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February 2015
The Harmaleighs
""Pretty Picture, Dirty Brush"


College pals  Haley Grant and  Kaylee Jasperson bonded over shared musical tastes as students at Belmont University, . They were both also familiar with the hardships possessing the voices of angels; it was inevitable that a musical project would come of the union. The Harmaleighs formed in 2013, and the two proceeded to develop their sound, learning how to filter their shared experiences through an Americana sieve, until every heartbreak and setback sounded as though it occurred decades ago somewhere in the Appalachians.


The Harmaleigh's debut album, "Pretty Picture, Dirty Brush" will be released February 3rd. It covers the gauntlet of relationships that a young adult can encounter: partners, friends, hometowns. It also showcases the pair as the crackerjack musicians that they are. The same razor-sharp tightness that makes bluegrass so satisfying to hear is present in the entire album. Everything rings out as clear as a bell, and nothing is overdone or unnecessary. The girls have a healthy respect for the traditional, and can whip out a down-home rhythm as easily as a teenaged missive on heartbreak.  


Speaking of teenaged missives, a delicate balance is at work here. There are moments that the pair hit Watson Twin-levels of harmonies (like the ghostly intro of opening track "Hesitate") and there are times they turn right around with something more juvenille like "Got fired for dropping a glass of wine/ screw it I'm running out of time," in their recent single, "I Keep Ticking On." There's alot that can go wrong: their music acoustic guitar driven, with some lap steel and banjo thrown in, and they have a propensity to break into foot-stomping jags that recall the receding arena-folk wave. But it doesn’t matter. They’re so good, by grace of their conviction and clarity, that I’d probably be sucking this album down and singing along even if I were a 50-year-old truck driver.


That's the appeal of "Pretty Picture..." The album concentrates being young and new into something potent and delivers it with a little bit of sass; that's a combination capable of crossing quite a few boundaries. It's the emotional equivalent of four seasons of summer camp, thirty friendship bracelets, or ten viewings of "Milo and Otis." This album is bound to strike a chord within the most jaded of bastards. Keep up with The Harmaleighs at their website www.theharmaleighs.com

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scene blog


Impuritan Plays 50 Mason Social House 2/27

San Francisco based experimental noise band, Impuritan will be performing at 50 Mason Social House in SF on Friday, February 27th. They will be supported by the SF based funk jam band, Tiny Massive, the Oakland based rock band The Daze and Nights and the psych blues rock band, Overland will be headlining the night. Head out to support this full local line up! Don't miss this show!


The Deli Magazine San Francisco's Quick Guide to Noise Pop's Live Music Schedule

It's that time of year again! Noise Pop 2015 is putting on dozens of events all over the city and the East Bay. We're here to share some choice shows of what is overall an amazing season of live music in the Bay Area. You can take our word from our highlighted events below, but we completely encourage you to check out Noise Pop's Full Live Music Schedule so you can get a full picture of what is going on! Enjoy Noise Pop this year and do your best to experience every event you can!

Tuesday, February 24th

Rickshaw Stop
The Black Ryder
King Woman
Vinyl Williams

Wednesday, February 25th

Brick and Mortar Music Hall
TV Girl
Monster Rally

Thursday, February 26th

Rickshaw Stop
Tony Molina
Nude Beach
Cold Beat
The Younger Lovers

Friday, February 27th

Fox Theater
Bells Atlas

Saturday, February 28th

Bottom of the Hill
Cherry Glazerr
The Shivas
Dirt Dress
Rich Girls

Sunday, March 1st

Rickshaw Stop
Mortal Bodies


Mall Walk and Dead Meat Support Naomi Punk and PC Worship at Brick and Mortar Music Hall - 3/11

The popular East Bay post punk band, Mall Walk will be performing live with fellow Bay Area based band, Dead Meat (Dead Meat recently moved to San Francisco from Miami, Fl.). The bill is eclectic due to the 50/50 local and out of town spilt. The influential Olympia/Seattle, Washington band, Naomi Punk will be traveling to play at Brick and Mortar Music Hall on March 11th, along with NYC based avant punk band, PC Worship.

Brick and Mortar is hosting a show that is bringing together bands from all over the US. Make your way out and support local and touring bands! DJ Al Lover will be spinning the night away between sets. Don't miss this show!


Idea the Artist Releases New Single and Music Video - The Ceiling

San Francisco based singer/songwriter, Idea the Artist (Inés Beltranen) has released a new single and music video entitled, The Ceiling. This artistic and magnetic musician is preparing to release her sophomore album, The Seafloor on March 24th, and we're excited that she has shared this new song for us to share with you!

Idea the Artist highlights her free spirited personality in her music video for The Ceiling. You can watch the music video below and you can see her perform live at her album release show at Rickshaw Stop on March 20th. You can pick up her new album in CD format at the event!


Cathedrals Release "OOO AAA" (Tunji Ige Remix) From Blush EP Due Out 2/14

San Francisco based experimental pop band, Cathedrals have released a dark and sexy remix of OOO AAA. This song is a super sexy downtempo track that sounds like Lana Del Rey packing a punch of both soul and elegant confidence. So good! This track is from their upcoming remix ep, Blush EP. The new release is due out on February 24th through Neon Gold Records.

Sadly the duo's two shows on February 27th and 28th at the Independent are completely sold out. Better luck next time! Keep an eye out for more of Cathedral's new music!



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