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Steve Voss paints the picture of a mid-aughts major label stalwart that eventually buckled under the weight of feedback from the mess of people involved in the process. Framed with this context, the moniker Tetherball comes into sharp relief. At the end of his rope and refusing to be swatted back and forth into submission, Voss withdrew from Atlantic Records and his home state of Colorado. He receded to a studio in an industrial neck of Nashville, still tinkering with sound but with a very cracked perspective; essentially the industry version of Lazlo Hollyfeld.


Tetherball's album will officially drop October 28th via Silver Point Recods. Even if this backstory weren’t true, “Whimsy” still sounds like someone reveling in their eccentricity. It’s weird, and deals it out its peculiarity in mid-tempo canters and clearly-baked moseys. Sci-fi plays just as big of a thematic influence as personal experience, so if you have a taste for the slightly off-center, parts of this album will have you clapping your hands in delight. The guitar tone has a tendency to do infectiously cool things, like the jangle at the opening of “Vegetarian” or the tit for tat that kicks off “Bootss.” This album could probably play in tandem with any South Park episode and mirror it with frightening accuracy.


This is not to say that Voss has lost all awareness of pop sensibility. For very Primus off-note there is an alternative snarl, which makes for an interesting and palatable listen. Tetherball maintains a high level of theatrics throughout, from the grand sweeping boredom of “Hometown” to the Western swing of "Boulderado" the big top rhythm of “Spring Chicken,” a track that had me playing indie-rock matchmaker and wondering for a second how cool it would be to see them on tour with Thao and the Get Down Stay Down.


“Whimsy” is an amazing first statement from this fledgling band. It’s clear that this is a pin pulled from a grenade, and that the Tetherball dimension is something that will only expand. We can’t wait to see how this band evolves. Stream the album HERE, and check out their website at: www.tetherballmusic.com

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Anyone who doesn't get caught up a little in the bombacity of hyper-produced, aggressively emotional pop love anthems have probably had one too many dreams crushed in the slow unravel of their existence.  The rest of us whose lives cannot be compared to a tattered sweater flapping on a tree branch until it disintegrates will find something to to enjoy in Daniella Mason's single "Shade of You." So many elements of this track scream Top 40, but something in the delivery makes it go down as a well-made dream pop gem rather than spiritless club remix fodder.  The lyrics are essentially the inverse of a love song, and the line that hooked me is also the most satirical of the track: Everyone loves you, so I do too/ I need what they want, and I guess that's you.  She's drawn comparisons to Ellie Goulding and Jessie Ware.  -Terra James-Jura

August 04, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

today's the day when The Deli goes international, eh! Please allow us to introduce you to... The Deli Toronto!

August 04, 2014

Wowee!!  Had we known that this last poll was going to be so tooth and nail, we'd have called animal control!  It became apparent early on that this was a fight between post-punk outfit The Whippoorwills and inexplicable surf rockers Sexx (the Deli Nashville will never fully comprehend this phenomenon in Nashville.  We dig it for sure, but as Black Francis once said, "Yo soy playero pero no hay playa, bien perdida la surfer Rosa. Oh my golly!") In the end, and just by the slightest margin, The Whipoorwills won out.  A shade over a year old, the trio delivers some meaty jams with the rancor of a freshly-flunked-from-art-school Karen O.  Vocalist Heather Gray screams, croons, murmurs and squeals, and her antics round out the spartan drum and guitar supporting her.  They also have the wherewithal to rustle up enough votes for our poll while out on the road, no less, proving themselves as industrious as they are well-dressed.  The Whippoorwills released their self-titled debut album this past June via Mattress House Music; check out their latest video for "Tattooed Smile."  -Terra James-Jura

 Visit The Whippoorwill's website HERE.

August 03, 2014

If it feels like it's been a minute since Great Peacock has played Nashville, well, that's because it has. The folk players trapped in a rock band's body seems to have been giving love to all other points of the dirty South BUT Music City this summer, playing Hangout Fest in Florida and spending more time in Alabama than... George C. Wallace.  But that just means fans will be good and frothy for this long overdue show at The Stone Fox this Saturday.  Not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, but time on the road has likely heightened their already air-tight and heartfelt live show into temporary blackout territory.  Don't bring your grandma to this one.  You'll probably slap her.  -Terra James-Jura

Great Peacock will be joind by Belle Adair and Erin Rae.  The show begins at 9pm, and cover is $7. 

August 01, 2014

The Deli caught wind of Rachel Pearl earlier this July at NAMM, where she charmed an afternoon crowd with her jazz-influenced pop (accompanied by Bakithi Kumalo, the bass player on Paul Simon's "Graceland.") The fiery-haired songstress has a handle on both ends of the spectrum; she's capable of strumming a quirky little ditty on her ukelele or belting an sparkly, auto-tuned, area-worthy piece.  The start of this month saw the release of her single "Dodgeball." While it is a freakin' cute track, the clever language and interesting instrumentation (and the branding.  Oh, think of the branding.) reveal Pearl's very shrewd handle on pop as an artform. The thing has more hooks than a Reno truck stop.  Pearl's personality and inclination for pushing the envelope with beguiling results makes her an artist to keep an eye on.  Whatever she cooks up is going to be sweet. 

Rachel Pearl is hosting a series of open mics at the Rutledge.  More information can be found HERE. -Terra James-Jura

July 30, 2014

After some soul-searching and recalibration (as every finely-tuned pop rock machine requires from time to time) Hot Mess Loves You is now operating under the moniker of Stereosparks.  The Chico, CA natives decided on the name change after coming to the realization that their sound was moving in a direction that could no longer be contained beneath the Hot Mess Loves You umbrella.  "Stereosparks" is also much easier to get tattooed across your knuckles. The trio is still going to be cranking out slick, pop-forward tunes and will not be dropping the lap steel anytime soon.  They released a 3-track EP "Secret" on July 10th;  "Secret (Say You'll Stay) is the first video under the new title.  Bounce over to stereosparks.com and update all of your HMLY feeds.  -Terra James-Jura



July 30, 2014

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