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Blues Lawyer releases instant classic debut LP 'Guess Work'

Every time I’m convinced there’s no more good punk left, an act like Oakland’s Blues Lawyer pops up to remind me I couldn’t be more wrong. Their debut LP Guess Work is a stunning exercise in brevity, filled with tongue-in-cheek lo-fi tracks that hark right back to the ‘70s. None of the members are interested in attempting to impress you (or waste any of your time) with overwrought guitar solos or steep buildups. They’re only interested in making instant classics, and they do so in two minutes or less. They said it best themselves on the punk puppy love anthem “Waste” (streaming below), where the chorus declares “I don’t want to waste time / I want to waste with you.” Well, we want to waste with you, too. - Lilly Milman 

Goosebump - Release Party at Lula Lounge 07.26

Goosebump are a groovy new band from Toronto. They have just released a new self-titled record which features the single “She Don’t Say Goodbye”. This tune is catchy from the second it starts. The disco rhythm section will keep your toes tappin’ and head noddin’. The way the rest of the instruments bring the song together is quite fascinating in it’s execution. Goosebump is having a record release party at Lula Lounge on July 26th along with Chandra Persons and Cosmic Resonance DJ’s. – Kris Gies

Stringer unleash new album full of passionate power

Stringer have their fiery gaze set on a variety of things on their newest album My Bad, and each target that's caught in their sights gets scorched in their vision. They jump from blistering punk on “Intro” to a song indicting the entire United States within the span of the first two songs. It’s the type of punk that’s bristling and scrappy, often shooting off solos and slamming down hooks without regard, but Stringer have managed to inject an undeniable variable into every track. The emotional core at the heart of each song can be felt in the sheer power of their musicianship, yet it’s the grander ideas and themes that amend each melody that make their impact greater. The standout song “Ghosts” exemplifies this best; thudding drums precipitate the snarling vocals and spirited hook that rail against the whitewashed memories of the old New York. They play up the decrepit and sleazy side that’s seemingly been forgotten but paint those features as the reason why you should love it. The ugliness is sacred, and their energy delivering this mantra is palpable. My Bad is a record that crafts songs with earnest themes of political unrest and change but does it with a precise volatility that’s simultaneously addicting and charming. You can stream the music video for “Ghosts” below. -Tucker Pennington


Red Francis

Red Francis are preparing to release their new album, Greatest Hits, on August 10th. This album is the trio’s homage to Chicago with each track representing a place or story that all takes place over one day and one night. The album’s first single is “Gotta Be Tough” and is accompanied by the cool Ryan Bell directed video below. Red Francis is the trio of Michael Glader, Brett Fishback, Al Fishback.

The band recently released a second single, “Bronzeville” from Greatest Hits.



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