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Nite Nite @ The End, 11/1/10

Nite Nite @ The End, 11/1/10

For anyone still under the impression that Nashville’s music scene is a boys-only club, then Monday night’s show at The End would be the cue for a collective, “like hell it is.” By the time the members of the neo-pop trio Nite Nite took the stage, the all-female group Hot Cha Cha and female fronted Yumi and the System proved that chicks can rock (and not in the Taylor Swift, teardrops-on-a-guitar way).

After an extended sound check, it was a little before midnight when Nite Nite actually began. Blame it on the fact that it was Monday, or that the weather was becoming increasingly appropriate for the season, but the crowd was sparse. However, in the grand tradition of Southern musician hospitality, all of the opening bands were front and center cheering on the headliner.

Looking like a less homeless Mary-Kate Olsen and a more attractive Lady Gaga, lead vocalist Davis started the set with a gothic-inspired dreamy pop sound that was evident throughout the show. Her voice is completely unexpected, yet impressive in its Debbie Harry-esque tone. Bassist Matthew Brown and keyboardist/vocalist Sarah-Brooks Levine were not to be outshined by the charismatic Davis as they too looked like they could be extras on the set of “Gossip Girl” (albeit ones who are damn good at playing their instruments). Just by watching them perform, one can tell that there’s nothing accidental about Nite Nite. From the tailored rock chic to the Euro-pop-infused sound, they’ve found the formula for attracting a cult following.

There’s a theatric and campy quality to a Nite Nite show that makes Blondie and The Cure references seem completely fitting. However, they are unique enough to establish their own sound - one that will either alienate or convert fans of the genre. The whole uber-hipster thing may be off-putting to some, but it’s refreshing to see something not yielding an acoustic guitar get some attention in this town. Whether you love them, hate them or just want to throw your iPhone at them, Nite Nite’s eerie blend of gothic-pop is the perfect excuse to try acid. You know, hypothetically. – Krystal Wallace

Published: November 03, 2010 |

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