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Vinyl Thief

In high school, my friend Craig Lee took it upon himself to educate me on what to do when I got high, which was: take a 311 CD and play it through Windows media player, and set the visualization to “Ambience.” With those days behind me (and a few subsequent years lost devil-sticking for tips as I followed 311 tours) I had long forgotten that particular use for Windows until I listened to Vinyl Thief’s debut album, “Fathoms.”


Released July 22nd, “Fathoms” listens like an entity. Granted, all albums vary song to song, and this one is no different, but few pluck the same rubber band in your brain and sustain it throughout it the duration. Fewer still can be so closely likened to getting lost watching a pixelated visualization of music on your ’01 Dell, wondering:“Whoa, how did they know to do that?”


Vinyl Thief is a synth driven powerhouse of a band that has been gathering acclaim since the release of their “Rebel Hill” EP in 2012. The group has essentially come of age playing together, from their high school inception to logging hours of practice in a church-sanctuary-turned-rehearsal space to perfect the sound and rapport that makes Vinyl Thief extraordinary. There are not many bands with such an expert handle on their sound.


There are a few anchors in Vinyl Thief that make them so listenable. Their synthesizers are going to do something beautiful. Grayson Proctor’s vocals are going to run through an impressive range without ever sounding forced or theatrical. And every song is going to reliably blow your mind in some way. It might be on a smaller scale, like when the guitar breaks the silence after the bridge in “London” with what I can only imagine a swoon would sound like. Or it could be big, like when the track “Rebel Hill” finally reaches a crescendo after a series of goosebump-inducing change-ups. The band has a knack for zig-ing when a zag is expected, going soft instead of loud, or even bigger when they’re already turned up.


Vinyl Thief is one of the best examples of the modern face of Nashville music, where already talented musicians go through great pains to learn their craft and the business around it. This is a band that is one sync away from national exposure. Be prepared to hear much more Vinyl Thief after Apple or Toyota licenses one of their tracks. Considering that “Fathoms” is a collection of their best material meticulously recorded and lovingly presented like a bowl of all-red jelly beans ready for the grabbing, this is only a matter of time. –Terra James-Jura

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scene blog

 You know those dreams that don't neccessarily qualify as nightmares, but are still unsettling and cast the rest of your day in a weird light? Well, Stone Jack Jones certainly does. And after watching his latest video for "Jackson," I'm quite convinced that the Lambchop veteran sits in on the dreams of the greater Tennessee area. I'm also in awe with how completely the quicksand of his delirious folk music is rendered in 4 penny-colored minutes. He's due to play The East Room on June 25th, but you can probably see him the next time you fall asleep.   -Terra James-Jura

June 09, 2014

The Astrochimps have recently released 2 new songs, downloadable on NoiseTrade. The band is described as ‘energetic music for the soul’ and it really is. Their song ‘Rooftop Temptations’ is upbeat and catchy,with echoes of Vampire Weekend and The Walkmen. The band has been doing tons of things recently besides with the release of the two new songs, like putting out a music video for their  "I’ll Tell You Tomorrow" in February. Their new songs are good for the body and soul, so go check them out. -Amanda Ayedelott

June 08, 2014

 Here are some events going on away from that thing downtown...


The By Gods celebrate the release of their new record at the High Watt with Twin Bed and Naveah opening.  8pm, free.

Perfect Pussy, Waxed, and Chainshot at The Stone Fox, 9pm,$8

Valerie and David Mayfield at The Basement, 7pm, $5


Space Machine, Heavy Sole, Frances and the Foundation, The Lower Caves are the lineup for the East Side Hootenanny in East Park. 4pm, free.  

Penicillin Baby, Forlorn Strangers, Wooly Mamas, and Kevin Johnson play fooBar, 8pm,$5

The Deli has already recommended catching Split Wigs, Roadclock, Of Archers, Couched, The Royal Family at The End, 8pm, $5


Former Deli Artist of the Month Guthrie Brown opens for L.P. at 3rd and Lindsley, 8pm, $10

Ravenhill, Kennedy Noell, Radar Vs. Wolf, Saturday Night Special, and Death and Taxes play Rocketown, 9pm, $8.

The Basement's Sunday Post features a record release set from Matt Butcher and the Schoolyard Band, along with performances by Josh Scutella, Burning Daylight, The Violet Hours, and Gale.  8pm, free.

June 05, 2014

 Split Wigs is an unholy mashup of member from Dogtooth, Dirty  Dreams and Prince Coyote and the Dog Men.  Since they are in the throes of their infant stage, there's not to much to know about them aside from their capability of slinging some fierce noise.  Their debut EP, "Reservior Park" draws influence from across the punk spectrum, hitting shades of The Cramps, Wire, GBH and Titus Andronicus in a 5-song span. Opening track "Body Double, Blood Trouble" should get you good and surly this Wednesday afternoon.   They've most recently rocked Boro Fondo in April, and a cassette release show is booked for June 7th at The End with Road Block, Of Archers and Couched.  -Terra James-Jura

June 04, 2014

 Leave it to The Grayces to soothe that little heartbreak that comes with the first of every month.  Sunday was the strategic release date of their video for "Drop in a Bucket," proving that a rock and roll kick to the head will always be an excellent distraction from the chronic financial loss of living in your hovel.  With the video comes the announcement of their Nashville pre-release show at The Basement on June 28th.  This will be your opportunity to get your mitts on their album "Westing" before its release in October.  Take our word for it, you want your mitts on The Grayces. -Terra James-Jura

June 03, 2014

 Congratulations to Creature Comfort for winning our Artist of the Month poll.  The quartet put out their album "Fox Tales" last spring, and followed up with a masterful video for earworm "All My Friends," (you may remember us writing about it last month.) Their ambient take on indie rock riffs a little on early Modest Mouse ramblings, resulting in a distinct and entirely addictive sound strong enouth to carry them to victory in our latest poll (guidance from drummer Taylor Cole, who's other project Chalaxy won our poll earlier this year, likely didn't hurt either!) "Karma's Gonna Get You" is should get you pumped for Creature Comfort's show at fooBar tonight at 8pm.  Go down and check them out, then be sure to buy them a beer. -Terra James-Jura  

June 02, 2014

Which of These Local Acts Should Be Our Next Nashville Artist of the Month?

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