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July 2015

Do some stretches, because Nashville-based Overwatcher are bringing the melodic hardcore madness, and some soft moshing is imminent.

Although a relatively new band, the guys have come out swinging with red-blooded live shows and a victory in our Band of the Month competition. The release of their debut EP "Metaphysics" will undoubtedly add fuel to their face-melting fire.
With the ample sound you'd expect from a six-piece, the guys are bringing a new vitality to the melocore scene. "Metaphysics" features the melodic exploration and merciless pulse of predecessors like Touche Amore, mewithoutyou and Defeater, with the brutal lyrical honesty and self-awareness of post-grad punk kids.
Overwatcher has created an engaging and discerning debut EP that is just as dynamic (if not more so) live. During their most recent performance at The East Room, lead vocalist Alex MacWilliam, performing through a head-wound he earned early in the set, filled up every ounce of space he could get his hands on. Often on tables and chairs, level with the crowd, even lying down, MacWilliam lead his crew through an intense, energetic set. Whether the audience is of five or 5,000, the performance remains wholehearted, and there is definitely something to be said for that.
Overwatcher is putting a refreshing spin on melodic hardcore, and "Metaphysics" is a testament to their musical prowess and clear passion for the genre. And, I can only assume this is just the beginning.  -Caroline Bowman

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Space pop Fall Seattle release debut self-titled album

Carefully vacillating from somber to exuberant, the first album from DC's space pop quartet Fall Seattle is one that takes the listener on a quasi-spiritual journey. If The Smiths heavily experimented with shoegaze elements, this is probably what they'd sound like. Mixing melancholy and merriment, this album feels like a manifesto; it combines more than two years of writing and recording by the group and it's apparent from the striking dissonance between tracks. Sure to inspire reflection and emotional reconfiguring, this album is worth several listens, so push play already and keep an eye out for upcoming gigs from Fall Seattle. -Jonathan Goodwin


DC-based Gully Waters Experiment With new single Quiet, play Velvet Lounge, 2/28

Indie R & B group Gully Waters released a new single last month and it is one soulful track right from the pages of a diary. Vocalist Yaya Bey lays it all out with a voice that cuts deep, and is backed by a crying guitar masterfully played by Ajene Harley. This is only a demo and I can’t wait to hear the promising final cut. The group will grace the stage at the Velvet Lounge with Cruzie Beaux February 28th. Don’t miss it. -Justin Bieggar


Baltimore-based psych pop Waterplanet release new video, Kingmaker

At first listen, you’d expect a loud crash somewhere within the minute, but stick around and you’ll find mellow and soothing folk in homage to an entire decade: somewhere around the 60’s. Three-piece Waterplanet paints landscapes with one broad brush. It’s a somewhat familiar sound, but the smooth vocals and cleansing strings delivered by Millie Landrum, James Hesser, and recently added Gregtape, keep it interesting. From ‘Go Go Go’ and its nod to Violent Femmes to the Latin guitar twist and mixed lyrics of ‘Get Lost’ and the psychedelic chants in between, they’re setting your sights on Baltimore for the next gig. Check out their new entry to NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series below!-Justin Bieggar


SXSW feature: DC's velvet pop trio The Walking Sticks

The Deli Magazine's SXSW annual print issue is coming out soon and DC's The Walking Sticks are featured! If you haven't heard of this awesome indie dance band or their genre-flexing music, you've had your buried in the sand and under a rock. Vocalist Chelsea Lee has been on the scene for a few years now and her siren pipes grew a fanbase all their own. Now artfully flanked by some inventive electronica, her trained voice rings out, gripping your attention and moving your body for you. As this group has blown up, they're playing sold out shows around town, so catch them soon! -Jonathan Goodwin


SXSW feature: Baltimore's wizard pop duo New God

South by Southwest is coming up fast and The Deli Magazine is proud to release its annual print issue for the festival. Featured in the mag will be Baltimore-based New God, one of the best experimental indie groups in the city. Their music is somber and atmospheric, and you'll feel the work put into carefully constructing their albums. You'll find their tracks easy to lose yourself in, time passing you by most pleasantly. Keep an eye on them as they announce what are sure to be fantastic shows. -Jonathan Goodwin




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