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July 2015

Do some stretches, because Nashville-based Overwatcher are bringing the melodic hardcore madness, and some soft moshing is imminent.

Although a relatively new band, the guys have come out swinging with red-blooded live shows and a victory in our Band of the Month competition. The release of their debut EP "Metaphysics" will undoubtedly add fuel to their face-melting fire.
With the ample sound you'd expect from a six-piece, the guys are bringing a new vitality to the melocore scene. "Metaphysics" features the melodic exploration and merciless pulse of predecessors like Touche Amore, mewithoutyou and Defeater, with the brutal lyrical honesty and self-awareness of post-grad punk kids.
Overwatcher has created an engaging and discerning debut EP that is just as dynamic (if not more so) live. During their most recent performance at The East Room, lead vocalist Alex MacWilliam, performing through a head-wound he earned early in the set, filled up every ounce of space he could get his hands on. Often on tables and chairs, level with the crowd, even lying down, MacWilliam lead his crew through an intense, energetic set. Whether the audience is of five or 5,000, the performance remains wholehearted, and there is definitely something to be said for that.
Overwatcher is putting a refreshing spin on melodic hardcore, and "Metaphysics" is a testament to their musical prowess and clear passion for the genre. And, I can only assume this is just the beginning.  -Caroline Bowman

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The New Apollos celebrate release of 'In the Shade' EP at Mercury on 05.30

The New Apollos is a new project from Neil MacCallum who has collaborated and performed with a number of acts including Wesley Shultz of The Lumineers and Nick Bockrath of Cage the Elephant. In the winter of 2016, he enlisted the help of Karen Walker (piano/vocals), Gregoy Morgan (drums), and Isobel Ward (bass). Their music blends the sounds of 90’s alternative acts with a 60’s Rock & Roll flair. Two singles are currently available for streaming from their debut EP: “In The Shade” is a psychedelic mid-tempo that integrates plodding, funky based pop tunes (reminiscent of early Beck) with psychedelic openings inspired to the '60s, while “Echo Echo” (streaming below) is as a more intimate number that gradually picks up pace, characterized by a flirtacious mood set by soulful, harmonizing male/female vocals. The New Apollos will be celebrating the release of their debut EP the Mercury Lounge on May 30th. 


Cross Over Into an Alternative Universe w/Vanillalord at Everybody Hits May 25

Vanillalord have something to celebrate this evening at Everybody Hits with the release of their new record Macro Plaque PAC. It's their first via Boiled Records, and the band crosses over into an alternative universe, as keys, bass, and percussion dictates a playfully intense, search-party sound. Commanding baritone vocals reign from the front as tightly spun post-punk wheels drive ahead, cruising with purpose. That focus captures glances of newly exposed alien lifeforms that inhabit the area, while danger potentially lies around any corner; discovery is at the controls. Tonight, the firing-on-all-cylinders sound of Sheer Mag, whose infectious, garage-hardened grit merges slick guitar licks, a relentless backend thrust, and vocals that tear right through the center, will be joining them. Meanwhile, Mike Polizze (of Purling Hiss) will lock you into a fuzzed-out, psych-pop spectrum, punctuated by flexing guitar muscle. With a smacking immediacy, Memphis punks Ex-Cult complete this lineup. Everybody Hits, 529 W. Girard Ave., 8pm, $10, All Ages - Michael Colavita

Eff Yoo drops new video “God Hates Me”

Sometimes you want some straight New York raps on some straight New York beats. You could head down to Times Square and try your luck with the rabble of CD-R hawkers or you could check out Eff Yoo. His Sophomore album The Eff Word explores his battered psyche over a smattering of classic hard-hitting boom bap. In the video for the most recent single, “God Hates Me,” Eff portrays a Priest seeking to reconnect with his faith. His first lines lay it all out, “I’m an abortion survivor. C-Section saved me, Section 8 raised me; Food stamps daily.” He captures the struggle with a gritty tangibility that you’ll be scraping off your skin days after listening. - BrokeMc


New Track: "The Shuffle" - Old Maybe

Experimental, lo-fi outfit Old Maybe premiered a new single, titled "The Shuffle," over at The Le Sigh yesterday. It is off the trio's forthcoming album, Oblio, which will be available via Apollonia Sound on May 27, and the band is celebrating its arrival the following evening at Space 1026 with Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Hermit Thrushes, and Jepeto Solutions. Below is a bit of insight shared by the group regarding its latest track. 

"'The Shuffle' is a reflection on my experience in the Philadelphia DIY music scene. I wrote it as a response to unfair perceptions and judgements, battling with depression and an eating disorder after falling in love with a narcissist, and struggling for acceptance in spaces led by white, small-bodied, wealthy and privileged 'musicians' and 'artists.' It's about heartbreak and remembering the beautiful parts of abusive relationships. It's about being routinely ignored, tokenized, and used by men. 'The Shuffle' is a dance."


Paris Radio releases new single "Tangled Shadow", plays The Satellite on 6.14

Paris Radio is the new project of Tony Aguiar, a former member of Voxhaul Broadcast who's found inspration in eighties synth pop. His new track, "Tangled Shadow", incorporates vigorous dance beats with bulked-up synth sounds that could easily be confused as analogue instruments. The track is immadiate and accesible, the kind that will get audiences to nod their heads with carefree abandon.

Aguiar will be co-headlining a show at The Satellite on June 14 with Adult Bodies.




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