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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Fox Bay debut performance at Johnny Brenda's April 7th

Michael Prince aka Fox Bay steps to the forefront making his solo debut this evening in the intimate confines of Johnny Brenda’s. The South Carolina-born transplant  (of Bottom of the Hudson & The Cobbs) is branching out on his own. The Fox Bay moniker is a nod to the area in South Carolina where his familial roots run deep. His single, “Divided Subtraction” is an inviting track, which paints heartfelt narrative-driven lyrics over a textured instrumental canvas. That layered orchestration creates a mobile vibe that one can’t help falling into. Fox Bay will be accompanied on the bill by Atlanta/Austin- based whimsical pop/folk outfit King of Prussia whose new double-album Zonian Girls & The Echoes That Surround Us All will be released tomorrow. The Swedish synth –pop of Case Conrad will open the show. Johnny Brenda’s 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm., $10, 21+ -Michael Colavita


New Video: “On the Clouds” – Purples

Here is a new video from eclectic, indie pop outfit Purples. The song, “On the Clouds” is off of their long awaited debut LP, Nancy, which came out just last week. The video features a moppy haired youth slowly drinking an orange soda, with lyrics from the song over-laid and some trippy colored effects to boot.  The song, as well as the rest of the album is available for streaming right HERE


Human BBQ XXXV at Pilam on April 5th

Pilam erupts with its thunderous Human BBQ for its unprecedented 36th year today, and the music frathouse features a stacked lineup of 18 bands playing its basement and 1st floor. The event will be headlined by Brooklyn buzz band Total Slacker, and will feature other noteworthy out of towners like NYC’s Total Slant and Betlehem’s indie duo Slingshot Dakota. But Philly will be very well represented by the like of Cold Fronts, who should be seeing big things coming their way after recently signing to Sire Records. The ongoing psych rock project of booking wizard Andy Molholt, Laser Background will bring their synths stylings to the party. Mumblr will bring the fast paced fuzz punk, and Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe will bring their hard-hitting, emotive anthems. Add in 11 more bands of varying style, plenty of meat and veggie BBQ options, and the Human BBQ’s tendency for delivering surprise performers; and you have a stacked day of music. PiLam, 3914 Spruce St, 12PM, $15 21+ – Bill McThrill 

Weekend Warrior, April 4-6


If you’re in the mood to shake your ass tonight and extend last week’s East Coast Beard and Moustache Championships, Night Panther will be kicking off their April residency at Bourbon and Branch with Purples and Nicos Gun. Hailing from Doylestown and fronted by the seductive Farzad Houshiarnejad, Night Panther has been making Philadelphia sexier over the past year, named one of the top bands in The Deli Philly's Best of 2013 Emerging Artists Poll and catching the attention of ABC’s Mixology, who has commissioned the band to song write.  Warm up to the intoxicating hustle of “Fever” and wet your whistle for $1 Narragansett pounders till 10pm, free alcoholic gummies by Rebel Gummies, and drink specials by Sailor Jerry and Art in Age. Bourbon and Branch, 705 N. 2nd Street, 8pm $10,  - Jaime Pannone

Other things going down this weekend...
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) FRI PigPen Theatre Co., The Spring Standards, On The Water, SAT Joshua Stamper, Rosu Lup, Liz & The Lost Boys
The Boot & Saddle(1131 S. Broad St.) THU Pattern is Movement (album release show), Yellow Ostrich, Busses, FRI Skaters, Team Spirit
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI Mumblr, Cold Foamers, Idiot Kid, FRI The Pack A.D., Satellite Hearts, Cold Roses, Mumblr, Lizard Police, Cold Foamers, Idiot Kid, SAT Palmyra Delran, Creem Circus, Small Apartments, Soraia, No Other, Radical Dads, Hurry, Black Wine, SUN Biohazard, Suburban Scum, Sworn Enemy, Rock Bottom
Underground Arts (1200 Callowhill St.) THU Johnny Stimson, The Lawsuits, Sturgill Simpson, Banned Books, Gretchen Lohse, FRI Rocket From the Crypt with San Sartain, SAT Galvanize (album release party), Red Richards, Redhat, Elegant Animals, Agent Zero and the Drew Tanvez Explosion
World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) SUN Dave Hause, Fortunate Youth, True Press, Tsunami Rising
The Barbary (951 N. Frankford Ave.) SUN The Silver Palms, Killer Bangs
MilkBoy Philly (1100 Chestnut St.) SAT Pete Francis (of Dispatch), Nicky P, Wild North
North Star Bar (2639 Poplar St.) THU TeamMate, Case Closed, Terrible Friends, FRI Turkuaz, Alan Evans Trio Cocktail Party Phenomenon, SAT The Pimps of Joytime, Philadelphia Funk Hustle
M Room (15 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Black Rue, Sonnder, Matt McAndrew, Valkyrians, Lost Romance
Fergie’s (1214 Sansom St.) FRI John Train, Hired Guns Blues Band, SAT Triage, SUN John Byrne, Rusty Cadillac
Voltage Lounge (421 N. 7th St.) SAT Paulette Branson, Mixed People
The Grape Room (105 Grape St.) THU AAYU, John & Sam (Long Miles), FRI Justin Phillippi, Underwater Country Club, John and Brittany, The Duke Bros., Minshara, SAT La La Lush, Chen City, Study Electricity, Whack Bat
Golden Tea House (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) FRI
Grass Is Green, Knights Templar, Snoozer, Loose Tooth


The Deli Philly Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Calamity Jane 

- by Gil Min 

What started on a whim at DIYPHL’s First Time’s The Charm, evolved quickly into our Features Poll Winners, the punk rock quartet Calamity Jane.  This female-fronted crew is lo-fi and like it that way. They boisterous, unashamed sound fits in well with bands like Cayetana and Tacocat, who they unsurprisingly mention as an influence.  We caught up with Ivy (bass), Madeline (guitar and vox), Dan (guitar and vox), Shelby (drums) to talk about their unique start, the Philly scene, and the future of Calamity Jane. Check out the interview with the band below.

The Deli: How did you start making music? 

Ivy: Last summer I heard DIYPHL was hosting a showcase for all first-time bands and immediately knew I wanted to participate. I’d always wanted to be in a band, but never found the right people or felt confident enough in my musical ability. But since this event catered to newcomers with an emphasis on those who identify as women, queer, trans*, or a person of color, it felt like a really great opportunity to finally get involved in music. Madeline and I met each other at a high school summer program in New York, and for whatever reason kept in touch. I knew she was moving to Philly and thought she’d be great. We then got in touch with Dan from Slow Animal, who was one of the first people I met when I moved to Philly in 2010. I went to college with Shelby and she was really enthusiastic about getting involved in the Philly scene. 

Madeline: Well, it’s always been a hole in my heart that I never learned an instrument because I’ve always thought of myself as a musically oriented person. I was working as the punk director of Oberlin College’s radio station, sort of singing in cover bands, and I was talking to Ivy about moving to Philly and started something up. Of course this was totally speculative, because not playing an instrument I kind of had nothing to contribute! But I began to play guitar, and then DIY PHL put on this awesome event, First Time’s the Charm, geared towards people playing their instruments for the first time and we signed up. Shelby was Ivy’s friend from school who was stoked to pick up any instrument. And we were set. But I got into a bike accident and injured my wrist, and asked my partner, Dan, if he wouldn’t mind playing guitar also, so as to alleviate some of the pressure of learning an instrument. Luckily, it still sort of catered to the event as Dan plays in another band, Slow Animal, but he’s the drummer so he got to explore something new. And that just worked for us all.

Dan: Personally, my introduction to music started with taking piano lessons at age 7 or 8. Then I wanted to be louder so I got a drum set and tried playing along to Blink 182 albums (I’m talking Travis Barker-era Blink 182...hence the word “tried”).  I offered to play guitar in Calamity Jane because, although I already knew how to play guitar, I had never played it in a band.


TD: Where did the band name Calamity Jane come from? 

Madeline: We were just throwing around a lot of ideas and, at the time, I was sort of thinking about women and these feminist ideologies and ideas that are really important to us. On the one hand, Calamity Jane harkens back to this idea of this tough, untameable woman. And, on the other, the term has this modern stigmatization. Like, women are supposed to have their shit together, and if they don’t, well they’re a Calamity Jane. So I guess that’s me, because I certainly don’t have it together and I think that the idea of this feminine "togetherness" isn't something many women asked for. And as far as qualities go, I don't value it very much. Also, I’m a clutz. And not in an endearing way. People preemptively bring band-aids and napkins to hang out with me.


TD:  What are your biggest musical influences?

Ivy: Last spring I booked Potty Mouth to play Haverford College and had a really great time getting to know them. Like Shelby and I, they went to a women’s college and started playing music then. They’re really inspiring to me for many reasons and I’m grateful to them for helping me push myself to pursue music.

Dan: 90’s punk

Madeline: The old: Bratmobile, Henry’s Dress, Mika Miko, The Muffs, X Ray Spex

The new: Big Eyes, Mannequin Pussy, Potty Mouth, Screaming Females, Tacocat

Shelby: Angry women in general, really.


TD: What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?

Ivy: Turnip King, Good Throb, Beyoncé

Dan: Whatever comes on Shuffle 

Madeline: Mean Jeans, Suburban Lawns, Richard Hell and the Voidoids

Shelby: mostly Sleater-Kinney, Drake, and Fleetwood Mac

All: As far as local bands go, we're pretty smitten with Amanda X, Cayetana, Marge, and Slow Animal


TD: What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?


Ivy: When I was eleven I saw Sum 41 and the Explosion. I was living in Maine at the time, so it was a pretty big deal that they came. That same year I bought a used copy of No Doubt’s Return of Saturn and listened to it exclusively for at least six months. [is this too embarrassing to share? just being honest here] 

Dan: My first concert was Warped Tour ‘03. The first album I purchased was Britney Spears’ ...Baby One More Time, but before that, I was gifted with a Green Day album. I think at one point I was gifted with a Blues Traveler album, I don’t know when that was. I really hope that wasn’t my first album. 

Madeline: I think the first concert I ever went to was N’Sync, Britney Spears, and Bewitched in 2nd grade. I remember my friend taking me for N’Sync (even though I was way more into the Backstreet Boys) but no one really knew who Britney Spears was. Shortly after the Britney experience, I participated an easter egg hunt, and the prize was a gift certificate to Tower Records. I used mine to get Greenday’s Nimrod. I remember whoever was running this thing had to call my dad to make sure this was an okay purchase because of the “explicit content” sticker.

Shelby: My first concert was Hilary Duff when I was in the fifth grade. I’m still waiting on her comeback. So maybe this is a troubling indicator of my young age, but I don’t really remember the first album I bought, while I DO remember the first song I ever bought on iTunes. It was Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone.


TD: What do you love about Philly?

Dan: The people. 

Madeline: Not to sound lame, but the DIY scene. Coming from LA, it just wasn’t that prevalent and it was really inhibiting to trying out new things. I grew up with this idea that if I was going to do something I was going to have to be really good at it or not bother. In Philly, I feel so able to try things out and make my own mistakes and successes.

Shelby: Wawa.


TD: What do you hate about Philly?


Ivy: Septa!

Dan: The people.

Madeline: How insulated each community is! I moved from West Philly to Fishtown in July and now, West Philly feels impossibly far away. So many of my friends are there but we all get so comfortable in our own spots that it takes a lot of encouragement to switch up our environments.

Shelby: The weather.


TD: What are your plans for 2014?

Ivy: Since I’ll be graduating college we’ll have more time to devote to pursuing the band. I think we’re just going to take everything as it comes and keep having fun, which is why we started playing music in the first place. 

Madeline: Ideally, to play more shows and make more music. We’ve just had a slow start as a band because Ivy and Shelby are at Bryn Mawr and have real school things to be concerned about and can’t always be in Philly to practice. And, the majority of us are new to our instruments! So I’m just excited for a time where it’s like, we’re here now, let’s do our thing. Oh, and personally, my new year’s resolution was to get more into Joni Mitchell.

Dan: I just want to make it to 2015.

Shelby: I’m trying to get a better handle on the drums and survive at least until the weather gets nicer.


TD:  What was your most memorable live show?

All: Our first show at DIY PHL’s First Time’s the Charm. It was the first time two of us had ever performed with a band, but it felt really cathartic and positive. Playing with a bunch of other new bands created this really welcoming and encouraging environment. The show not only provided a space for traditionally marginalized communities, but prioritized it. And there’s something amazing about playing your first show to such a large audience. It was a great exercise in shaking off pressure. Mostly everyone there was doing it for the “first time” and if we screwed up—so what?


TD: What's your favorite thing to get at the deli?

Ivy: Toasted poppy bagel with schmear and nova lox!

Madeline: I’ve been on that tuna sandwich with cucumber on sourdough flow for like 15 years now. I’m sure my mercury levels are through the roof. 

Dan: Chips. 

Shelby: A can of blood orange Pellegrino.






Calamity Jane




The Deli Philly Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Calamity Jane

What started on a whim at DIYPHL’s First Time’s the Charm, evolved quickly into our Features Poll Winners, the punk rock quartet Calamity Jane. This female-fronted crew is lo-fi and like it that way. They boisterous, unashamed sound fits in well with bands like Cayetana and Tacocat, who they unsurprisingly mention as an influence.  We caught up with Ivy (bass), Madeline (guitar and vox), Dan (guitar and vox), Shelby (drums) to talk about their unique start, the Philly scene, and the future of Calamity Jane.  Be the first to check out the interview with the band HERE:


New Video: "Bent Nail" - Nothing

A disinterested, apathetic audience turns aggressive in Nothing’s new video for “Bent Nail” off their new LP Guilty of Everything via Relapse Records. Directed by Don Argott, the video depicts a standstill crowd that resorts to pelting the band with produce supplied by none other than Kurt Vile.


Psalmships signs to Big School Records

The hauntingly solemn self-revealing folk music of Joshua Britton aka Psalmships has announced his signing with Big School Records.  He also revealed they will release I Sleep Alone on vinyl this summer.  More details to come soon.



Which of These Local Acts Should Be Our Next Nashville Artist of the Month?

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