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July 2015

Do some stretches, because Nashville-based Overwatcher are bringing the melodic hardcore madness, and some soft moshing is imminent.

Although a relatively new band, the guys have come out swinging with red-blooded live shows and a victory in our Band of the Month competition. The release of their debut EP "Metaphysics" will undoubtedly add fuel to their face-melting fire.
With the ample sound you'd expect from a six-piece, the guys are bringing a new vitality to the melocore scene. "Metaphysics" features the melodic exploration and merciless pulse of predecessors like Touche Amore, mewithoutyou and Defeater, with the brutal lyrical honesty and self-awareness of post-grad punk kids.
Overwatcher has created an engaging and discerning debut EP that is just as dynamic (if not more so) live. During their most recent performance at The East Room, lead vocalist Alex MacWilliam, performing through a head-wound he earned early in the set, filled up every ounce of space he could get his hands on. Often on tables and chairs, level with the crowd, even lying down, MacWilliam lead his crew through an intense, energetic set. Whether the audience is of five or 5,000, the performance remains wholehearted, and there is definitely something to be said for that.
Overwatcher is putting a refreshing spin on melodic hardcore, and "Metaphysics" is a testament to their musical prowess and clear passion for the genre. And, I can only assume this is just the beginning.  -Caroline Bowman

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DC Area Readers/Fans' Poll Results! Topping the list - Shumaun, Dr. Robinson's Fiasco, and Thaylobleu!

Hey, DC, Baltimore, and Richmond readers! The Deli DC Area's Readers' Poll has officially concluded and we have our winners. Thanks to everyone for paticipating and voting and congrats to the victors!

First Place: Topping the list with 253 votes, Shumaun rocked their way to the top with a special blend of progressive and alt rock, producing and releasing a fantastic debut album last November. Reminiscent in equal parts of Rush and Breaking Benjamin, this quartet is topping the request chart for Rockfile Radio and are playing a ton of shows, so you literally can't miss them if you tried!

Second Place: Coming in at number two with 124 votes is Chantilly's own Dr. Robinson's Fiasco. This trio's sound mixes in element of alt and surf on a bed of pop rock, creating an exciting, feel-good musicality. Their latest single came out in May, so give it a listen below and catch one of their frequent performances in the area.

Third Place: Closing out the top three with 108 votes, the District's Thaylobleu proves that karma and hard work get results. Promoting and complimenting other local acts on social media and playing a handful of shows each month has built the goodwill they need to get their kickass tunes to the masses and dominate our poll. It's been a while since the funky jam rock group has put anything out, so fingers crossed for 2016. Keep it up, fellas!

Honorale Mentions:

These guys worked especially hard to promote the poll and they deserve some love, too, especially because the race was so close.

4. The Duskwhales -103 votes

5. Big Mama Shakes - 93 votes

6. Goldrush - 88 votes

If you're as much of a music nerd as I am and want to see the categorical breakdowns, check 'em here:

Alt Rock - Hardcore/Metal - Hip Hop/World - Electronic - Indie Pop - Indie Rock - Post Punk - Roots Music

Huge thanks to everyone who supported this special contest. The Deli Magazine loves each and every one of you and hope you found some delicious music from your local scenes. We hope you'll follow along for the year and see you next for another great annual poll! -Jonathan Goodwin

Garage pop boys Mainland release new video, Not As Cool As Me, and play the Fillmore Silver Spring, 2/4

 Need some awesome live music to float you to the weekend? Tomorrow night (2/4), swing by Fillmore Silver Spring and catch garage pop band Mainland as they kick things off for Marianas Trench. These guys have a crisp sound, seeming lo-fi but still very refined. The instrumentals are tight and the vocals are transcendental when matched with such honest, long-suffering lyrics. Mainland just put out a new video, "Not As Cool As Me," and every second is precisely constructed and beautiful. If their live show is a tenth as meticulous as their new video, you'll be in for a huge treat. -Jonathan Goodwin


Lo-fi dream pop Cinema Hearts play Songbyrd Music House, 2/11

Drawing on traditions of old-timey doo wop and proto-surf rock, Cinema Hearts bring a uniquely catchy sound out of Fairfax, VA, to the DC music scene. Incorporating contemporary elements of lo-fi indie and dream pop, this innovative trio brings a sound that evokes flashes of the Greatest Generation's dance halls and of DIY basement stages. The playful lyrical content is amplified by vocalist Caroline Weinroth's deep, mellifluous tones, which the guitar and drums are crisp and tight. Catch them play Songbyrd Music House, 2/11, after which they'll be dropping their first LP, Feels Like Forever, on Valentine's Day, 2/14. -Jonathan Goodwin


Richmond indie roots band Lucy Dacus releases new single and plays DC9, 1/26

Booming out of Richmond, indie roots-rock group Lucy Dacus has a pleasing, infectious sound that's sure to grab heartstrings and never let them go. The four-piece strikes a precise note between roots and indie, flexing the lo-fi and mellow dance vibe of indie in union with the soulful, melodious feel of roots and folk. Altogether a rich and standout sound, the band's eponymous vocalist has an impressive sound between Courtney Barnett and She & Him's Zooey Deschanel and borders on the doleful, almost melancholy, especially when backed up by such an excellent rhythm section. They released their newest single "I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore" in November and open for Julien Baker at DC9, 1/26. -Jonathan Goodwin


The Duskwhales, Kid Claws, and YUM. put on a dreamy show at the Rock & Roll Hotel, 1/15

Last Friday, 1/15, was a killer night for local music at the Rock & Roll Hotel. A crowd of excited, dancing fans mostly filled the space and the energy was palpable, all thanks to performances from The Duskwhales, Kid Claws, and YUM.

Opening the night was YUM., a three-piece from Northern Virginia that plays a fusion of surf, chillwave, and indie rock. For such a small band, their act packed the punch of a much larger outfit, striking listeners' eardrums with a melodic and entrancing set. Their playing was smooth and their audience interaction was friendly and engaging. YUM.'s set had a dreamy vibe to it, casting a spell of chill and indie in the room.

Second on the call sheet was Kid Claws. They are a trio from Falls Church, VA, that dabbles in shoegaze, ambient, and noise pop, while firmly settled on dream punk. The band has quite the musicality as they made great use of negative space in multiple songs and their female vocals found their way right to the heart. With liberal cymbal crashing and ephemeral guitar fades, Kid Claws has a subgenre all to themselves and craft a comfortably unsettling atmosphere of distorted, atmospheric, and punky sounds. Their next show is at the Songbyrd Music House, 1/29, with Big Hush and Soda.

The Duskwhales headlined the night and did they ever. With a sound that's at once familiar and fresh, their music makes you wanna dance and go crazy. Hailing from Manassas, VA, this trio has a uniquely bohemian stage presence that captures the audience's attention. Their work is heavily influenced by the Beatles, Vampire Weekend, and the Smiths, compiling elements of indie rock, psyhedelic, and retrowave into a charming and energizing musical cocktail. At the show, they paid a touching tribute to cultural legend David Bowie with an inspired cover of "Ziggy Stardust" and a Bowie-inspired original. They recently put out a new single (see below) and you can catch them open for Broke Royals and Wylder (these guys will be playing a Weezer cover set) at DC9, 2/6. -Jonathan Goodwin




Which of these emerging local acts should be The Deli Nashville's next Artist of the Month?

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