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February 2015
The Harmaleighs
""Pretty Picture, Dirty Brush"


College pals  Haley Grant and  Kaylee Jasperson bonded over shared musical tastes as students at Belmont University, . They were both also familiar with the hardships possessing the voices of angels; it was inevitable that a musical project would come of the union. The Harmaleighs formed in 2013, and the two proceeded to develop their sound, learning how to filter their shared experiences through an Americana sieve, until every heartbreak and setback sounded as though it occurred decades ago somewhere in the Appalachians.


The Harmaleigh's debut album, "Pretty Picture, Dirty Brush" will be released February 3rd. It covers the gauntlet of relationships that a young adult can encounter: partners, friends, hometowns. It also showcases the pair as the crackerjack musicians that they are. The same razor-sharp tightness that makes bluegrass so satisfying to hear is present in the entire album. Everything rings out as clear as a bell, and nothing is overdone or unnecessary. The girls have a healthy respect for the traditional, and can whip out a down-home rhythm as easily as a teenaged missive on heartbreak.  


Speaking of teenaged missives, a delicate balance is at work here. There are moments that the pair hit Watson Twin-levels of harmonies (like the ghostly intro of opening track "Hesitate") and there are times they turn right around with something more juvenille like "Got fired for dropping a glass of wine/ screw it I'm running out of time," in their recent single, "I Keep Ticking On." There's alot that can go wrong: their music acoustic guitar driven, with some lap steel and banjo thrown in, and they have a propensity to break into foot-stomping jags that recall the receding arena-folk wave. But it doesn’t matter. They’re so good, by grace of their conviction and clarity, that I’d probably be sucking this album down and singing along even if I were a 50-year-old truck driver.


That's the appeal of "Pretty Picture..." The album concentrates being young and new into something potent and delivers it with a little bit of sass; that's a combination capable of crossing quite a few boundaries. It's the emotional equivalent of four seasons of summer camp, thirty friendship bracelets, or ten viewings of "Milo and Otis." This album is bound to strike a chord within the most jaded of bastards. Keep up with The Harmaleighs at their website www.theharmaleighs.com

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scene blog


Rainbow Girls The Hot Toddies The She's and Kendra McKinley Play the Fillmore - 1/31

An all-female Bay Area based line up will be supporting Santa Barbara's Rainbow Girls at the Fillmore in San Francisco on January 31st. For the first time, the Fillmore will host a line up of all women led bands. The Oakland based surf pop band The Hot Toddies along with San Francisco's leading riot grrrl rock ensenble, The She's and the Bay Area based singer/songwriter, Kendra McKinley will be taking over the venue while playing their ecclectic styles of music.

It's great to see that there's always something groundbreaking going on in the local music scene. You can't say you'll ever be bored on a random night in the Bay Area. Make sure you go out and support these hardworking bands!

Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah Celebrate Their Album Release at Milk Bar - 1/17

San Francisco based gospel psych revivalist band, Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah are throwing an epic album release party featuring some of the brightest musicians in the local neo psych rock scene.

The band's anticipated full length self-titled album is set for release on January 20th! The album release party at the Milk Bar in San Francisco will go down on January 17th.

The live show will feature performances by special guests: Annie (Annie Girl and the Flight), Fast Eddy (Down Dirty Shake), Sivan Gur-Arieh (Everyone is Dirty), Danielle and Seth Stowaway (Sweetwater Black), Jimmy Dias (The Love Dimension), Jordannah Elizabeth, Sean Olmstead (FpodBpod), Nick Dumitriu (Turn Me On Dead). During first set of the evening, the special guests will join the band on stage to perform some classic covers, and the second set of the show will be Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah performing songs off their forthcoming self-titled record.

This event is looking like it's going to be one of the most exciting local shows of the year. Do your best to make it out!


Justine Lucas Celebrates Her Album Release at Viracocha TONIGHT

San Francisco based singer/songwriter, Justine Lucas will be celebrating the release of her new album tonight. Make your way to the tucked away acoustic venue, Viracocha in the Mission District to hear some super high quality bluegrass, post modern folk music. Lee White and Nelsen & Farney (members of Electric Shepherd and The Love Dimension) will support Lucus, whose voice is milky and flawless.

Justine Lucas is one of the original members of the gypsy folk rock band, The Jaunting Martyrs and released her debut solo album, Hologram Lagoon in December 2013. Now the follow up has finally been completed and we recommend you support this talented local artist and experience some really beautiful acoustic tunes.


Mondo Drag Is Set to Release a New Self Titled Album - 1/16

Oakland based heavy psych prog band. Mondo Drag is preparing to release their new self titled LP on January 16th. We're excited to announce that you can pre-order the album via Kozmik Artifactz's online store right now! Copies are available in CD or 180 gram vinyl formats. This is a perfect opportunity to be in the know before everyone gets their hands on this anticipated local release.

You can download Mondo Drag's new single, Crystal Vision Open Eyes below:


Five Bay Area NYE Parties to Suit Your Needs

One of the most important things an editor should be able to do is understand their readers. I'm not a psychic or anything, but I do realize that even though people may agree on their fave music blogs, everyone is essentially unique. If you have a good idea of what environment you might enjoy the most on New Year's Eve, here are some options that will hopefully be a good fit for your individual party needs.

The Deli SF Editor in Chief

If You Want Something Normal - City Hall - SF

You can always go right downtown to City Hall in San Francisco and bring in the New Year with a bunch of enthusiastic strangers. Think about it, you don't have to have a date, you can meet up with a group of friends and meet new people while you're celebrating at a mass outdoors event. It's free, it's fun and you can bring your grandmother whose in town and really old. It's family friendly so you won't have to worry about leaving her alone to go out and get wasted.

If You Want Something Kinky - The Amory - SF

You can go party at the place where they shoot hardcore BDSM porn for Kink.com. If you're looking to get into some dirty trouble, you should attend the massive NYE party, hosted by Vau de Vire, Opel Productions & Kink.com. The party will include internationally known DJ's, a Kink.com VIP Lounge and a number of provocative performance spectacles. At the very least, I can pretty much guarentee you'll see breats...if that's what you're into, enjoy!

If You Want Something Familiar - The Milk Bar - SF

If you don't want a lot of pressure on NYE, you can grab a drink and check out some live rock and roll at The Milk Bar. The door is affordable and if you're a part of the local music and arts scene, there is a very good chance you're going to run into at least one person you know. The Milk Bar is the hub for the local scene. Its got a chill vibe and a fun atmosphere.

If You Want Something Artsy - Imagine Affairs Art Lounge - Oakland

If you're looking for something quiet, a bit classy and out of the way, Imagine Affairs Art Lounge in Oakland will be throwing a party with live music, dinner and champagne. So, you're in some cheesy relationship where you actually want to cuddle and talk and stuff, this may be the best place for you. It's ok to want to avoid crying drunk ladies and vomit...it really is.

If You Require a Burger and Beer - Woods Bar and Brewery - Oakland

Woods Bar and Brewery will be providing a burger bar at their NYE party. Yes, you read right. You can eat and be merry while being surrounded by a bunch of micro brews and good times. The evening will also include unlimited beer, wine and empanadas. If you're a foodie - and don't care who knows - go there.



Which of These Local Acts Should Be Our Next Nashville Artist of the Month?

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