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August 2014
Vinyl Thief

In high school, my friend Craig Lee took it upon himself to educate me on what to do when I got high, which was: take a 311 CD and play it through Windows media player, and set the visualization to “Ambience.” With those days behind me (and a few subsequent years lost devil-sticking for tips as I followed 311 tours) I had long forgotten that particular use for Windows until I listened to Vinyl Thief’s debut album, “Fathoms.”


Released July 22nd, “Fathoms” listens like an entity. Granted, all albums vary song to song, and this one is no different, but few pluck the same rubber band in your brain and sustain it throughout it the duration. Fewer still can be so closely likened to getting lost watching a pixelated visualization of music on your ’01 Dell, wondering:“Whoa, how did they know to do that?”


Vinyl Thief is a synth driven powerhouse of a band that has been gathering acclaim since the release of their “Rebel Hill” EP in 2012. The group has essentially come of age playing together, from their high school inception to logging hours of practice in a church-sanctuary-turned-rehearsal space to perfect the sound and rapport that makes Vinyl Thief extraordinary. There are not many bands with such an expert handle on their sound.


There are a few anchors in Vinyl Thief that make them so listenable. Their synthesizers are going to do something beautiful. Grayson Proctor’s vocals are going to run through an impressive range without ever sounding forced or theatrical. And every song is going to reliably blow your mind in some way. It might be on a smaller scale, like when the guitar breaks the silence after the bridge in “London” with what I can only imagine a swoon would sound like. Or it could be big, like when the track “Rebel Hill” finally reaches a crescendo after a series of goosebump-inducing change-ups. The band has a knack for zig-ing when a zag is expected, going soft instead of loud, or even bigger when they’re already turned up.


Vinyl Thief is one of the best examples of the modern face of Nashville music, where already talented musicians go through great pains to learn their craft and the business around it. This is a band that is one sync away from national exposure. Be prepared to hear much more Vinyl Thief after Apple or Toyota licenses one of their tracks. Considering that “Fathoms” is a collection of their best material meticulously recorded and lovingly presented like a bowl of all-red jelly beans ready for the grabbing, this is only a matter of time. –Terra James-Jura

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scene blog


Sleepy Sun Supports Charles Bradley at the Regency Ballroom TONIGHT

San Francisco based neo psychedelic rock band, Sleepy Sun will be supporting the legendary soul musician, Charles Bradley tonight at the Regency Theater.

This is one of those line-ups a true music lover should not miss. Both musical artists are highly talented and certainly surpass the level and compositional quality of underground music. If you want to attend a seriously once in a lifetime line up in an intimate venue, you should make it out to the Regency Theater tonight and support Sleepy Sun as they open for a very important headliner, and a cherished musician in contemporary soul music. -je


Go By Ocean Celebrates Their Debut Album Release at The Chapel - 5/16

San Francisco based indie rock band, Go By Ocean will be celebrating the release of their debut album with a release show at The Chapel this Friday. The band's new upcoming album, Paper Thin Hotel is a lush and ethereal sounding rock album that is officially due out on May 20th. Paper Thin Hotel was produced by local legends Tim Bluhm (of the Mother Hips) and David Simon-Baker (who has produced Los Lobos, Jackie Greene, The Mother Hips, and ALO).

The show will be supported by Roots Americana band, San Geronimo and singer/songwriter, Fred Torphy. You won't want to miss this event! 


WAG Curtin and Sea Knight Play the Hemlock Tavern TONIGHT

Tonight, the Hemlock Tavern is hosting a show featuring WAG, Curtin and Sea Knight.

Opening the show is Sea Knight, a band that seeks to combine dream pop, shoegaze and psych rock. The band recently came out with their debut EP, Where are you. Curtin is a Chicago-based band that consists of members of the Brooklyn based traditional folk band, Country Mice. If you're into slow jams and psych infused music, this may be the band for you. Look out for their newest album, One for the Doghearted, this summer. WAG, a San Francisco based band influenced by grunge, surf rock and post punk, will be headlining the show. Their debut album, No Worries drops on May 31stListen to a single from the album called, Tin Crown below.

Do your best to make it out to this well curated psych folk show. - Erin Dage


Music Video Premiere: Luke Sweeney - Miss Me?

San Francisco based garage pop musician, Luke Sweeney has released a brand new music video for his single, Miss Me? The video is a very funny tongue and cheek, vignette style short film featuring some of the Bay Area’s best and brightest bands in the local music scene.

Appearances from Social Studies, Warm Soda, Vandella, The Aerosols, Midtown Social, and members of Two Gallants and Trainwreck Riders shows that Sweeney is not only a talented musician in his own right, but has a great connection with music community that surrounds him.

Miss Me?’s satirical look at the challenges of auditioning for rock bands will surely make you break out into laughter. Sweeney’s fictitious accounts of rejection and social turmoil are almost as accurate as they are hilarious. He also did a great job in adopting the talent of videographer, Emily Sevin and editor Neal Jonas as his vision (Sweeney wrote and directed the video) is brought to life, while exhibiting seamless transitions and high definition quality.

Congrats to the band for making a super adorable and bright video!

You can catch Luke and his band (which includes members of Girls, Stone Foxes and Plum) live on May 30th at Starry Plough in Berkeley, CA. -je

Meat Market The Okmoniks The Beat-Offs and Petty Things Play Hemlock Tavern TONIGHT

A superb lineup featuring The Okmoniks, Meat Market, The Beat-Offs and Petty Things curated by Shirley Sparks Presents goes down tonight at the Hemlock Tavern

Meat Market is a hardworking scene approved Oakland based band that sonically blends elements of punk, surf and garage rock. The Beat-Offs are a fairly new San Francisco-based band - go to the show to hear what they sound like, because the band doesn't have any music posted on the internet yet. Petty Things is a band from Arizona, and this year, this garage pop band released a full length album on Gnar Tapes and Rubber Brother Records called Year of the Dog. And last but not least are The Okmoniks. As a band based in Arizona and California, they play kicky keyboard-heavy tunes that will have you dancing. For further reference, be sure to check out their release Party Fever on Slovenly Recordings. -Erin Dage


Psychic Jiu Jitsu Supports Sub Pop Artists Rose Windows at Brick and Mortar Music Hall TONIGHT

Tonight, Brick and Mortar Music Hall is hosting a show of the psych rock variety with Rose Windows and Psychic Jiu-Jitsu.

Psychic Jiu-Jitsu is a San Francisco-based band who plays spacey, psych-influenced tunes. Their neo psychedelic live performances are raw, tripped out and esoterically potent. Rose Windows is a band hailing from Seattle, Washington. They blend elements of grunge and psychedelic music, and have recently released a new single entitled, There is a Light. They're signed to the legendary record label, Sub Pop and are currently stopping through San Francisco on their west coast tour.

If you're looking to get your chakras rattled and your third eye cleansed, make your way out to this show!


The Deli SF Benefit Show with Spider Heart Void Boys Sea Dramas and Vollmer is TONIGHT at the Elbo Room

Spider HeartVoid Boys, Sea Dramas along with the brand new San Francisco based musical outfit, Vollmer will be celebrating the growth and community involvement of The Deli SF! SF based community and intercultural advocate Jason Wyman will also grace us with a reading celebrating the Bay Area and our amazing music community.

We have a little folk rock, some dream pop, experimental garage and heavy psych waiting for you at the Elbo Room TONIGHT. Be there by 9 pm!


Midnight Sons Down and Outlaws and Sweetwater Black Play Bottom of the Hill TONIGHT

For those sorely lacking in the rock 'n' roll department, be sure to check out a show with the likes of Midnight Sons, Down and Outlaws and Sweetwater Black at tonight at Bottom of the Hill.

Sweetwater Black is a Bay Area based trio that reflects influences from bands like the Black Keys and Black Sabbath. Like Black Sabbath, the band has sludgy-sounding instrumentals backed by powerful vocals. Down and Outlaws is another San Francisco band that's bluesy, soulful, and above all - raw sounding. Last year the band came out with Backwards From The Dead, a solid and well-recorded release. And headlining is Midnight Sons, a band that does its best to make homespun rock 'n' roll with elements of '60s and '70s country music. The band is also expected to release an EP soon - check out a few choice tracks from the upcoming release below. -Erin Dage


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