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The Wishermen Debut Single "Song Song"

I've just had the pleasure of listening to a new instrumental EP, Epoch, by The Wishermen. The trio is comprised of Grant Sayler on guitar, Chris Friesen on bass, and Barra Brown on drums. The songs offer a cool use of jazz arrangements, and feature an array of heavily effected guitars and a few other instruments (horns, keys, noises). Think John Scofield guitar chops, with a more adventurous sound. Some very tasteful shredding going on from all the musicians.

Epoch is the band’s first collaborative writing effort. Brown explains they start writing, “usually basing the songs off of a particular sound that we liked.” The EP was produced by local musician Adam Brock, though mostly tracked live. You can hear the benefits of recording everything together--really gives the album a tight-knit groove at the heart.

Their first single "Song Song" starts off with some assortment of metallic noises, maybe the clink of a spoon on glass and some jar tops. It sets a nice, mellow vibe with the breezy, delayed guitar line, and light drums and bass. While a release date isn’t set, expect the full EP out late summer. 

- Chander Strutz


Ah God, Tender Age, Heavy Hawaii at Bunk Bar 6.12

We’ve been talking about local lo-fi shredders Ah God a lot lately. They’re still up for a vote in our current Artist of the Month poll. If you're still out of the loop, it would be wise to come check them out this Thursday at Bunk Bar. The duo will be supporting a stellar lineup including Portland’s very own slowgazers Tender Age and San Diego based jangle surfers Heavy Hawaii. It’s sure to be a night so full of reverb and ethereal texture that when the last song ends you won’t be sure whether the ringing in your ears is the tapering last note or, you know, permanent hearing damage.

Ah God will be taking it to you hard as always with the energy and tenacity of grunge tempered by the lo-fi DIY sensibilities of bands like No Age and Abe Vigoda. Tender Age will add some starch to the mix and slow things way down without sacrificing any density of sound. Their style is similar to the pacing and texture of Cocteau Twins with Seapony’s knack for a catchy hook. Heavy Hawaii will take us to the beach with their reverb-smeared summer jams. Their sound is like Olivia Tremor Control or Ariel Pink weirdo-rock plus bubblegum surf pop and a So-Cal tan.

With ambassadors from every corner of 90s-influenced reverb pop, this show isn't one you can’t afford to not miss.

- Bryce Woodcock


Photos: RBSS Presents Yacht, Wampire, Snowblind Traveler

If you weren't able to make it to the Red Bull Sound Select show at Mississippi Studios last Tuesday featuring Yacht, Wampire and Snowblind Traveler... fear not, The Deli Portland was on the scene capturing photographic documentation to help you feel like you didn't miss out. Photos by Brandy Crowe and Colette Pomerleau. 

- Travis Leipzig





Snowblind Traveler

 Check out the rest of the photos here!


PDX POP NOW! Comp Release + Fundraiser 6.8.14

Are you down with local music? Are you down with non-profits? As Portlanders, I think the answer is a resounding yes. 

PDX Pop Now! – Portland's non-profit of rock is celebrating the release of its annual compilation of local talent with a fundraising/concert extravaganza at Mississippi Studios THIS Sunday!

For those of the “below 21” persuasion – never fear. In true, punk rock fashion PDX Pop Now! is including an all ages portion of the event that starts on the Bar Bar patio at 2pm, featuring performances by New Move, Blak Neon, LEO and Natasha Kmeto and a DJ Set. The festivities subsequently move indoors for a 21+ set featuring Illmaculate, Bearcubbin'!, Sara Jackson-Holman and Hosannas.

According to PDX Pop, “all proceeds of this event will support the PDX Pop Now! mission to stimulate and expand participation in the Portland music scene” - an admirable cause to say the least, considering all the hard work this organization has done to support local art. From its early days as a listserv for Portland music lovers in 1998, PDX Pop Now! has grown into an “all-volunteer organization committed to…provid[ing] and support[ing] live performances and recorded materials.”

Listen to Hosannas for spiritual uplifting, check out the track list for the compilation and get a copy for yourself at Mississippi Studios this Sunday. 

- Ted Jamison 

Noble Firs Release 'Floating Fortress' EP

On June 7th, Noble Firs will release their fourth EP since just 2013. Opening title track "Floating Fortress" is a warm, dancy pop number that gives playfull nods to the ofttimes drabness of reality - I'll likely never own a vacation home in the woods with a big ass tv, and my college debt isn't going to take care of itself. Immediately following, "Elephant Suit" boasts  verbed-out surfy guitar riffs suitable for a summer day on the beach. "Arcane Books" is a strong indy rock number number with powerful drums, harmonizing vocal melodies and a twangy guitar solo finale.

Join in the celebration this Saturday at the Firkin Tavern as Noble Firs release Floating Fortress. Sharing the stage with them are local favorites and friends of the Deli Portland, Hands In, Psychomagic and Cambrian Explosion. The show begins at 9pm and is free, so you'll have more money for tall boys and band merch.   

- Travis Leipzig

Alameda 'Live From the Banana Stand' Out 6.5.14

Thursday, June 5th, Alameda play at Mississippi Studios celebrating the release of their Live From the Banana Stand album! The band admits that they’ve been “holed up” prepping new material and recording, which means we’re about to witness a mass exodus of pure, pent-up creative energy… you’ll want to see this.

Banana Stand Media is an underground house venue/recording space/record label, known for their epically intimate live recorded and filmed shows, and their resulting live albums and video content. Alameda’s own front-person Stirling Myles referred to Banana Stand as simply “too good to be true,” referencing this upcoming release as “a document of a special moment.”

About Alameda: I would refer to them fondly as “dense folk.” Their list of influences is vast, ranging from “epic metal, noise and hardcore to jazz and pop,” all channeled into incredibly dynamic, orchestral folk tunes with sweeping strings and even a clarinet in the mix. They’ll share the stage at Mississippi Studios Thursday with fellow local folk acts Balto and Bevelers. In preparation for the show, Check out the video of Alameda playing "Little Lives" from their performance at Banana Stand. 

- Ted Jamison*


Red Bull Sound Select: Yacht, Wampire and Snowblind Traveler

Tomorrow night, the Redbull Sound Select concert series is back at Mississippi Studios, this month featuring YACHT, Wampire and Snowblind Traveler. There is a crossfire of guitar riffs, funky-fast bass, and glitchy synths that make up the extreme dance party of YACHT.  The harmonies of Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans headily remind you that life is boring, and sometimes a dystopia, but it’s yours to enjoy. Their trust is an optimistic mix of disco with some influences from Daft Punk, Talking Heads, and samples (like the Knight Rider theme on "See A Penny") that expresses hedonistic euphoria through sparkling electropop. Summer is here (practically) and YACHT is back in Portland from LA to help us celebrate. Local psychedelic pop rockers Wampire and Bay Area folksters (reminiscent to Elliot Smith) Snowblind Traveler will add to the fun. RSVP HERE to secure entry to the show for only $3!

- Brandy Crowe 


In Review: Guantanamo Baywatch at Mississippi Studios 5.23

I feel uncomfortable admitting that I had never seen Guantanamo Baywatch before. The songs performed were largely instrumental, high intensity surf rock. Gazing at the drummer proved to be a show in itself, with his countless expressions exhibiting euphoria, tension, rage and contentment. It was amusing to overhear the bassist ask the rest of the members to slow down due to exhaustion. It made sense though, as their speed was beyond physical comfort. This rush coerced everyone else in the room to dance, push, shove, light up and drive the bouncers crazy. The interaction from the audience was incredible. Lights were blaring through the venue, creating a tunnel of “you’re being escorted out” beaming for several people finalizing their destructive ways. It was nice to finally see this band, since they rarely play Portland. They did it proper, as Mississippi Studios was nearly torn apart.

- Colette Pomerleau



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