a video for their single “Flux”. The track is taken from their 2016 debut album, Too Far Out, which was released on Feeltrip Records. The trippy video was directed by The Druid Beat and brings their synth-rock sound to life.


IAN SWEET's "Shapeshifter" lives up to its name

"Shapeshifter" is a very appropriate name for IAN SWEET's debut LP, as it represents a change in the lineup of what comprised singer Jillian Medford's bedroom pop solo poroject. Now accompanied by a bassist and a drummer in the studio and on the road, Jillian forges tracks that resonate very differently, though her crackly vocals remain the stars of the show. "Most of the songs on Shapeshifter don’t settle in a particular scene so much as they delve into a sensibility," reads the album's description on Bandcamp. Another delicious surprise is realizing that most of the tunes on the record were inspired by inanimate objects. IAN SWEET is sticking to the Midwest for the summer, but while we wait for the return of Medford's Crocs in the big city, let's take to heart the meaning behind the album, that there is "no one absolute; just the ease that comes with knowing everything will be OK as long as you hold tight to the pocket-sized things in life that bring happiness while you watch the rest of your world fall apart in slow-motion." - Valentina Rocha


Drug Pizza bring lo-fi revival to Sunnyvale on 5.31.17

Drug Pizza is a punchy four-piece hailing from N.Y.C. with “big rock n roll shaped dreams.” Their nonchalant lyrics in songs like “No Reaction” are a nod back to garage rock and punk bands that inspired them (“I don’t care about your broken arms / Bones heal, and you didn’t fall too far”), and their instrumentals are clean without being clinical. Lead singer Madeline Steinberg's vocals fall perfectly in tune with classic slacker rock bands like Pavement, and their EP 'Return to Content Mountain' puts a new twist on a sound that's an old favorite. They’ll be bringing their fun sound to Sunnyvale on May 31st at 8 for a hometown show. -- Lilly Milman


Krust Toons: "When Your Ex Shows Up..." by Tedd Hazard

Krust Toons: "When Your Ex Shows Up..." by Tedd Hazard - please feel free to drop him a line at teddandthehazards@gmail.com if you dig or have any funny ideas. You can also check out more of his illustrations and animation shorts HERE.


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