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October 2014


Steve Voss paints the picture of a mid-aughts major label stalwart that eventually buckled under the weight of feedback from the mess of people involved in the process. Framed with this context, the moniker Tetherball comes into sharp relief. At the end of his rope and refusing to be swatted back and forth into submission, Voss withdrew from Atlantic Records and his home state of Colorado. He receded to a studio in an industrial neck of Nashville, still tinkering with sound but with a very cracked perspective; essentially the industry version of Lazlo Hollyfeld.


Tetherball's album will officially drop October 28th via Silver Point Recods. Even if this backstory weren’t true, “Whimsy” still sounds like someone reveling in their eccentricity. It’s weird, and deals it out its peculiarity in mid-tempo canters and clearly-baked moseys. Sci-fi plays just as big of a thematic influence as personal experience, so if you have a taste for the slightly off-center, parts of this album will have you clapping your hands in delight. The guitar tone has a tendency to do infectiously cool things, like the jangle at the opening of “Vegetarian” or the tit for tat that kicks off “Bootss.” This album could probably play in tandem with any South Park episode and mirror it with frightening accuracy.


This is not to say that Voss has lost all awareness of pop sensibility. For very Primus off-note there is an alternative snarl, which makes for an interesting and palatable listen. Tetherball maintains a high level of theatrics throughout, from the grand sweeping boredom of “Hometown” to the Western swing of "Boulderado" the big top rhythm of “Spring Chicken,” a track that had me playing indie-rock matchmaker and wondering for a second how cool it would be to see them on tour with Thao and the Get Down Stay Down.


“Whimsy” is an amazing first statement from this fledgling band. It’s clear that this is a pin pulled from a grenade, and that the Tetherball dimension is something that will only expand. We can’t wait to see how this band evolves. Stream the album HERE, and check out their website at: www.tetherballmusic.com

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New Music Video: "O, Pennsyltucky" - Mischief Brew

We've certainly used the term "Pennsyltucky" numerous times in our lives. Besides the fact that we love using hybrid and made-up words  as discriptors, it simply captures our feelings about certain regions of our beloved state. Here's a new music video for the title track from their latest EP O, Pennsyltucky from Erik Peterson-led, veteran folk-punk crew Mischief Brew that we totally get and enjoy. You can also stream and purchase the entire record HERE, which is out via the band's own label Fistolo Records.


New Void Vision Album Available for Streaming

Void Vision, a.k.a. Shari Vari, just premiered her new album Sub Rosa at Noisey Italia. The record is schedule for release on November 11 via Mannequin Records. However, you can now preorder it HERE, and the first 50 will be limited-edition hand-numbered copies that will be silkscreened.


New Track: "Got It" - Marian Hill

Below is the latest single from electro soul/R&B duo Marian Hill called "Got It." It will appear on their upcoming 7" that will be released on December 2 via LA-based label B3SCI Records. You can pre-order it HERE.


New Music Video: "Thick As Thieves" - Youth Crush

Youth Crush's debut single, "Thick As Thieves," which you can download for free HERE, brings us back to the 80s. We envision it playing in the background of a John Hughes movie while its main character laments about a lost relationship or actually finally winning over his or her true love, overcoming the barriers of society or teenage social hierarchies. For Youth Crush, judging by the quote below that came with its music video, the inspiration might have come from something out of the Twilight series, but we've never seen any of those movies.

"We are all alone and pizza is as close as you are ever going to get to companionship, even if you are some undead teenage lord of the dark arts."


Debut Littler EP Available for Streaming & Download

Get a Life, the debut EP from garage punk quartet Littler is now available for streaming and download below. Recorded & mixed by the group’s own Dan Colanduno, Littler takes witty, attitude-laced personal narrative songs, and drives them home with a blend of musicianship that hovers between subdued and downhill speed. Tapes will be available via Number4Door, and the album artwork is courtesy of Perry Shall.



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